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Issue with controller start and select buttons

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Good morning,

So, I have had this issue for some time but have been dealing with a lot of other stuff, so I am just now getting to ask about it. I have been unable to fix it myself.


So, I have the Scuf Envision controller, which uses the iCue app to set up, and it is one of the most frustrating controller apps I have ever had to deal with, but that is another issue entirely. Whenever I play games through LaunchBox that use a Retroarch core, one of two things is guaranteed to be a problem. Either the start and select buttons swap places for no apparent reason, which is annoying but I can play past this issue.


The bigger issue is that hitting either start or select by themselves will throw up the Retroarch menu, making games that require you to hit a start button unplayable. I have the start+select hotkey combo set up in Retroarch to bring up the menu, but for whatever reason, it looks for either being pressed and not a combination of the two. I have no idea why it is doing this; I know the issue is most likely with Scuf or Retroarch, but I always get better answers here, so I figured I would ask here before going to Scuf or Retroarch, and Scuf is worthless when it comes to support. I can also say that this is the only controller with this issue. Aside from this, it has been a favorite as far as game controllers go, but this issue is immensely frustrating.


If I totally close out the iCue app, the controller stops working; the only part that works is that start or select will still take me to the retroarch menu. It also does not make a difference whether I have it in wifi mode or I plug it in, the same issue.


Any tips here would be appreciated. 



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