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Vertical Vision!

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Just wanted to share this vertical theme that I created for my cabinet. 

There weren't a lot of vertical themes available and I have been messing around with this one for over a year now.

Quality artwork is a must. Some views have the new 3D box but the resolution is a bit lower than the regular art so play around with the different views. 

I don't plan on changing anything but will update the file if I do! I haven't come across any issues, but if you find a bug or something not working right, please let me know. 

Hope you enjoy!


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I am trying to get logos to show up on the Platform List View, is this possible? If I use Platform Wheel 1 the logos display but if I use any of the other three wheel views only the text shows up. I would like to use one of the other wheel views since they are fixed and don't scroll around. Love the theme and appreciate any hep you can give me.


Platform List View.jpg

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Sorry, there is only the one platform wheel view besides the text one. It should show clear logos that are assigned to your platforms in LaunchBox. Not sure what is scrolling around if you have 9:16 aspect ratio. There are several game views. I may revisit this theme, but it does the job for me on my vertical cabinet at the present time.

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