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  1. So is this still being used? When I go under tools the options window opens, but the window does not show a 'save' option. It only goes down far enough to choose the download folder. It actually won't close the window, unless I close Launchbox, or right click on the taskbar to close
  2. Well I've been reading deeper in the context on the errors and I have it up now. Not sure if it is the correct way, but when I copied the default, in the references folder there were only 4 dll files. So I went back to my main LB folder under the Metadata, and just copied the missing dll's. I have the Designer window opening now on all my view files. Thank you for your effort and responses.
  3. Thanks for the response. I wondered if something like that may have been the case, but I just opened the PlatformWheel3FiltersView. xaml file from my copied Default, and it flagged the same error. I believe VS updated to 2019 recently, think I need to downgrade the VS?
  4. Hey guys, not sure if this is the correct spot for my post. I keep finding myself with the urge to create a custom theme for my setup, even if it's solely just for my setup. Graphics design and designing with a wysiwyg format, like my olden days of Flash, and Dreamweaver I would be fine. Designing with code,...well, I totally blow. So I watch Mr. Carr's videos, then do the attempt, get frustrated, and do something else in life for a month, or so and then find myself once again on YouTube, for another cycle. When I watch the videos, I feel I'm doing what's being shown, making a copy of the theme folder, placing it in another location to work on, etc. More often than not, I seem to get shutdown as soon as I try to open one of the views. The most common error I get is an 'Invalid Markup' error, like VS finds a term it can't relate to, or find a proper reference for. So in-turn, I never get a chance to get a Designer window to open. I attached a screenshot, and I have no doubt it's user error, but if someone more fluent on the coding side could maybe give me a pointer on what I might do to resolve this, whether a setting change, or package I need to download, I would be greatly appreciative.
  5. So as I go through and level out my build, I was wondering if there are a few more options when importing. I thought chosing create from 'Folder Name' might do it, and for the most part it does on the other systems. My issue seems to be with my PS3 BU Folders I burnt from my old PS3 Fat. I can't seem to find a way to avoid Launchbox trying to scrape and put images and false game names on .dat, and other game files with the BU folders? Didn't know if someone had some suggestions or are there plugins for such?
  6. Yes, I used the Bulk Edit intially to make the change to the NES games. I'm currently going through them to find any fails. So far so good, but may take a while Thank you once again.
  7. Well I went back in changed the names to FAM and NES. Nestopia, didn't seem to work as suggested, so the following setup using the Mesen core seems to play all the NES I've tried so far. Thanks guys.
  8. okay thank you guys, I'll make the adjustments.
  9. Well I got all by games up and running from Atari to PS3, but the funniest thing is, I can't seem to get the NES games to run on anything. I had some issues with the Famicon, but eventually found the mesen core seems to do fine. I have watched two videos, and used mesen, nestopia, quiknes, and a few other retroarch nes cores. I've even used Nestopia stand alone, which gives me 'invalid file'. I've attached pics, so maybe some of you can tell what I've got wrong. Any input would be appreciated, thank you.
  10. That's interesting, definitely looking over this now. Thank you
  11. Okay, thank you for the input.
  12. So I'm building a small form factor PC for just emulation. I have a 120gb SSD just for the OS but it always seems if programs are installed on the main OS drive they always run faster, no matter the config. I was wondering if it would be more efficient to install Launchbox on the OS SSD, and have it pull the games from the HDD, or just install Launchbox on the HDD and have the ROMS and Emulators within their respective folders inside Launchbox? Thank you
  13. Worked like a charm, thank you. ☺️
  14. Thank you, I will try that now.
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