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  1. Hi Folks, I'm working on a new Launchbox library and I would love to copy all my genre metadata to the new library. I spend a lot of time developing this field with multiple entries - for instance - Mario Kart - is listed as Racing, Kart Racing, Mario Game, and Vehicular Combat. Note- the new library does not contain all the same games. I've weeded out and replaced a bunch. Any way to make this happen? Help much appreciated.
  2. Conflicted. Overall I really like the illustrated and vibrant style, but I agree w/ CBeats, the bottoms throw me off a little too much. Nice work though.
  3. The ram and motherboard are fairly recent. I'm not worried about that. Thoughts ?
  4. I'm currently running an older i500 and a 1050 TI. I'd like to upgrade both by CPU and graphics card. I'm hoping the helpful community can give me some suggestions. Here are my guidelines. 1) I need a graphics card that is useful for a variety of purposes. I do not need a 4k top of the line card, but I do like to play some newer PC games on my 1080P projector. I also use newer emulators (Yuzu / RCPC3) quite often. Finally, I even hook up my Oculus 2 to stream PC VR games as well. Hoping to spend up to $500 for a card. My old 1050TI has been so steady, I wouldn't mind staying with a TI card - Any thoughts on these? PNY RTX 3060 Ti XLR8 Gaming REVEL EPIC-X RGB LHR Graphics Card / or MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti VENTUS 3X OC LHR Graphics Card? Other ideas? I don't think I want to switch to AMD. 2) Same requirements for my CPU - hopefully not more than 300-400$ Any guidance or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks Derek
  5. No. It's not difficult. It's just time-consuming.
  6. You can do it but it will be a bunch of work. You need to make a category for the genre. Then within the category you will make a custom auto-generated playlist for each platform.
  7. Here is a platform if needed - unified style 1248711230_N-GageThemeVideo.mp4
  8. Could you help explain how to set this up? Thanks.
  9. I'm a little confused. I thought the Steam Deck could run Windows as well (if installed)? Would Launchbox/Bigbox work on that version of Windows?
  10. I've begged for this so many times...I love Launchbox, so I try to toe the line between whining about this incessantly and just being appreciative for all the awesome stuff we have.
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