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  1. i repackaged the theme creator, try downloading again, also... not sure how you are installing it or placing the unzip files, but you cannot just copy the new .exe to your current community theme creator folder, you must take the plugins folder too as the .dlls have changed, if this doesnt make sense, just reach out to me
  2. please zip the \LaunchBox\Data folder and send to me directly as I want to see whats in your XML data files.
  3. Perfect, then I know where to fix the code, it’s a .dll issue and not an .exe issue
  4. But when you render the custom images, the file names are correct I assume, it’s just the lookup that’s broken by the sounds of things
  5. Please check your platform folders within the launch box folder, they should be named with an underscore in place of the slash, please confirm
  6. can you provide some context with the crash. it occurs every time on application startup? occurs when switching views? your comment has been posted under release, so are you using or the latest version ?
  7. its a standard approach for full screen apps on the Mac, so I borrowed the approach and works very nicely, I dont know why i didnt think of this before and now if i want to add extra functionality while editing the view i can simply add menu items to the bar, so thanks for making the suggestion.
  8. I will add that to the list, but... what i will do for is add a minimize button to the editor, how's that for the short term ?
  9. That’s controlled via bigbox, I would like to interrogate video file found so that you can hide the video if one isnt found. I haven’t sent my list of bigbox enhancements yet, but that one is on it
  10. Thank you and try this channel as my friend @faeran puts videos out that demonstrate how to create themes. My videos show new features to the software https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2C5q0Muy-ehYpZUIIdJ94Q
  11. Then you will need the next release so you can apply to all platforms. You would define a frame with rounded corners and because a frame is now deemed a parent control you simply drag the box art into it, the frame will shrink and grow based on the content
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