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  1. I'm thinking two ways to do this. 1) create a category called windows. Import games using their sources as platforms. Then have those plAtforms nested under the windows category as the parent. 2) create/use the platform for windows. Make sure the games all are tagged in some way with the sources. You can use custom tags if needed. Create smart playlists for each source and use windows as the parent.
  2. Can the spin animation for the wheel just be a visual representation of a true random result and not actually match the time it would take? Even a slight screen blink to end up at the random game would better.
  3. Please. I would love true random and not based on how long I hold down the stick.
  4. Sticking to my points. Anyone who uses the compatibility reports from the newest emulators knows that they are hardly ever up-to-date or consistent and reliable. How many yuzu and rcpc3 flagship games rely on mods and hacks to actually be enjoyably (objectively) playable? Just between cemu and Yuzu and rcpc 3 it's a bit of a mess. Also, You just have to tinker with each game based on your own settings - and we didn't even get into the difference between RAM, AMD and Nvidia cards. Then there is the issue of naming conventions matching LB. region differences? And differences between nightly and stable are important to me as user of many nightly versions of emulators. Ugh and then regressions... who will keep track of website changes - structurally? What is worth tracking? Yuzu, cemu, ryujinx, rcpc3, pcs2? not picking an argument Just pointing out how it seems impossible to build it to a point of usefulness
  5. How would this even be possible? Compatibility changes constantly and is usually moderately reliable and completely dependent on emulator release. Then you have nightly vs stable and patches and mods. Seems a little silly to invest time in something that would be so unreliable. Nice pipe dream. That being said, I wish there was a way to be notified of emulator updates through Launchbox with direct links. Now that would be helpful!
  6. I guess just to inform that this isn't the actual box. It's default box style
  7. Started using moonlight. Works great so far
  8. I'm sorry, still not clear - apologies - Can I install (run the installer) on another drive then copy over the LB and BB exes to my current LB folder and overwrite 11.3?
  9. Alternatively, can I install another instance of LB on a diff. drive and copy over the LB and BB exe to my current folder?
  10. I see a history of setup exes - each prompts me to reinstall. Is that what I need to do? Reinstall over my current install folder? That seems a bit scary.
  11. Getting the "install net core" bug. How do I revert to the last version?
  12. Mr.Laor

    Software question.

    Yup. Bind the controllers of your choice. For many users, most of the familiar base systems (nes,SNES, genesis/megadrive/PS1/etc) work great w/ Retroarch through Launchbox. Newer systems and more niche systems tend to be better using individual emulators. Of course, there will be some who disagree but I think the majority would agree.
  13. Mr.Laor

    Software question.

    Both ways work, but for certain systems using retroarch through LB can be beneficial - bezels, controls, save states, and other features would all become uniform and possible (w exceptions)
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