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  1. Thank you for your work mate, I appreciate it a lot. Waiting for the SEGA list
  2. I'm really sorry to answer now my own question, but my problem was the same as it was for the user CoOlokey -above this comment- and I wanted to help others if this can happen to them. It was because in spanish the word emulation it is written as Emulación, with an accent that the program probably didn't recognize so I removed the ó. thank you very much for the replies I got some months ago, and sorry for being so late.
  3. I'm still launching the games without LB what is hurting me a lot, so I'm still waiting for a solution too
  4. Dear LB users, I know that the problem I bring to you has been fixed so many times and I feel bad for asking again about it, but I'm a little desperate because I'm not finding a solution for my case. I'm a user of launchbox since one year ago and now I can't live without using LB as my main platform for videogames. I did the first installment in my laptop some months ago where it's working at 100% and now I'm having problems in my main computer where I also want to have my game station (so more or less I knew how to configure LB). The problem is that RetroArch won't launch from Launc
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