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  1. FYI… the default big box theme was not created via the Theme Creator, I would suspect the bug you are seeing is part of the new bigbox wheel additions/updates
  2. Ive changed how conditioning works in 1.0.9.x and your example above is no longer broken in that build A workaround in is to point the conditioning to the text field containing the notes instead of the metadata field
  3. let me finish up on the BigBox Theme Creator first and then i can see what it would take to create launchbox themes 🙂
  4. >, >=, <, <=, IS, ISNOT and Contains are now part of 1.0.9.x Check the video below, at the 22 minute mark
  5. i fixed the lag/freeze issue, new Community Creator is now available
  6. Community Theme Creator for BigBox - Third-party Apps and Plugins - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com)
  7. No need to be concerned, I talk with Faeran almost every day and he is testing my 1.0.9x build, he is also getting familiar with the new wheel settings so he's quite busy, but fear not as he is planning on doing more videos soon
  8. Please direct these performance issues to the big box team, the theme creator has not had any major changes since last year, big box has changed in the past 2 releases
  9. I can patch the forum version of the creator to ensure visible count is 1 or greater, I’ll put that fix out after work today
  10. Probably best this is posted on the launchbox/big box forum, if I need to patch something on my side I am willing to make a change based on that teams recommendation cheers.
  11. You can already cut, copy, paste and delete a group of elements in the build I’m working on
  12. Or you can put the scrolling text in front of the selected video but behind the tv frame
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