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How to play VM Labs Nuon games with Launchbox


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Here is a tutorial on how to add Nuon games to Launchbox. Since the latest version of Nuance (the only Nuon emulator available) supports launching games from the command line, you can now use it with Launchbox.

1. Download Nuance from here: https://github.com/andkrau/NuanceResurrection

2. Extract to your Emulators directory.

3. Go to Tools > Manage > Emulators and put Nuance as the emulator name. Select the Nuance executable in Application Path and check "Remove Quotes". Set the Associated platforms to "Nuon"

4. Click OK and then go to Tools > Import > ROM Files and select your games. Your games should be in individual folders with 3 files: "nuon.run", "nuon.n16", and "nuon.dat". If they came as .mdf/mds (commercial games) or .cd (homebrew games) files extract the MDF file or CD file with PowerISO or 7Zip and take out the NUON folder. Inside should be your game files. Select your "nuon.run" files for each game.

5. Select the platform you are importing games for as Nuon and set the emulator to Nuance. Click Next

6. Either use the files in their current location or move them to the Launchbox directory.

7. Keep clicking Next until you see the "Would you like to specify any custom options" screen.

8. Select the "Use folder names instead of ROM file names for game titles" checkbox.

9. Click Next, then finish. Wait for Launchbox to import and then you're all set!
Here are the controls (you can configure these by opening the emulator and clicking Configure Control Input)

A: Button Start
S: Button Nuon/Z
D: Button A
F: Button B
Q: Button LShoulder
T: Button RShoulder
W: Button C_Left
E: Button C_Down
R: Button C_Right
3: Button C_Up
Up: DPad Up
Down: DPad Down
Left: Dpad Left
Right: DPad Right
Z: switch between controller 0 and controller 1

Someone will have to setup an AutoHotkey script to close the emulator as the emulator can only be closed by closing the Nuance Control Panel window

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