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Bigbox platform order is different than Launchbox order


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Hey guys. So I had an unfortunate incident last weekend where my ssd crashed and had to replace it which meant I lost all of my Launchbox setup and had to redo it. I pretty much have it all back the way I want but I just noticed a very strange issue and have no clue why its doing this. So I finally launched into Big Box and immediately noticed that my platform order is not the same as it is in Launchbox. The way I have my setup is that I start from Nintendo systems and go down and have the sort title starting at "1" and goes from there. For instance the NES is 1, SNES is 2, N64 is 3 etc etc but when I go to bigbox the NES, 64, and SNES platforms are just out of order. From what I can tell every other platform is fine and in order like it should be so I have no idea why these specific platforms are giving me issues . I have attached screenshots of the weird order they show up in and how they are supposed to be sorted on launchbox. I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks683296022_Screenshot(2).thumb.png.3932898ce36f35c49a49c8711a42c97e.png421704219_Screenshot(3).thumb.png.3519b6235fec7b207df011c8bbba3550.png491442483_Screenshot(4).thumb.png.1ed83a32f6868d18b362f5f266fcc769.png1127123855_Screenshot(11).thumb.png.ea7bffba33c2e7961e21ba7af170d0a7.png

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Alright well I just wanted to update and say that I originally had the sort title listed as numbers and then just changed them to letters and that seemed to fix the issue with them showing up in the correct order on BigBox. Still very odd though 

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