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  1. Mr.Laor

    Yuzu issue

    Sorry. I don't have this issue. Maybe take a screen shot of your yuzu settings.
  2. I have a bunch more. Will upload some tonight
  3. Bumping - Can someone with know-how just confirm or deny if this is possible and will it help? I can figure out how to do it - if I get some confirmation. Lately, it takes a very long time to make any changes in the edit menu. Sometimes up to a minute before I regain control of LB. Could I move all my data files to my SSD and make symbolic links? Would that speed things up?
  4. Lately, it takes a very long time to make any changes in the edit menu. Sometimes up to a minute before I regain control of LB. Could I move all my data files to my SSD and make symbolic links? Would that speed things up?
  5. Is there a way to designate what type of video it should be at the confirmation screen? Seems unnecessary to have to go into the edit screen afterwards just to change recording to screenshot.
  6. Takes forever to make any change and go back to LB from the edit screen. At least a minute sometimes. With each release it had gotten slower, but now it's nearly unbearable. Granted I have 50k games and hundreds of playlists I have an i5 and 16 g of Ram. Here is the weird thing. If I use the edit screen to change one genre it takes a long time for LB to regain focus but if I use the genre editor plugin I can change hundreds at one time in less than a couple of seconds. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I loved this plugin before. Now it's pretty much indispensable.
  8. Will we be able to drag images the way it used to work?
  9. Just an opinion but - the changes can still be instituted - just making the main screen larger with more available w/out having to switch screens - agree with @Wanderer189 - it makes manually editing even more time-consuming. @Jason Carr
  10. TBH - I'm not sure this UI for the edit screen is really an improvement. I liked having almost everything in one screen. This seems to take longer to get things done. Why not just make it bigger and include more? It's not like we can access anything in LB while the screen is open anyway. Why have a small screen and multiple clicks to get things done?
  11. Tested a little more Seems okay - I can't duplicate it - sorry BUT STILL CAN'T DRAG IN FILES . Please bring that back.
  12. So, I'm trying the new edit screen to add some screenshots and have a few problems (I tried to record it - but when I looked back at the recording - the edit screen doesn't appear just the mouse and LB - very weird) 1 - I had already placed images in the screenshots folder - now I just wanted to associate them with the right games - the file names didn't match. 2 - It started ok - but once I hit okay - it froze for a long time (I have a large collection - up to 50k games and many playlists). Took over a minute to get any responsiveness from LB. 3 - Then I got an error about not being able to download the files. 4 - I tried again - but now the files were missing from the folder. Somehow LB erased them. 5 - Then I tried dragging them over from the original folder location (they were no longer in my screenshots folder in LB). Dragging is not possible or at least not yet? Any ideas? In the meantime - how do I revert back to the last version?
  13. For now, I use Flashpoint to get games. Use standalone flash and shockwave players to play the games through Launchbox. I'd say 85% of the games work fine.
  14. Beautiful. Can't wait to try it out!
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the fifth batch of Unified Refried Genre videos I put together - I've included videos, logos, frames, and backgrounds. Unfortunately not all the names are consistent. Sorry. This took forever. I'm not taking credit for everything here. I used Retrohumanoid's backgrounds and style. I also downloaded most of the resources from all over the web. I created many of my own logos, put most of the graphics together - some are good, many are okay, and some are poor (I had to figure out how to make these). If anyone wants, needs, or deserves credit for the use of their graphics - please let me know - I'm happy to list you here or take out the offending items. More to come if people want it. Rail Shooter Revised.mp4
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