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  1. y2guru

    PASC CE (Wip) Editor - video update

    for the wheels or in general ? for the wheels, absolutely and i will work on the wheel UI last as there will be many wheels to choose from
  2. made some slow but steady progress over the holiday season, heres the latest video demonstrating some of the new features, hope you like!
  3. y2guru Platform Clear Logo - Style 10.zip View File I have included a .PSP template if you wish to add additional platforms Submitter y2guru Submitted 12/22/2018 Category Platform Clear Logos  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I have included a .PSP template if you wish to add additional platforms
  5. y2guru Game Clear Logo - Style 10.zip View File Submitter y2guru Submitted 12/22/2018 Category Game Clear Logos  
  6. Been a few weeks since the last video and have made many updates to the Editor since then. The video will demonstrate the new features recently added but it will also demonstrate the platform specific settings, its a lengthy video and for that I apologize for not editing it down.
  7. y2guru

    XAML Tips and Tricks

    Wrong post
  8. Changed some visual elements Added plugin support Added video preview Performance enhancements Interrogation of Launchbox metadata xml Many other changes either non visible or just too plain boring to mention. This video will demo the following: Theme preview will be displayed in exactly the same aspect ratio windows is currently set to (will also change if you change the windows display settings) Single frame video preview will now be shown (better than a black rectangle) Metadata XML interrogation, scroll text (notes) is a good example. The PASC theme reacts to configuration changes within milliseconds. (Editor open and making changes while bigbox and pasc theme is active)
  9. Bezels used to be important to me, not so much now as I can get the old games to run fullscreen, fades are cool but i think after a while i would turn them off. was a poll or polls taken for these potential enhancements? or are you just getting a read on these being important enough to go ahead? for me personally.... i found rocketlauncher very difficult to implement (a year or more ago) and even though i had the bezels and fades it just wasn't enough to justify the configuration heartache, but.... if you are looking into adding such features then i know for sure that you will implement something very simple to use and obviously its part of launchbox/bigbox so theres not this multi configuration layer going on. I'm rambling.... signing off.
  10. Absolutely correct Neil, the primary goal is to allow anyone to make a Theme without having to learn XAML. The PASC theme purely exists as a base Theme which can either be tweaked to your own liking or duplicated (with a new name) then overhauled using your own images.
  11. This is a custom editor for my BigBox Theme PASC only, it allows you to swap out the graphics, resize and position various UI elements so you can make it look like your own theme without having to code.
  12. Thanks, it has been very interesting to code ... so far
  13. Decided to rewrite the Editor in WPF (from winforms) and as you'll see the benefits of doing so are obvious.