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  1. Sadly I have zero experience with sound packs so I would need to watch a video on how that works and then see how I could include it
  2. 16:10 has already been added to the build I’m currently working on. As rincewind mentioned it’s my plan to replicate the wheels within the creator but I need to grab Jason or Christian in order to better understand how to integrate them
  3. @BMovieBen Definately a bug, i fixed the code, but.... when the video is hidden/collapsed the audio will still play (Jason did not provide a mute property)
  4. I believe @Jason Carr was thinking of theming pop-ups, but I’m not sure if these were the pop-ups he was talking about (was a while back)
  5. this is because you did not unblock the .zip file before unzipping. Download the latest version, UNBLOCK then unzip and you should be fine
  6. What errors were you getting when running the Theme Creator? take a screen shot of the errors
  7. Very strange, it works for me every time, using both the latest forum build and my future build.
  8. What was the last title listed? Mystery murder Jack the Ripper? also the latest forum build is but that wouldn’t address this issue
  9. What version of launchbox/big box are you using? ( the database could vary based on that version ) and I’ll make sure I’m using the same one
  10. Seems to be an issue with your setup as no one else has reported a similar issue, but I’ll take a look at lunchtime and see what’s special with that platform and those range of games
  11. Community Theme Creator for BigBox - Third-party Apps and Plugins - LaunchBox Community Forums (launchbox-app.com)
  12. Good to know, I’ll have to add VLC support to the the theme creator
  13. Copying full groups will be available in If big box supports .mov and .webm playback then I can support it
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