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  1. @Jason Carr Thank you , that works perfectly . I had the music auto-play active, so after the music started even if I stopped or skipped to the next song it would always stop when loosing focus on Launchbox. With your suggestion it's solved.
  2. No one can clarify this to me?
  3. Hi Not sure if this's the right place to post this doubt but here it goes. Is there any way to prevent music from stopping playing on Launchbox? As it is , music stops when application looses focus, or when I start displaying screenshots or opening options menu etc. Personally I like to keep listening to the music of the games I like when doing other stuff (use it as a music player) or keep listening to the soundtrack as I watch the screenshots for the game in full screen for example.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply 👍. I imagined there would be something like this in the near future since LaunchBox.next is not fully launched yet.
  5. Hi Is there an option for changing the game details background color? At the moment it seems to generate a random color for every game and it's driving me nuts. I would like to set the same color for every one. Thank you in advance.
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