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  1. Latest update regarding PASC CE, its editor and its plugin .dll. Made some UI tweaks to the editor, I'm pretty happy with how it looks now, this will be the last video for a while as I add functionality to allow the selection and modification to the remaining UI elements, such as Platform, Game Images, Information, wheel etc.. The biggest changes were under the covers, editing a theme under one resolution but having both the editor and XAML recognize a different resolution and preserve the intended location and size of UI elements. Previous video's image quality sucked, included a better version of the current build
  2. by the way I just uploaded a new video and as you'll see you can now manually adjust the X,Y, width and height properties (plus a whole host of other changes)
  3. Wanted to share the progress (slow progress) so far. I have increased the number of elements the end user can customize (more on the way), plus I modified the object placement and size editor and included the color picker. This video just gives you a rough idea of how this thing will work, my main objective right now is to replicate my PASC 3.0 theme using 100% end user customization with no coding, once I achieve this then I will demonstrate how easy it will be to simply import new images, videos etc.. and build your own theme with no XAML coding.
  4. y2guru

    Y2Guru - Plain and Simple.zip

    no problem
  5. i can't wait to complete my theme and then import these in and see how it all comes together 🙂
  6. y2guru

    Y2Guru - Plain and Simple.zip

    you are most welcome!
  7. y2guru

    Y2Guru - Plain and Simple.zip

    here you go
  8. Looks great @harryoke I wouldn’t have noticed my logos if you hadn’t mentioned it 😀
  9. Decided to create and post another video to demonstrate a little more of the Theme Editor but focusing on the Video positioning and sizing, I threw in the scroll text positioning for good measure. I have only skimmed the surface on what this editor does so far and it will do much much more in the coming weeks.
  10. Still making changes to PASC, adding more user customization elements. The focus this past weekend was to allow the user to choose where they wanted the scroll text to be positioned, such as .. Top of Screen/Bottom of Screen or Top of Video/Bottom of video, feel free to checkout the following YouTube link to see it in action
  11. y2guru

    New version of PASC is in the works

    i didn't take that comment as being negative, it's all good Grila!
  12. y2guru

    New version of PASC is in the works

    first of all... thank you Grila! that means a lot coming from you and secondly.. you are absolutely correct, the premise is the same as your GPDWin editor, just a lot more variables.