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    Awesome Will wait for the other planned views, thank you!
  1. I see, thanks for the answer eXo. And again, thanks so much for this and i hope you are getting better regarding your medical condition
  2. First of all i would like to thank eXo for the update of an already fantastic work. I don't know if i can ask this here and if not please delete my post. Are you planning to upload to another trackers that not PD? Like IPT for example? Sorry if it's not a valid question. Thanks in advance.
  3. So, just to be sure, this issue isn't resolved yet right? Anyone with any possible workaround? I would really like to get this playlist feature to be fully working Thanks in advance guys.
  4. Seen it friend! Thanks @Jason Carr hoping you'll have oportunity to take care of this soon You and the LB team, are making history in the emulation and frontend world
  5. I realized that when you posted, that's why i pointed the "missing table" to you guys, i didn't know too there was so much missing till i get to that table. Hoping this will get atention from developers soon. Thanks
  6. Yup, that's exactly what we've been talking about :\
  7. To see how much games are missing from your playlists just right click in a playlist > edit > game tab and see what games are checked as missing.
  8. Hello guys, Am i the only one having problems with populating arcade playlists? My problem is that i have many games missing from playlists that in fact are in my set, like if i search them in the Arcade platform they will show up but they are marked as missing in the playlists they belong. I tried several re-imports and the problem continues to happen. I have 7.9 beta 1 version with lifetime premium license and a full mame 0.172 split set. I am not the only one with this issue since i opened a thread in troubleshooting and some users said that have the same problem. Thank you for your help. Cheers
  9. Tested 7.9 beta 1 and apparently the issue remains.
  10. I tested with diferent import options and the results are diferent but not much, what options do you choose Brad? Prioritize a region or import all the originals? Is there any way to let's say reset the xml's that do this playlist distribution?
  11. I was thinking of getting the latest 0.183 set to test but now i see there is no use of it since it has the same issues as quazl stated. So, are we the only users that encounter these problems? I want to begin to organize my new playlists but i really can't because of this issue :\ Any thoughts?
  12. 0.172 set, is that the possible cause? what set are you using and what is the recommended? thanks Brad
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