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  1. Both issues solved! Image was too large and cropped with 1920 x 1080 because Windows 10 was set to the recommended 150% scaling. If set to 100% the picture is fine. Checking the mentioned box at the compatibility tab gives the same result but it makes pause screens invisible like I said. So setting Windows 10 to 100% is the way to go at the moment. The analog stick issue was solved by simply deleting mouse controls from the Supermodel.ini file. I can use pause screens now as intended yeah :D But setting Supermodel to your native screen resolution seems to be a must.
  2. Makes sense. Pause screens work for me too in that scenario. What I don't understand is why your picture seems to NOT be cropped / too big with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade (I guess this is the case?). I will try to fiddle around with some NVIDIA options.
  3. Thanks. Do you run it with that compatibility box checked like JamesBond@ge suggested? I'm using EMUCR r783 x64. To make it clear: Pause Screens WORK when I set the Supermodel emulator to 1080p - BUT WITHOUT right clicking the Supermodel.exe, selecting Compatibility tab and checking the box next to Disable Display Scaling At High DPI Settings (as suggested above from JamesBond@ge). If I don't check that box the picture is too big / cropped though (tested with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade). If I DO check that Compatibility tab box, then the picture is fine but Pause Screens DON'T WORK (won't show up / crash when I force them to appear). And I get that weird analog stick issue I described in my last post.
  4. Thank you! With that setting I can run Supermodel in 1080p now and get a proper image. Pause screens still doesn't work though. Maybe because of the suggested "Disable Display Scaling at High DPI settings"? Pause screen behavior is the same like before. In addition the analog stick controls got screwed now (tested with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade). The crosshair is not centered and reacts weirdly. I am using the Raphnet WUSBmote adapter along with the Wii Classic Controller Pro. The controller was calibrated in Windows and works with all other emulators. Calibrating it in the Star Wars Trilogy service menue didn't solve this issue. Any suggestions? I guess I have to stick with 640 x 480 for now.
  5. Hi everyone, I‘m using the Final Burn Alpha 2016 reference rom set which is version Unfortunately I don’t have the corresponsing RetroArch core anymore. It‘s not possible to download it within RetroArch anymore as the FBA core gets updated to newer versions from time to time. As I don‘t want to go through the process of rebuilding my FBA rom set I‘d like to kindly ask if someone could provide me with a download link to the old core file. Maybe someone still has it? I‘d appreciate your help very much! Thank you!
  6. I‘ve been playing around with the Supermodel emulator lately. Pause Screen only works as intended if the emulator is set to the native screen resolution. 1920x1080 in my case. I can not use the emulator in that resolution though because the picture is too large and too wide then. I am using 640 x 480. The emulator still gets paused but the pause screen doesn‘t show up. You can use it but you are not able to see the pause screen menue. If you force the pause screen to show up within launchbox then you will get a freeze. Thank you!
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