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  1. I've begged for this so many times...I love Launchbox, so I try to toe the line between whining about this incessantly and just being appreciative for all the awesome stuff we have.
  2. Exactly. It is way too time consuming to go through a dump of games and hand edit all the different series that games might belong to (example - kingdom hearts alone would go in my Disney, Mickey, and cartoon collections. I'm spoiled and used to the more complex auto Playlist from most music platforms (media monkey/ itunes) that allow boolean logic to help the process. Again, we can drop it if its just me. Like I said - a pet peeve.
  3. I get it. I appreciate everyone's suggestions. I think we are at an impasse. Ultimately, Sonic is just one example of where the current automated Playlist fall a bit short. Same problems with a pac-man list, Mario or Nintendo mascots, Capcom fighters, etc) It is not unusual to import a collection of over 30 games (hacks, translations, pc games) and i cant hand-tag all of them. I long for a " or - but not - and" option. LAUNCHBOX rocks. Just one of my pet peeves.
  4. Thanks. I've done all this. I was really hoping to automate the process. Sometimes i get a big dump of games and I don't want to individually edit all the metadata for the +100 collection play lists I have.
  5. Funny thing. This still won't work - I just have too many games (77K) on too many platforms - so relying on genres to be right is troublesome. BUT - you gave me a great idea. I could never figure out how to do a James Bond Collection - I kept using titles - contains - James Bond & title - contains - 007 - but that gave me any game with 2007 in the title. Now I tried - Genre - not equal to - Sports - and it seems to have solved the problem.
  6. Nice but this still won't work. It still captures console games like - Aerobiz Supersonic - SNES or Sonic Boom for C64 (for examples) and then it will leave out games like Sonic and Sega All-star Racing (Arcade-Sega Ringwide). Other ideas?
  7. I tried. No. Then it includes Every game that "doesn't contain" . It looks and includes both search terms (the Contains the doesn't). that's why we need an and/or/but not option in between the tags.
  8. Hey folks, This will sound pretty silly. I'm trying to make an Auto-playlist for every game that includes Sonic (the hedgehog). I can't use - title - contains - sonic - because then I get games like - Sonic Boom, Sonic Wings, etc. (here is where I wish there was a BUT NOT option). I can't use - title - contains - Sonic the hedgehog - because there are a bunch of sonic games that don't use "the hedgehog" like - Sonic Colors, Mario & Sonic I can't use Publisher - contains - Sega - because then I don't include all the Sonic Hacks I have. Any ideas? Sounds like it should be simple - except - there is no way to include a BUT NOT - option for auto-playlists and it's driving me nuts.
  9. Bumping. Any ideas? Or can this still not be done?
  10. Hey Folks, I'm seeing some changes to the auto-playlist function - which is great. Maybe someone can help me figure out how to make a "James Bond - 007" Playlist. I need it to include any game that has "James Bond" in the title. It also needs to include any game that has "007" in the title. BUT IT SHOULD NOT INCLUDE any games with "2007" in the title. Thoughts?
  11. I tried this. Unfortunately, it didn't work great at scale. Even more frustrating, I can't seem to find any feature-packed and attractive comic book manager. Decided to go with Yac Reader Library. It has built-in meta data search through comic vine(this is a killer feature), looks pretty good, and still being worked on. Anyone have other suggestions? I don't want to use Comic Rack- no active development for a number of years.
  12. No error. Just stops being responsive for a quick moment then closes. I have debugging loggin on. Where do I find the log? Post them here?
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