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  1. Bumping. Any ideas? Or can this still not be done?
  2. Hey Folks, I'm seeing some changes to the auto-playlist function - which is great. Maybe someone can help me figure out how to make a "James Bond - 007" Playlist. I need it to include any game that has "James Bond" in the title. It also needs to include any game that has "007" in the title. BUT IT SHOULD NOT INCLUDE any games with "2007" in the title. Thoughts?
  3. I tried this. Unfortunately, it didn't work great at scale. Even more frustrating, I can't seem to find any feature-packed and attractive comic book manager. Decided to go with Yac Reader Library. It has built-in meta data search through comic vine(this is a killer feature), looks pretty good, and still being worked on. Anyone have other suggestions? I don't want to use Comic Rack- no active development for a number of years.
  4. No error. Just stops being responsive for a quick moment then closes. I have debugging loggin on. Where do I find the log? Post them here?
  5. Hi, Lately, I've been getting constant (every 10 minutes of active usage) crashes (Launchbox shuts down back to desktop and I have to relaunch) while trying to edit metadata. Is it just me? How can I troubleshoot?
  6. I figured this out using a symbolic link. I'm still not sure if the character length was the problem, but the symbolic link seems to have fixed the printmaking
  7. I should also mention - I changed the ROM path in Launchbox - and it now shows the right path - but still - when I open a game - it doesn't show the full correct path. So, same situation.
  8. Hoping I can explain this well. I have a platform xml file - in the file - the games point to files on a separate drive. When I open Launchbox and check the paths - it doesn't have the complete path - the drive and main folder is cut-off. If I manually change it - it points correctly - but only for that one game. Obviously, I can't manually change all the files. Is there a character limit to file paths in the xml folder? Other ideas?
  9. Do you think I should edit my initial post with the new examples?
  10. Unfortunately I posted off memory. Here is a more specific example. Let's say I wanted all James Bond games. I set up Title contains James Bond Title contains 007 Now I have a problem - all games that have 2007 in the title also appear (think sports games). How could I exclude those? I Here is another example: For my Capcom fighting games I want to include EITHER published or developed by Capcom and genre Fighting Right now if I enter Publisher contains Capcom Developer contains Capcom Genre is fighting Then I only
  11. Got it. Thanks. So, we should be just about ready for a new poll it seems.
  12. I created a ticket on Bitbucket for better automated playlists. We could really use "and" "or" features. For example, if you wanted all Capcom fighting games - there is no way to include - Developer = Capcom AND genre = fighting. Instead, you will get all fighting games as well as all games made by Capcom. There are many examples. Let's say you wanted a collection of all Mario games, but not Mario Kart. There is no way to have that automatically generated. Here is the bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6045/better-automated-playlists Any
  13. Curious. What's left on the poll?
  14. This! and how about a new poll?!
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