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Import New Titles to DB from Launchbox, Searching Games from Web


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Is there any way to add new games from Launchbox itself, to the DB? Is there any API I can use? I saw an old plugin that seemed to be broken and leverage the web interface, although I didn't peek at the code because it didn't seem like a route I wanted to take. I have about 60 Switch games missing from the library, and a small amount of Sonic and Mario hacks.

It's a little too time consuming to manually add all of them, but eventually I guess I'll need to if there is no other option.

Also - why can't you search for a game or run any advanced searches on the database? Is it a resource issue or...? I might be willing to host a mirrored read only copy for searches, etc, depending on the typically transaction/second count.

I'm new, but I've looked around a bit and haven't seen anything.

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