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I have LaunchBox and BigBox configured on my main desktop PC. I have a PS5 controller plugged in and configured and it works great! I have wanted to make my library accessible on the go and setup a connection through my phone back to my PC using Moonlight, again, works great! I purchased a PlayStation BackBone controller (PS Fan boy, I know) for my phone to play that library on the go, and I seemed to stumble upon a slight issue I'm hoping someone can assist me with.

When I go into the controller mapping portion of BigBox, I go and set the Select option as the X button on my PS5 controller. It registers as "Button 2". When I press the X button on my PlayStation BackBone device, it registers as "Button 1" so now both buttons are being mapped to the Select command simultaneously and when I map additional commands, they interfere with each other. The work around I found is to just map different buttons for Select and Back on the BackBone device and that works, however it is an annoyance that I have to remember different buttons to press when I'm playing on the go vs playing while sitting at my PC. I checked for ways to change what button on a controller registers as, but I haven't found such remapping options. I was curious if anyone knew if BigBox could detect each controller separately and if I could map buttons to each device on its own, instead of just 1 controller mapping area to rule them all. I use RetroArch for everything, and I have the PS5 controller mapped as Port 1, and the BackBone as Port 2, each with their own respective mappings.

I appreciate any input and in the large realm of issues, I know this is a 1st world gaming problem but I appreciate it all the same. Happy Gaming!

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