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  1. Well I did finally get to pull a log with some usefull information from RetroArch that states unknown error 126 in it when loading Dolphin core. The old Dolphin core didn't report that problem. Googling that error code leads to Visual Studio related trouble so I installed Visual Studio 2017 fix or something refered from other forums and now Dolphin core is finally loading on my Intel NUC computer also. My main computer probably had that installation from playing Steam games or something that automatically got installed.
  2. Im still not having any luck with this issue. I tried also changing the resolution on the TV to see if that impacted loading the core but still nothing. What is strange is that Gamecube with Dolphin core WAS running on this Intel NUC PC before when I first discovered Retroarch. I remember testing just using RA on the NUC before I started my portable LaunchBox project. Then Dolphin did run perfect through RA with basic settings. Im lost on this one guys. It feel sad that Gamecube is the one platform that is not running as in my opinion one of the best consoles.
  3. Okay so I tried all video drivers d3d9 until d3d12 I think. RA starts with theese drivers but Dolphin core r3fuse to load. Vulkan and one other sl... Something make RA crash on my NUC machine.
  4. Hi and thanks for sticking with me on this issue After Vulkan failed on me I chickened out a bit and didn't know what to try next so I just rolled back to gl after that. Also asked myself what will happen to the other 14 systems that run fine with gl if I switch around. So d3d is the one to put my money on?
  5. Hi I do have the latest drivers on my system. I just find it strange that a video driver will keep a core from loading. But then again, I'm not super technical about the RA build up
  6. Anybody with some more ideas? It's pretty obvious something with the Intel NUC machine. Graphics card? Something else?
  7. Okay, managed to search through RA config file for "vulkan" and change it back to gl. RA is now opening again.
  8. Changed it to Vulkan, saved, exited and tried starting back up and now RA is not even starting at all... Help!
  9. Yes its using the Intel Iris Graphics 6100 driver for this Intel NUC box. Standard now in RetroArch is set to video driver: gl Which to choose? Not messing up the other 14 also
  10. DirectX can be ruled out. Same with .Net as Windows 10 has a newer version than the one required.
  11. Now... This is even stranger... I went to my main computer since the complete setup is still on that computer as well. Started RetroArch and try to load the Dolphin core. It loads perfect just as before. I then took my external disk and moved it from my Intel NUC Pc in the living room and plugged it back into my main computer. Launched RetroArch from external disk on main computer. BOM.. Dolphin core is loading! So for some stupid reason it seems it only has trouble loading on my Intel NUC PC. What on earth could make that hsppen. Both computers are running Windows 10.
  12. Thanks But I dont think thats the issue though.
  13. Sadly that made no difference.
  14. I already tried re-downloading the Dolphin core without any luck. All the other 14 cores of other systems are running perfect.
  15. I might add that I had trouble configure controllers on the Dolphin core before moving to external disk. So what I did before moving to ext disk was to try updating Dolphin core to see if it helped with the controllers (which it didnt). It did however download a different Dolphin core, which after a lot of experimenting I got to configure the controlls succesfully. So I kept the setup with two Dolphin cores installed. First core was named Dolphin 0.1 I think and the second active one has a name with Dolphin-emu and some numbers behind.
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