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    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    So I just got back from a long weekend trip and the images still won't show up as available downloads within my Launchbox. Suhrvivor, how do I manually download the daily update of the database? UPDATE: I think I figured it out. I had to select the individual games in Launchbox that I had new screenshots uploaded, and then click Tools -> Download Metadata and Media. Then when I clicked Edit for each game and clicked the Download Images/Media button the screenshots finally showed up. Meanwhile, my duplicate submissions were uploaded so I have put in requests to delete them. Thanks, Visor
  2. Visor

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    @DOS76 @Suhrvivor Ah, good to know, thanks! Yeah, I'll watch out for those duplicates and ensure they get deleted. Something about my being anal-retentive 😜
  3. Visor

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    So after looking through the database and examining screenshot examples, I think I figured out the rules on my own so I started submitting content. My first batch of screenshots (for Aero Fighters 3) was accepted and I can see them in the Games Database. However, when I go to download them through Launchbox, they don't yet appear. Is this because it takes some time to upload these images to the proper server(s)? Overall, the import process was very straightforward. I just wish there was a way that I could delete a couple of my submissions, as I made a couple of mistakes (i.e. duplicate shots). I'm sure the reviewers will see that and delete/reject them for me though. Thanks, Visor
  4. Visor

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Could we get an updated link on the Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules? The link provided in the first post claims that the file has been deleted. I'm not sure if an updated link has been provided in one of the replies, but I don't really want to comb through 15 pages of posts to find it. Hopefully the link in the OP can be updated? FYI, I'm looking to add missing gameplay screenshots to many of the Neo Geo AES games, but before I start working on this I want to familiarize myself with the rules. Cheers, Visor