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  1. I have not looked at the box flipping option yet, working on higher priority changes
  2. I’m the wrong person to ask, you could ask the question in the main forum
  3. I suggest the platforms should be renamed to conform with the launchbox preferred naming standards, having platforms named differently will prevent platform specific images and videos from being displayed. to ensure the correct platform naming convention is to be used i suggest clicking the main menu, utilities then build fake rom list (from the community theme creator)
  4. Sure, I will add that to version if I can mute the audio for the 2nd instance
  5. That’s good , but now you have an easy way to debug visually
  6. Add a text element to the view and change the constant value to the following this will show the file name and you can determine if you have the file name or not {Binding Path=Text, ElementName=UserDefinedVideo2ImageFile}
  7. You can do a few things, 1. You can display the path name associated with the user defined element , this will enable you to determine if the file exists in your folder 2. Add an element like a rectangle to the screen, then define visibility conditioning to it, set it to visible but collapse it if the user defined file name is not found, this too will determine if you have the videoed in your folder
  8. zip up your published theme from the launchbox/themes folder and send to me directly
  9. Ok that’s what I thought you meant. I’m actually working on the final piece of the creator and you will absolutely use it for this 😊 I had it up and running last weekend but after playing around with it, I am re-writing the UI to make things easier for the user so I may not be able to show off anything in video form this weekend, but I’ll try
  10. And when you restarted bigbox was lv 101 ok?
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