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Retroarch Flycast Controller Configuration Issue


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I have tried searching for answers but I can't seem to find anything to help me. In certain Dreamcast games (Unreal Tournament, Daytonya USA, to name a couple) the analog stick wants to control more than just movement. For instance, in Unreal Tournament you switch weapons by pressing right or left on the D pad so if you try to move the analog stick to the right or left it will switch guns. Originally I was having this issue with player 1 and player 2 but after updating Retroarch it seems to only be giving me this issue with player 2 controls. I have set Analog to digital to none in the control settings for both controllers and I am just baffled as to why I am still having this issue. If anyone can help or has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. NullDC does not give me this issue but I would like to use Flycast to save space and be able to use CHD files. As far as I know, NullDC will not play CHD files.


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