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I hope that I have not already been asked and answered this question, but I have not found anything about it.

Why is the entire game database, as it can be created as a fake rom list, not part of LaunchBox itself?

You don't have the overview when new games for existing systems have been added and would have to import a new Fake-Rom-List often to be always up to date with the game database, right?

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Launchbox have a game database itself. metadata file is a game db for images videos and game decription etc.

Missing game list or fake game list is good idea but i presume it little bit hard for organizing. Games db not complete for me. Who decide which game is legit which is homebrew or clone hacks etc.

Maybe we can create single db excel file. for every retrogame using that.

An example some psp roms only japan and no europe or usa roms or same thing for europe roms. Spain or other countries have their roms for same game. If we create a db for that every game need every region rom names.

every rom region have own different clear logos, Original Box Image and etc.

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I'm afraid I didn't quite understand those answers.

The Fake Rom List supposedly represents the games currently supported in LaunchBox.
I have not yet been able to perceive any country-specific turbulence through a currently imported Fake Rom List.
So if I create a fake rom list in 2022 for example, and then import that into LaunchBox and use that as a basis to download all the media files,
then I supposedly have a complete set of the media files at that time.
But after a LaunchBox version update you don't know which games have been added to which system.
So you have to continue to create Fake-Rom-Lists in self-chosen time intervals, import them again and check all media again and download missing ones.
So if these fake rom lists were part of LaunchBox itself then you could save a lot of work.
(As far as one has the goal to always have an up-to-date and complete media collection).

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