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  1. Hey folks, Would someone be willing to put together or share a Telltale games theme video - preferably in the Unified-Refried style?
  2. I love this plugin. It has been so helpful cleaning up my genre tag mes
  3. Next poll suggestion - random game option in game lists on BB? There is a plug in that works great, but you have to keep editing the XML for every view
  4. Jason - thanks for addressing the auto generated playlists issue I mentioned
  5. Bump! My "add to playlist" list takes a long time to scroll through even though 90% of the items are auto generated and therefore just taking space in the list
  6. Thanks. I forgot about this. Will post more
  7. Confused - Is there a way to remove auto-populated (that I created - not the auto-generated platform ones) from the right-click "add to playlists" option? Right now, my list is so long, and since I can't add games to those playlists anyway, why should they appear?
  8. Agree. I would love more auto playlist search options. ESPECIALLY an OR option between arguments.
  9. Has anyone requested a more thorough media manager for one of the next updates? There are so many different types of boxes for games and there is no easy way to figure out which version fits an individual's tastes except by trial and error. I'd love to choose a platform, browse through the different types of cases in the database, and download and replace with ease.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Needed these. Let me know if there is interest in others.
  11. Adventure Genre Logos View File Needed these. Let me know if there is interest in others. Submitter Mr.Laor Submitted 06/13/2019 Category Playlist Clear Logos  
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