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Media import workflow for preferring Emumovies media


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Hi all! I personally prefer using Emumovies media over Launchbox media during the import process by default. However, there currently is not a good way to prefer that media during the import process. I have come up with my own workflow and was curious if anyone else out there had their own unique workflow for this situation.

My workflow:

  • Import/Download ONLY EmuMovies media.
  • Use a command line tool I write to move all the EmuMovies media into the proper region folder. LB puts the EmuMovies images in the root images folder, which doesn't allow for those images to take into account region priorities, they are always fallback images.
  • Import/Download ONLY LB media and check “only download missing metadata media” option. Note that I check this out of habit really but it doesn’t seem to work because LB still downloads all images even if there is a EmuMovies image for the same game. I have a theory on this and I think this is because EmuMovies images are png format and maybe the LB matching algorithm doesnt take jpg/png into account? This is just a guess.
  • Run my own personal tool called "Duplicate Image Deleter" (clever, I know) to cleanup images based on a few rules. It allows me to prefer png files for images with  the same name but different extensions, etc. Its not my best work, but hey its something. Link to forum download if interested (also in GitHub): 

Based on that workflow I submitted a feature request on the BitBucket page (Issue #7541) with some simple tweaks that will make this process easier. 

Proposed Enhancements:

  • Give option (maybe defaulted to yes?) to have EmuMovies media import into the proper region folder within Images on import. I think this should be easily achieved since files are already no-intro generally and we are querying EmuMovies with the region in mind.
  • When selecting “only download missing metadata media” during import maybe take extension into account and only download files if the filename doesn't exist? I can see where this may be a bit more dangerous so maybe an option on Cleanup Media tool would be better (see #3)
  • Enhance the Cleanup Media tool to give the user a few more options, like keeping certain extensions over others. Or better yet, maybe tag images downloaded from EmuMovies with metadata on the image and just give the ability to say “Prefer  EmuMovies” or “Prefer LB” media. May want to have an option to “Exclude Gameplay / Fanart” though because those images are most likely different. May have to use some fuzzy hash checking.

Curious if anyone else out there follows a similar process. And if anyone has an interest please go give a vote on the feature request. I think it would be a good QoL improvement for folks like me who rebuild their setup quite often. 

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