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  1. Can I please get Clear logos for the following:
  2. Indeed: Beauty .... The C64 port of Gyruss.... Crap: The C64 port of Hard Drivin' LMAO
  3. Cannot update metadata to newest version, please help. It's not my internet connection either, as I am currently talking to someone on Skype
  4. Never mind. I just disabled and then re-enabled my controllers, and it works now. The problem occurred when I accidentally unplugged a controller without realizing it
  5. My mouse pointer won't stop moving up the screen automatically in launchbox. It's not doing this with any other program. The actual games aren't scrolling, just the mouse pointer
  6. It seems that the new default theme has made all the fanart BG images for games look extremely blurred (at least on my PC). Why is this? What's the point of having these images if you can't properly see them? Had to revert back to the older theme to get the BGs back to proper resolution...smh
  7. Finally got mine fixed. I did a fresh install. But I've been meaning to do one for a while now anyway to clean up some stuff, so it's all good. I had recently moved MAME (and most of my other emulators and roms) to a new external HD I bought, so I had to delete most of my games anyway. That's what i was in the process of doing when I got those weird bars. I'm using my registered version of xpadder as a temporary fix for my second controller now
  8. The enclosed photo is how it actually looks when I open LB. I never did anything to change it either, so why does it look like that? Members 7 35 posts Report post Posted 38 minutes ago (edited) I tried closing it and re-opening it several times, and nothing happens, only that screen with a bunch of blank bars, only one of which is clickable and doesn't even do anything when I click it. I even tried uninstalling it, and re-install it, and I still get the same result. I even deleted my LB directory and then tried to reinstall and now it won't even go past the initialization screen. Finally got it running but after I re-added my controllers, it happened again
  9. Oops, I included the period in the URL... This is what actually comes up:
  10. This is what comes up on the screen when I try to go the link, sorry for the long wait:
  11. Every time I click on 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe for the Atari 2600 it comes up "error occurred" This is the link points to the game https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/14194. Haven't seen it with any other games but this one. For example 3-d Zapper is the game that directly follows it in the 2600 section of the db and https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/108074 no issues here
  12. Yes, but what I don't get is that stuff that I posted AFTER this has had approvals, wouldn't it show up in the moderations in ORDER of when they were submitted
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