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Cardagram V2

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Cardagram Theme - Card/Fanart themed UI trying to give a clean interface to show off fanart for games, I reccomend if able not to use fanart that contains the games logo as the clear logo is included in the view.

Horizonatal views & Vertical Views (For any view where fanart is missing a cover box will be shown)
1. Fanart Only
2. Wheel With Details
3. Fanart with Rotatable Box

Platform Views
1 & 3 Fanart Only (Horizontal/Vertical)
2 & 4 Wheel view (Horizon tal/Vertical )

Wall Game View (Only 1 view a s did not feel format was comfortable for theme)

This also includes a Startup Theme and a Pause theme where you can provide Arcade/Controler controller overlay to aid show what controls are required in clean format. Manual icon appears when a game manual is held as the wheel shows one button only to make sure that it is visible for the specific game.


CTC Project Files

Project files for the Community Theme Creator by y2guru Please note: This version requires CTC v3.2 (beta) as it uses the unreleased 'selection bar', currently available only in the beta version.
Dave (y2guru) is doing an amazing job on the upcoming 3.2 version, so please support him here to access this beta:


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