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  1. As I was still playing with the embedded code feature, I decided to further refine the analog clock design and code, the Hour hand now transitions from hour to hour as the minute hand advances
  2. Thanks a lot Rince! embedding your own XAML code was a much needed addition as I cannot possibly code for every possible UI combination 🙂
  3. I agree whole heartedly, I love the harryoke startup videos, plus.... they are optional downloads after all
  4. its a valid concern and you are not alone in that regard 🙂
  5. If I understand correctly ... you are more concerned about the edited, re-published theme finding its way back on the downloads section, right ? from the looks of things with the latest bigbox beta and the new Theme Manager it looks like there's going to be a review process in place before a theme is deemed allowed for download. I'm all about fairplay, if I see a theme I like but I want to change it slightly for my own personal use then I should be able to do so, wouldn't you agree ?
  6. You will not be able to open/import any Theme with this editor, but yes... if a Theme was created using this editor then you can import, manipulate it and re-publish it.
  7. Sharing the latest update, my to-do list is getting shorter 🙂 This was my 2nd video attempt this evening/tonight as the 1st attempt resulted in the YouTube video having no audio! so please forgive me if I appear tired. Added the ability to embed your own XAML code 🙂
  8. y2guru

    PASC V3.zip

    Thank you so much for your kind words! yes the style is not to everyone's tastes, but I was shooting for something that was a little different in terms of look and user customization. it was a ton of work for sure but I learned a great deal regarding graphics creation (my weakest area) and it was an early experiment to see how much user customization could be done within a theme, that work led to the creation of the editor. Like you, I cannot wait for the editor to be completed because I would love to see what others come up with.
  9. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    if i understand you correctly, you mean the game wheels to contain the game title even if you haven't selected them? if so, Jason would have to upgrade the wheels to support that information
  10. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    A theme like that... yes i think something like that could be achieved, the selection wheel would not be exactly like that though unfortunately.
  11. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    I would love to do a livestream actually Rince, it would allow people to ask for particular things to be demonstrated on the fly.
  12. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    First off, thanks Cid for your kind words 🙂 let me address some of the concerns as best i can.... Rincewind said it best regarding the review section weeding out the questionable content. Yes, the generated code is large and that is due in part that i use a converter to obtain a variable property for each and every UI element used, which in itself sounds like a performance dog, but it isn't. Testing on lower end systems, i test the editor and the generated themes on my GPD Win 2 which uses an intel m3 processor with integrated graphics, pretty low in terms of specs but great for a mobile big box experience and performance has been fantastic. The helpercontrol is just a throwback in the plugins folder and i should have deleted it, i just forgot.
  13. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    Will do!!! 🙂 and thank you for your kind words
  14. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    Progress update and unfortunately another 40+ minute video, but 20 minutes are spent demonstrating how to replicate the basic look and feel of @faeran Illuminate Theme, so it is quite informative. It's official.... This is now a code generator!
  15. y2guru


    @faeran i love the clean theme, huge fan! Thanks for the shout out by the way 🙂