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Images not downloading for single platform


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I've been working on redoing my Big Box setup on and off for the past week or two. I put a clean image of Windows 10 on my PC and everything seemed to be going fine. I imported all of my ROM sets and all of the images from Launchbox DB seem to be where they ought to be except for those associated with the NES. I've tried removing the games and reimporting them, updating metadata, removing the entire launchbox installation and restarting, including deleting everything in the \users\name\launchbox folder and nothing seems to work. I've also tried going through the Download Metadata and Media Wizard with the "Search for game information in the local metadata database" box both checked and unchecked. I import 2000+ NES games and it downloads 53 images, such as the Gyromite box. Its a nice box, but it isn't quite enough. 

I *think* this may have started when something happened during the initial import of my NES stuff which stopped the downloads. At this point, unless someone has any other suggestions, I'm thinking I might have to just reinstall Windows or at the very least nuke my local user profile and start all over again. Edit: It's also worth noting that I can launch the games and they run properly. Its just the media that is not downloading.

Any suggestions or explanations as to what is going on would be great. Thanks!

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After trying to import that same romset into a new instance of Launchbox on another PC, the same doggone thing happened. I redownloaded a new copy of the NES romset, and it seems to be working just fine, so I'm going with the assumption that there was something corrupted with those files. 

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