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Various missing (hidden?) dialogue boxes in 13.1 when right-clicking and trying to select certain menus in Launchbox


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Right clicking and trying to use specific features will pretty much freeze the Launchbox and trying to click anything just plays the Windows tone as if the menu that should've opened is hidden. Alt+tab doesn't show the menus and the only way to get out is to force close it through Task Manager.

- Right clicking a system in Platform view and selecting Add or Delete doesn't work, however selecting Edit does.

- After selecting multiple versions of MAME roms and right clicking to combine them, right clicking to expand them causes the issue as well.

- Can't right click to select Delete to delete a rom

I've figured out how to delete a system by going to Tools > Manage > Platforms. I can't, however, figure out how to expand some MAME roms I combined on accident using a different method.

I've tried reinstalling the program and the same issue happens. This is new to me in 13.1.

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