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  1. Subscribed? yes you can subscribe to my YouTube channel. no, you are not missing anything in regards to the wheel, there is no preview available as the wheel control is not mine. If you look at my latest video I explain a little trick that overcomes this shortcoming. as far as references to what the properties do, that belongs to the bigbox documentation. Ive tried to simplify the wheel setup process by providing the assist options and as there is no wheel assist for left rotation because the wheel does not support it.
  2. I believe that’s the game details view, if not I’ll figure out the view, yeah I should add it
  3. I’ll circle back to this once I have completed the animation functionality
  4. Happy New Year everyone! latest video showing off the latest progress with Animation (storyboarding)
  5. Check the z-order of your wheel, in the ui elements panel, simply drag it up higher in the list to bring it closer to the foreground
  6. Thanks! I now have the same issue as you 🙂 I will debug and issue a fix
  7. zip up the following folder and send to me via a personal message
  8. @GaelionHave you imported any games into launchbox yet?
  9. Re-worked the Animation Editor and associated Code Generator, i'm on a good path now. Thanks @Rincewind for the feedback and suggestions!
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