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Shots not registering in CarnEvil in MAME 0.261


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I can move the crosshair and fire the gun (I hear it going off and the ammo counter goes down) but nothing actually happens.  I tried CarnEvil in several different versions of MAME but no such luck.  Anybody have experience with CarnEvil?  Killer Instinct 1 and 2 both set up quite easily.

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I found the solution! If anyone is curious how, it seems you need to calibrate the light gun in the diagnostics menu of CarnEvil.  Here's an exceptionally informative site to show you how:


Also, the game runs terrible on recent versions of MAME.  So I read somewhere to use the 0.237b version of MAME and it works silky smooth now.  I really hope that can clear things up or people experiencing the same thing as I did. Enjoy the macabre Carnival!

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