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  1. Your List of Small Things

    Any chance of shutting pc down after scrape media has finished. Bringing the pop ups for errors and confirmation back up at next launch?
  2. BIGFLIX: A new user experience for your HTPC

    Awesome run down @SNAK3ATER. Many thanks Maybe a little copy and paste or link that post in the theme download for future reference.
  3. BIGFLIX: A new user experience for your HTPC

    Im in a similar boat. But i dont have a setup yet. Im starting from scratch and wonder what art i should scape to get this looking as sweet as your video
  4. Emulating the Aamber Pegasus?

    Try making your rom folder name pegasus. Idk i only use retroarch on android. Did you folloe Brads mess video tutorial
  5. Emulating the Aamber Pegasus?

    So this would be the error Starting game:D:\LaunchBox\Games\Aamber Pegasus\TANK12_T2R.bin RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver TANK12_T2R not found -1 RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: Driver not found TANK12_T2R RetroArch [libretro WARN] :: Driver Aamber Pegasus not found -1 RetroArch [libretro ERROR] :: System not found: Aamber Pegasus Im really patchy on this stuff and not sure how the cmd line stuff works. Looks to me like it is ignoring your cmd line and looking for the bios/driver in the same folder as the rom. (I could be totally wrong...its the 3rd RA log I have ever read) Maybe try disabling softlists in the core options
  6. I was checking out discord the other day and I believe it was @lordmonkus that linked to a git repo of images previewing the majority of default retroarch shader effects..... Que a week of Atom text editting and GitHub learning!! I added all the availiable images to the Libretro Documentation website found here https://buildbot.libretro.com/docs/ Under Shader Previews I thought the info needed a more visible loacation. Give your thaks to HunterK of Libretro forums for the hard work making the images originally Side note there has been some nice additions to the documentaion this week. Markwkidd added an availiable input drivers guide amd a MAME2003 core library guide/overview. All in all a good week and a Libretro docs is a nice little project for the inexperienced like me to give back to. Have a good weekend all
  7. Your List of Small Things

    You should change the title of this post to the BIG list of small things!! nice work on the list.
  8. Live Streams?

    I think his last post was the 22nd so with Brads exit and no streams Im guessing there are some issues keeping him away. Maybe let him take a breath
  9. I am leaving LaunchBox effective... well right now

    Bit of a shocker... Best of luck in all your future endeavors Now you have been WWE'd :wink
  10. Clear guide thanks for sharing It's this what a symbolic link is? Seen it mentioned many times by the experienced people but it's all foreign to me!
  11. How large is everyone's LaunchBox directory?

    Cool. I may consider dusting off my build and trying to fit in an Xbox next year. i wonder how you think this will fair i5-4960T Mb-Asus Z95 Msi 750Ti low profile dual vengeance 4gb ram just need to sort a PSU, case and upgrade storage. Got an 128gb ssd
  12. How large is everyone's LaunchBox directory?

    That looks sweet!! What was the build cost in the end?
  13. Retroarch or Emulators

    Ok i think I know what that is. In Input settings there is a menu select gampad combo. Turn that off as by default its Start+Select. Now for your setup in the hotkeys menu i said about earlier assign your "enable hotkey" to start and "quit" key to select That will give you the combo for exit (hit start 1st hold then select)...as a side effect any other hotkeys you have setup like fastforward or save state will require you to hit Start before the other key Just got to make sure it doesnt clash with other setups. Make some backups or a test setup while you get this stuff sorted out....controlling multiple systems is fairly hard to wrap ones head around