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  1. Arcade64 don't show nag but mamearcade and mame show it.
  2. Hi all, 2 problems with pause screen =( I try it with retroarch. In launchbox it appear bue i can't move or select with my arcade stick =( in big box when i press the key nothing happen =( I try to change the button mappen in big box but i have the same issue =( In big box pause menu option there is not to set the keyboard. I set it from joystick automation but don't work =( =( =( Work in launchbox but here in pause menu option there is to set a key =( but i can't move with joystick =( i cry
  3. Hi guys, i'm try to set my vpx collection in launchbox. I have problem to exit from visual pinball. Exit make only a screen to choose resume or exit from the table. i try to insert *ESCAPE::Send {Alt down}{F4} in script that work for Play station portable emulator but don't work for VPX. have someone a good idea for me ? TNX
  4. I work on it. If i use Vulkan driver shader was loaded correctly If i use DX12 shader was not apply at launch The problem is that with Vulkan retroarch work really slow, i have an AMD 2400G with latest driver but with Vulkan is unplayable =( Any idea ?
  5. Online there is a lot of question about ra don't save config but i don't find a good Solution, any idea?
  6. Yes i have 1.7.5 The problem is that it says the right name of the shader that i have save but don't apply it =( Another problem, i have try to change video driver and i have set save on exit, but when i go in to ra again there is no the video driver that i set =( I have retroarch config =( =( =(
  7. Ummm i have use save for object in the same folder and seems to save it, but when i launch game gear games ther is no border, i have to re apply the shader =(
  8. Hi ! I have a little configuration problem =( Which is the best way to have a different platform that use the same core with different shader settings? I have mega drive games with Gx_plus core and i want a royale shader for example, and sega game gear with the same core but with an overlay with game gear border. Thank you for help a noob like me 😃
  9. Can we make a petition for 4:3 support!???
  10. I have do it but i don't see my immage. Maybe i have do sone mistake. Can you explain me the right metod to add playlist logo for bigbox? Tnx bro
  11. Ok ! I have do it ! Now another little problem. In bigbox how can i change the favorites logo? i have try to add an immage but it don't show it and i see only the Favorites with normal caracter
  12. But a lot of bartop have a 4:3 screen and all 4:3 theme are terrible =(
  13. Why don't u do a 4:3 version of it'???? It's grat but not for a 4:3 bartop =(
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