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  1. Thanks for the clarification. The "baseball" example was a genre I added for my games. Is something like this on the wish list? Advanced playlist creation?
  2. Respectfully bumping. Trying to set up some playlists and would love to know if this is possible
  3. Is there a way to use an "or" statement between two different search arguments? For example: Genre - contains - baseball or Title - contains - baseball That way I can be sure to get most baseball games even if they haven't been tagged correctly. As of now, when I put these two parts in, it looks for both parts to be true, and therefore I get very few results.
  4. Moot, Jason our hero took care of it!
  5. What can I do about accessing default pause scripts if i don't use default emulator names (because I use multiple versions of RetroArch or Mame for example) edit - I just saw Jason's reply for this in the other thread -basically copy and paste them- unfortunately that seems like a lot of work, especially when updates or changes come along
  6. Any idea what to do if I don't use default names for the emulators?
  7. I see my problem. I have my emulators named differently than the defaults (I have duplicates). How can I find the default scripts if my emulator is named differently?
  8. Hey folks, I have the new beta and the pause screens are working well, but how do I add the save state options? Retroarch for example? Is there a place I'm not finding to activate these? Thanks for the help.
  9. Here are the Atari Playlists. Let me know if anyone wants the clear logos I created above. Atari 2600 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 2600 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 2600 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 2600 - The Best.xml Atari 2600 All Games.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 5200 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 5200 - The Best.xml Atari 5200 All Games.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Bronze.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Gold.xml Atari 7800 - Best of Silver.xml Atari 7800 - The Best.xml Atari 7800 All Games.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Bronze.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Gold.xml Atari Jaguar - Best of Silver.xml Atari Jaguar - The Best.xml Atari Jaguar All Games.xml
  10. I have some clear logos I made. Here are some samples. Let me know if anyone is interested
  11. I've been redoing them. Here are all the Atari consoles. Do you want playlists as well? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xpKQIiRee-Kr_BOwM4rKKKUHO2a3gDIuCHmzp2QMJOc/edit?usp=sharing
  12. They l look really cool. What do you use them for?
  13. Actually, you can also add Another emulator entry (same emu-retroarch / diff title- retroa-stella) and point to the same exe. Then with this entry check off extract roms
  14. Strange issue - never happened until this update. Trying to replace any default images for a platform or playlists artwork in the edit menu. After I selected my replacement image (clear logo for example) and hit Okay - it hangs for almost a minute. I had to force-close the application the first few times till I realized it was only taking awhile. Sorry - seems to have resolved itself. Working normally now.
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