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Tool for virtually un/plugging USB controller


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Well I'm looking for a tool that works from CMD and AHK that will virtually unplug a USB device, specifically an 8bitdo PC engine 2.4ghz controller. So I can keep the dongle plugged in and it remain disconnected and undetected the majority of the time until I launch a PCE title. The reason I ask is even with the controller turned off, if the dongle is connected, it appears as player 1 in RetroArch and it kills the "play-any-console-game-any-time-just-pick-up-the-controller-and-launch-the-game" experience that I get with all my other controllers that are Bluetooth therefore not connected when not powered on.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. It appears that the SysInternals tool called "DevCon" *may*  be the tool but IDK anything about using it, even with the link I provided, it overwhelms me trying to figure out how to use it. So.... If you know how to use DevCon and the command to achieve my desired results, and how to insert it into the pre-launch and post-exit process. I would be ever so grateful. If you need clarification, please feel free to ask. Thanks in advance. 

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