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  1. Do you think I should edit my initial post with the new examples?
  2. Unfortunately I posted off memory. Here is a more specific example. Let's say I wanted all James Bond games. I set up Title contains James Bond Title contains 007 Now I have a problem - all games that have 2007 in the title also appear (think sports games). How could I exclude those? I Here is another example: For my Capcom fighting games I want to include EITHER published or developed by Capcom and genre Fighting Right now if I enter Publisher contains Capcom Developer contains Capcom Genre is fighting Then I only
  3. Got it. Thanks. So, we should be just about ready for a new poll it seems.
  4. I created a ticket on Bitbucket for better automated playlists. We could really use "and" "or" features. For example, if you wanted all Capcom fighting games - there is no way to include - Developer = Capcom AND genre = fighting. Instead, you will get all fighting games as well as all games made by Capcom. There are many examples. Let's say you wanted a collection of all Mario games, but not Mario Kart. There is no way to have that automatically generated. Here is the bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/6045/better-automated-playlists Any
  5. Wow Interesting! 1) True. I used screenscraper. Should I not? 2) I removed the files and now my games are back - I get it - I think - it didn't know which file to look at for the platform data - I'm assuming? 3) I used it on a few other platforms and I see they have extra files as well in the same platform data folder - but - those platforms seem fine - not missing games. Should I delete the extra files anyway? Thanks for the help.
  6. I checked. The XML is still there - and all the data (the games) are listed as well - but I also see these files I don't recognize in the Launchbox platform data folder - Android Missing serial txt and Android BAckup xml. Any ideas?
  7. Good Morning, Need some help. Pretty well-versed with Launchbox, but I still can't figure out what is going on! This is the second time - all my Android games have disappeared from my Launchbox build. It happened a few weeks ago (earlier beta version) and with the newest version. The platform remains with all its subfolders but all the game entries are gone. Could this be related to when there was an Android Beta of Launchbox? It hasn't happened with any other platform. I am not looking forward to manually adding back all 100 plus games. The image resources are all still in their fol
  8. Maybe a silly question - but I watched the latest video by Paterson - I'm a little worried about watching older videos (Faeran's last video is almost a year old) because it seems like there is so much development that the older videos would be outdated. Is that a legitimate concern? Is there one recent specific video that is a good one to start with? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey Folks, What would be the best way to start learning and experimenting with the theme creator? Is there a video (or videos) I should watch first? Is there a template I should play with? I'm guessing there isn't a formal tutorial of any kind. Thanks in advance.
  10. When is the next poll? I feel like I haven't seen one in a very long time.
  11. Bump. My kids are getting older. I need this. Please reconsider.
  12. Can you tell us more?
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