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  1. @cemfundogcan you zip the theme stored in the preferences folder then send it to me directly @y2guru then I can test if out here and debug the code if I need to
  2. @viking no problem at all, I have noted what you ideally want and I’ll bring it up with Jason as there are a few wheel changes I would like to see
  3. Want the code snippet so you can mess with the settings?
  4. I added a drop shadow effect to the wheel
  5. its possible but the solution affects the clear logo, ill let you judge
  6. Have you imported any games into Launchbox yet ? if you havent then that will explain the gray screen
  7. That’s more of a big box question as I didn’t construct the wheels
  8. I’m afraid I do not understand your question or I can interpret in various ways, I’m thinking are you asking if you can add an image +5 points right of another element, if so then no, at least not right now
  9. Thanks a lot, just use the "Test" theme as a template (you can duplicate it from the main menu and give it your own name) and then tweak the Themes to your taste
  10. what version of the creator are you using? how many games have you imported via launchbox?
  11. Community Theme Creator for BigBox now available!
  12. Nice one Rince 👍
  13. You can send me a personal message with your response. Images not matching, can you provide a screenshot example. rotate & skew, yes I can send an example of how to do that
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