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  1. The Theme Creator / Image Generator uses your Launchbox database to determine what platforms you have along with the metadata text and images that you could use, so you would have to import at least 1 game per platform into launchbox just so that information is stored in your launchbox database
  2. COMMUNITY Theme Creator for BigBox Progress Update 18 - YouTube
  3. can you please take a screenshot of the properties, that would help a lot
  4. {Binding Path=ActivePlatform.DefaultBoxImagePath} is a valid binding according to the BigBox Documentation, however this appears to be empty no matter how i set my default images in BigBox, I have sent this issue to the BigBox team
  5. I'm happy you are using it! Rince is good like that and he and I recently spoke about Favorites and Recently Played, i will enhance that in a future build
  6. made it easier to preview your vertical based themes





    1. JaysArcade


      Thank you! I'll try to check it out this weekend. Busy, busy here. Need more time for hobbies and less time working!

    2. y2guru


      Nothing to try yet, these changes are in a build im working on, but just wanted to let you know im giving the vertical views some love

    3. JaysArcade


      That's great news. Thank you!

  7. That’s great 👍 hmmm, I do have a patreon account but I’ve done nothing with it, so enjoy the freebie 😜
  8. You generally get this error if you do not unblock the zip file before extracting the files or… you copied the new exe from the new build and pasted into your current build, I believe in I made dll changes so if you are not using the correct dlls that too will result in the same error
  9. Correct, some of the most important internals have been re-written so it’s paramount that existing themes still continue to work. A lot of testing !
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