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LED blinky - complete noob searching desperately as at wits end!


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Hello and thank you for taking your time to read and potentially give me some guidance as i am completely at a loss :(

I have searched everywhere in reddit and google and i cant seem to find the answer which is why i thought id create a post here and with any luck a saviour will come and help :D

Anyway, what i need advice with.

I have currently just built a 4 player cab which involves 2 IPAc ultimate boards (reason i needed 2 was due to my cab having 34 rgb buttons on them so I had to get seperate boards) When it comes to using the buttons they work as intended and the arcade experience is great. But lighting the buttons is where my issue is.

I have watched The daniel spies video for dual board setups and i have changed the firmware on the one board accordingly:

So board 1:


and board 2:


however when i go into LED blinky it DOES show both boards present



however this is where my issue lies. ONLY IPAC board1 lights up (so entire left side of my cab) when i select "all leds" and the same goes for the wizard. When I unplug board 1 and click on all LEDS then the right side i have plugged in lights up correctly.

So i know the buttons work, as far as i can tell I have updated the firmware on the one ultimate board correctly. Does anyone have any ideas where I might be going wrong here?

I have also tried just leaving one board plugged in, created a full map, then plugging the second board in and creating a map for that, but that doesnt work either :(

Thank you for your time and I appreciate the advice :)


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Finally got a result.

Thanks to the wonderful work of Andy from Ultimarc :)

Although the firmware i put on my boards were correct, I had to uninstall all the USB composite devices. Saying no to restart. When the last one is uninstalled, restart the computer and law and behold its working fully as intended ❤️

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