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How To Turn Your PC Into A Game Console..


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Hey guys

I been using LaunchBox for years about 6 to be exact, and I love it. With Launchbox I've made my childhood dream a reality by building a game console that plays literally everything. Just going to be brief here, if you have any questions on how I did everything, just let me know in the comments below. So to turn your computer into a game console, you just need these things

Computer - Desktop or Laptop

LaunchBox preferrably BigBox - To store all your games

LaunchBox For Kodi Plugin - Look for it on this site in the downloads section or go onto google and type in

LaunchBox for kodi addon - LaunchBox Forums

and it will show up in the search results. Login to your LaunchBox account and download the plugin/addon

Kodi - Which is a media center so you can watch all types of media or listen to music

Launcher4Kodi - This will make it so that your computer will boot directly into Kodi bypassing Windows altogether. Which frees up your processor, ram, & graphics to be used by Kodi & BigBox which means everything will load way faster because windows isn't on, killing all your resources such as processor, ram and graphics.

Now the end result is kodi is the main thing you'll see when your computer starts after setting up Launcher4Kodi program. Kodi can be used with just a controller of your choosing. Now with the LaunchBox plugin/addon installed into kodi, press the A button on your xbox controller or X button on Playstation controller, and you'll go directly into your BigBox setup. Play your games have your fun, now when you're done, just press B to go all the way back to your platforms select screen, then press B to go back to the BigBox menu. Then press down on left thumbstick or D-pad and go to Close. Press A on xbox controller or X on Playstation controller to exit your BigBox setup, and now you're back at Kodi.  You can press the right thumbstick down on xbox or R3 on playstation controller to bring up the kodi menu. If you go to exit, kodi will close and windows will load to your desktop for desktop mode. If you choose another option on the kodi menu like say Restart, your computer will restart and it would go right back into Kodi. Just like an xbox or Playstation would go back into it's normal dashboard interface. Yay now you have a game console.

I won't go into specific details on how to set everything up, this is more a less a post to help our family of LaunchBox lovers & the New people joining our family, welcome. LaunchBox has made it possible to turn simple computers into gaming consoles which is amazing. Message me in the comments if you would like to learn how to setup your own gaming console for your computer. Thanks for reading.

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