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A more useful way to Mame (MAME_SHRINK)


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For those that would like a sensible MAME .252 rom collection here's your chance. While LB allows you to "hide" all the unwanted crap, this allows you to remove the bloat  and save upwards of 600GB. The goal - ensure all cab friendly games remain. Sticks, shooters, racing, trackball etc. also making this extremely handheld gaming friendly. 
Is it difficult? Not in the least. Extract files, copy file to specified location, make one edit and run. It doesn't get much more simple than that. Read the supplied instructions. 
Like anything MAME related, no matter what you do there's no perfect solution to everything however using this option in conjunction with LB's filtering should result in a extremely clean setup!
If you prefer an even smaller games collection, I have provided instructions at the end of this post so you can create your own and eliminate driving games, lightgun games etc. etc.

Options:  (You need to already have games downloaded)
1.) With Clones = 10,188 games - estimated size ~410GB
2.) Without Clones = 3,841 games - estimated size ~404GB
WARNING: This is purposely written to delete unused roms and CHD's. If you question if your favorite type games are affected look at the supplied XML first. I doubt it :)  

FINAL NOTES:   (No warranties expressed and/or implied)
I don't have any future plans of updating this however you can continue this practice and I'll explain exactly how to step by step.
AUTHOR CREDIT DUE - Majority of the credit goes to the individual who owns arcadetalia.net. I simply added additional code to delete files and automate the entire process. His native script creates a separate folder of roms and doesn't do anything with CHD files. 

1.) Go to http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/lista_mame.php  (This site can be fickle at times, be patient)
2.) Place checkmark in MameCab only and decide if you want clones or not (Show clones option)
3.) Click on Additional filters, click on input tab, click input drop down box and select controls you desire, click search
4.) Click Options, click Export file, wait ..... on next screen select "Windows Batch CMD" and click export
5,) Extract file and edit it
6.) Edit either one of my supplied bat files and copy from line 9 REM =====START===== to line 44 REM =====END=====
7.) Paste over line 9 - 44 on the new file you just downloaded
8.) Go back to my supplied bat file and locate the second instance of REM =====START=====
9.) Copy from there all the way to the end
10.) Go back to the file you downloaded, scroll to the end and paste my code there. Save file. 
Worth mentioning - as new CHD's are added to MAME they won't be deleted. You will have to manually add them into the script. 


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