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Marquee/Banner issue - First Time setup


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Hi, I've been testing out the banner/marquee 2nd monitopr setup and am having issues getting it to work correctly when selecting actual games. I've been through most of the older forums and have tried the various suggestions, but no luck yet. I believe the two monitors (CRT(display 2) + Monitor(Display 1)) are setup correctly as when I view Platforms in BigBox the Marquee monitor displays the platform logos correctly. It's only when scrolling and playing the actual games that I do not see banners. 

I've placed banner images everywhere I can think of and have yet to find a folder where they will display from.

I have them in 



Tried a few other places but no luck there either.  If I look under Launchbox Platforms Arcade Folders  Banner has this path "Images\Arcade\Banner"

Is there any sort of log or way to verify the true path bigbox is looking for these files in? Stumped at the moment







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