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  1. Supports 9xplatform and 9xgame custom images (whatever you want to use them for) 9xplatform category custom images 9xplaylist custom images
  2. Not yet, within 2 weeks it should be out on the forum
  3. Awesome! The build is practically ready to go, waiting on Jason to finalize his bigbox changes and officially release 10.12. In the meantime I’m just making a few tweaks here and there. I’ll put a video together this weekend to cover all the changes in
  4. Perfect! Then you’ll be ready for the next build. I did exactly the same thing with the marquees I was playing around with, built some of the static assets on my Mac then pulled them into a template and fired off a mass build, the new version saves the images with the database id 😊 plus many other changes to make it more accessible
  5. You’re welcome, I’m curious... are you creating custom images via the editor?
  6. Use ActiveGame.LaunchBoxDbId SelectedGame.LaunchBoxDbId then rename your custom file names to use database ID instead of game titles
  7. Was messing around, well ....... actually i was testing my unreleased build and came up with these
  8. That will be in my final feature yes.... parent controls,
  9. It is 100% on the list, there were other things holding that up
  10. Ok I gotcha, so you want to see the playlist name if viewing games by playlist, I am yet to add playlist support to the theme creator , once I do I will add the relevant metadata fields
  11. Game platform doesn’t show the platform name associated with a game?
  12. I’ve increased it from 4 to 9, expect this version to be out in 1-2 weeks
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