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DroidTalk:- Anyone got an Nvidia Shield TV??

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Evening all,

If anyone has a Shield Tv I would love to hear about your setup choice and general experiences. I love it...

Anyway there is the posibility that RetroArch will be getting multiple mice support soon, hopefully it makes its way to Android.


Duel light guns baby, :)


I'm working on my Commodore Amiga setup which is a crazy task. 2000+ WHDLoad packs converted to hdf (not by me, well maybe 100 by me) to start testing and making configs for

Unless I find a better solution.


I still have to get @slipsystem Kodi addon setup for some Android love, tried to get Jason on it during the Dev Live Stream. Someone get that guy a Kodi setup going.. :)

Anyway I'm having fun in here. I look forward to reading more from Temp.....She is having one hell of a journey.

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