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  1. you would be better off using the Theme Creator, you would have to start from scratch but you'd knock out a theme real quick and would work at any resolution
  2. Not a visual editor, we typically use notepad++ to edit existing themes
  3. Please wait a week or 2, I’m still working on which amongst other things fixes this issue
  4. Zoom in/out is on my list.. whether I get around to implementing it is yet to be seen. having said all that.. I’m happy that you are able to edit/render at 1080p once connected to a monitor 👍😁
  5. In the meantime you could always apply a fade to the wheel and make the wheel appear shortly after the view is loaded
  6. Screenshot? Plus you change your resolution to 1280x960 if that helps the published theme will scale
  7. It’s a bigbox feature but I can only help you if the theme and custom images are created via the creator
  8. cant help you, this was not created via the theme creator.
  9. After taking a peek at the other assets, I’ll try to theme the remaining menus
  10. Have you tried connecting your laptop to a monitor to boost the resolution height to 1080?
  11. And air my dirty laundry! Lol. I’m not planning on open sourcing it just yet, let me get the remaining features in first and circle back to the to-do items and then I’ll think about open sourcing it
  12. I’m learning what’s possible with WPF programming as I go
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