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  1. Sadly not, you can only modify the themes created by yourself using this editor
  2. This video demonstrates some of the new features added based on user feedback over the past 3 weeks. Huge thanks to the following @neil9000 @wallmachine @Retro808 @faeran @Rincewind
  3. Not right now, 7 people are playing around with it at the moment and I'm in the process of fixing bugs etc.. if I make it available to everyone in its current state I will be absolutely killed with emails 🙂
  4. Check your email, you have an alpha version of the theme editor (go to the very last message in the thread to pick up the latest build version), you can do all the scaling stuff using that, including scroll text etc..
  5. adding @ea4492 and @neil9000
  6. @eatkinola @viking @faeran @Rincewind I have an alpha version of my editor for you guys to play around with, i would like you to mess around with the Text UI element within the editor and see what you think. I'll send the alpha .zip file shortly (my router speeds are crap at the moment)
  7. ah ok, well 1. that's great you got the font solution working! 2. I haven't tried overriding the text styles yet
  8. I haven't played with startup themes but for a typical theme I have my custom fonts housed within a Theme Subfolder called Fonts and the font solution works as advertised.
  9. Thanks Neil !! This application takes a back seat to my day job, so I spend the week casually making notes in preparation for code crunch on Friday nights and Saturdays. I am really happy with how things are shaping up though and to be honest I cant wait to complete it so that I can focus on building a new theme and also seeing what others come up with 🙂
  10. Wrapped up the remaining UI elements, but the primary focus was on the code generator. Code generator revisions included the following: - new font solution Platform specific game view support Up to 50% code line reduction
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