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Workflow to keep collection in sync with DATs


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I'm really struggling to find a good workflow for keeping my ROM collection in Launchbox in sync with e.g. No-Intro DATs.

I routinely recheck my collection with the latest No-Intro DAT files. And because of that some ROMs get changed, old ROMs are getting deleted and new ones are added.

Here's my current flawed worklow:

- Import current No-Intro DATs into Romulus
- Scan Launchbox Games folders (Launchbox\Games\<platform>) with latest DATs in Romulus
- Fix every issue in Romulus (which deletes ROMs with issues)
- Scan Platforms in Launchbox for removed ROMs
- Add new and healthy ROMs which are "verified" by No-Intro to the Launchbox Games folders (Launchbox\Games\<platform>)
- Scan Launchbox Games folders with latest DATs in Romulus again, to verify that everything is alright
- Scan Platforms in Launchbox for added ROMs

The problem with this is, if only a specific version of a game got deleted or added, I cannot "readd" it with the "Scan for added ROMs" function as it wouldn't import a new version for an existing game. But I also cannot run a complete import of the Launchbox\Games\<Platform> folder, because that would leave me with duplicate entries for every game.

So I really don't know where to go from here. Does anyone have a good and working workflow on how to keep your collection in Launchbox in sync, without deleting and completely readding your collection (which would reset all the play time, play count and last played data)?

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Hey, stibbons!

Just curious if you were ever able to find a solution for this. I'm struggling to import no-intro roms in a way that keeps LB clean and organized without splitting the files up and losing the ability to use RomVault to keep things updated.

Thanks in advance!

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