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  1. I know. I was talking about this for the whole topic. I've already accepted that, for now. But, as mentioned earlier in the topic the ability to do so is coming. I am waiting for that.
  2. I know this. I've been talking about this for the entire topic. I'm not trying to be rude but I don't think you've read the whole post before you replied.
  3. I'm not sure. I just know I don't want to have my games locally. That's the point of this whole topic. I only want the images/videos/data local, not the games. He did say the games won't launch though because they are looking for them elsewhere. And, that's odd.
  4. I know which one. I think he's trying to do some funky network setup but doesn't want his games local on the device as I don't. I'm not sure how or why he'd get it to say the roms aren't there as you said the export should have copied them and import put them on said device. But, I dunno.
  5. Network drives can be mounted on devices like the nVidia Shield. I'm thinking they my be using a similar thing? Not sure. As that's what I'm wanting to do, export images/videos/data and tell Launchbox on Android where the actual games are.
  6. I never had a solid solution. I had been testing several until I found LaunchBox about a year ago and have been hoping/waiting for and Android version. Thanks anyhow. I guess I'll just have to wait. *sigh*
  7. You are saying soon. I am still building out my collection and as mentioned it's in the cloud. I don't have a good internet connection to be moving or modifying the location of my files easily. So, my question is how soon? Any ETA or guesses? I'd really love to not have to worry about the location of my roms/iso files. I also see the LaunchBox data files/videos/images and such running so much better locally than via the cloud. The games would run fine from there on an as needed basis but to have all of it having to run from there might not work the best. And, I'd love to just be able to keep these things separated. LaunchBox files local, games in the cloud. I'm not trying to be pushy and I'm sorry if this question comes off that way I'm just trying to see if there is any idea when this might happen. Right now, I'd have to basically pull all my files down locally(so much bandwidth and time) and send them all back in the format you want/need.
  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing if you came back with this answer. I do hope resources get invested into allowing us to only export the theme/images/details of these games and just pointing the app to where the games are. I see that as a "must have". In the meantime, I will be attempting my Shield's mount function in tandem with my home computer to achieve this. Well, when I finish rebuilding my collection from the last hard drive failure. *sigh*
  9. When we export, does it copy the roms/iso files over? I use a cloud storage provider to store my games. I "stream" them locally on demand as needed. I'd love to do the same on Android. Is there any way to copy, or not copy our roms/iso files where we want them and tell the Android version where our rom/iso files are? I'd really prefer to not pull such large amounts of data locally. I don't have the storage space for that and am tired of my local drives failing that I've stored these on. Any help?
  10. Of note, I have lifetime EmuMovies, lifetime Launchbox, and a couple competing front-end lifetime purchases. Even the EmuMovies sync app seems to be quick, not sure why Launchbox is so slow. *sigh* UPDATE: I am scanning in another system and this time didn't have Wikipedia selected. Seems to be going much faster. So if anyone was wondering...
  11. I have it downloading everything. But with that said each game when I watch it seems to download each file slow, and it wasn't like this just a couple days ago.
  12. Understandable, but still not sure why all was smooth/fast for the first few platforms and now just seems slow. Like I scanned in 392 Atari 2600 games in just about an hour or so, but I started N64 with 212 games about ~10 hours ago and its only about ~80% done. Makes no sense even given what you said.
  13. I'm having slow speeds on importing as well. First 4 platforms imported at decent speeds. The last 2-3 have been taking 4-8+ hours each. They range from 200-600 games per platform. Also, your calculations couldn't have been more wrong about how long it would take to download on a 10MBit/s line. I have a 12Mbit/s line and I can download 1GB in about ~12 minutes. a 10 MBit/s line can download 1GB in around ~15 minutes. In other words, We can download at least 3-4GB an hour. So our connection speeds cannot possibly be an issue. Is anyone else having these slow speeds or know anything I might try to help?
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