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    Video Capture

    I have been making my own Video recordings of games i have that don't have a Video File to download on the LaunchBox Data base/ EmuMovies Database. Can i share my Videos with others? or add them to the LaunchBox Database?
  2. @ Hexan I found using the UI version works better. Yet it still is a crap shoot. My Mame1.75 64UI version. Yet it seems to matter on What game, what Function to see if it works. I Maybe i could edit the Default Scripts. But im no good at that stuff. SO ill just have to deal with it. Does your Mame2.10 use a UI version?
  3. Hello. I'm only having Pause screen Issues with MAME. I can get the Pause screen to come up. but when i select like "Exit Game" or "save State" it just resumes the game. I have not edited any Keys in MAME nor have i messed with any keybindings. Pause Screens work just fine with all my other Emulators. MAME 1.85 version. Hope its not just because of the older version of MAME. any advise?
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