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How to configure Unified to look identical to Hyperspin


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I'm brandy new to LB/BB but so far...REALLY digging it! I've been using Hyperspin for many years and have recently moved over to Hyperspin attract. My question is...how can I get the Unified theme to look identical to Hyperspin? I've placed my platform videos in the proper folders. What I'm having trouble with is getting various emulators to display the same way they do in Hyperspin. 

For example, I'm able to add video game themes for the Arcade set which work great. But moving to consoles, it shows either a full screen image or video, rather than say a Gamecube theme with video snaps playing in the background, and cover and cd art. I'm essentially looking to build this to look identical to Hyperspin if possible. Thanks in advance. 

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Thank you. LB definitely has a lot of features and I'm still getting used to all the options. I'm loving the Unified theme so far. One of my only issues is with the game themes. Since most of the game themes I have are in 4:3, I'd love to have them display in 4:3. Unfortunately Unified stretches them and they look all weird and funky.

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Also, do you know by chance if there is any way to have a game theme in place of a game trailer? For example, when you're scrolling through the NES section, when you get up to a game with a video theme, rather than showing the theme in the little screen, it actually shows the theme fullscreen. Is that possible?

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7 hours ago, SLUGIE79 said:

Hi Darrin

I don’t know how to get it to be 4:3 but to be honest with you, I like it wide screen to fill the whole screen. I know a lot of people in the community don’t like that as it stretches the image, but for me personally I don’t care as long as it fits the screen.

In regards of the theme being in full screen if you go onto the options of big box, you can cycle through the views and you can change it so it just does the theme with the video playing in the middle just like it would for Mame games.

here is a link for what I think you’re looking for

Bummer, your link is not coming through:( I'd love to see because I've spent a considerable amount of time playing with views and so far have been unable to achieve what I'm looking for. But...I'm pretty sure it's achieveable (that even a word):-)


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