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Strange duplicate folders


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I just ran across something weird: somehow Bigbox auto-generated two identically named folders in the same directory, which should not be possible at all. I unfortunately have no idea how to replicate it. I had bigbox open in the background and copied these two folders (Images/Platform Category) from another console, I think it was gamecube. I then renamed the folders to Super Game Boy, maximized Bigbox, and refreshed the platform images, and suddenly there were two of each. One had my custom files, and the other had an auto-generated banner. I browsed to the directory in command prompt to make sure I wasn't crazy, and only one of each was listed. Maybe because the folder couldn't be created again, it used the old 8.3 name format or something? I didn't look over the entire list of folders as there's a couple hundred. For the record, this was on a network share, another windows 10 machine acting as a file server.



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