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  1. XAML Tips and Tricks

    can I retrieve the platforms default emulator? I tried variations of this but no Bueno Text" Value="{Binding Path=SelectedPlatform.DefaultEmulator}"
  2. Default theme view not disabling

    Thanks guys! Like I said not a showstopper 👍
  3. Default theme view not disabling

    yep, those are the culprits
  4. Default theme view not disabling

    appreciate the quick response, its not a showstopper by any means, just wanted to tighten things up
  5. I'm wrapping up the development of my theme and I'm just tidying up some loose ends, one of which is ensuring only my views are used, but for whatever reason even after updating the themesettings.xml 1 platform view and 1 game view is being displayed when I toggle thru my views. please help
  6. Very odd but I had issues with it the other night, it just didn’t want to add the .Dll’s. Glad you got it working though
  7. And the .dll is housed in one of the reference paths defined in VS?
  8. Did you open visual studio and add the reference to the new .dll ?
  9. That’s awesome @grila !! You do great work! Can’t wait to check this out later
  10. New Plain and Simple Theme inbound

    I really appreciate all the nice comments, I will be releasing this in the coming weeks, just finalizing the graphics and text colors. Embedded @grila control last night so object placement took a priority, but looks fantastic now
  11. ah, my bad :-( but hey.. it worked nonetheless!!
  12. what the hell was I drinking on Friday??!! I downloaded the Switch theme I believe and borrowed the .dll, would that have made a difference? anyway... ill add the reference via VS etc ..