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  1. Can we get these please, they are for the Spectrum, but I'm pretty sure mire than one platform uses these logos. The first one is a general European box, and the second one is for Spain [at least on this platform]
  2. Hey pal, can we get logos for the following C64 homebrew titles, most ( Four out of the six) of them already have logos, but better higher res logos would be nice
  3. Can we get a better version of this please, the old one was replaced with the logo for the European box, but the old logo was the one used for North America I've also listed the DOS box as a better guide since it's much larger.
  4. I just submitted this, but as an alt for Z. I took it from the C64 version's entry
  5. Can we get this please, it's for the Amstrad. The current logo only contains the first part of the game's name. It was a French only release. Turns out it was also released on the Atari ST and C64
  6. Can we get logos for the following three BBC Micro games. One of them already has one, but a higher res logo would be nice: They are all Doctor Who games. Two of the games were exclusive to the BBC Micro, however, Mines of Terror (which is the one that currently has a logo) was also released on the Amstrad and C64.
  7. Those UK magazines always intrigued me. I always enjoyed their art style over the "car mag" style computer magazines we had over here during the 80s. Same for the boxarts they had over there for the early games on stuff like the C64.
  8. Can we get this for this homebrew game for the BBC Micro please?
  9. My issue with adding the PS5, is that when they did it they never added the newest XBox as well. Which I don't see the point, if you're going to add one of the modern consoles, you might as well add them both
  10. There is this guy that tries to change the release dates of NES games to the North American release date on a lot of games, even though these games were first released in Japan and other areas. I'll chop it up to the guy being a noob, but aren't you supposed to use the earliest release dates at all times?
  11. Can we get these please, they are for the European release of Bad Street Brawler/Bop 'n Rumble https://images.launchbox-app.com/b3bae61d-ce06-48a4-bd2d-0d5bb972c70a.jpg https://images.launchbox-app.com/ae49fb7d-6ac9-4add-ac7d-cfa5db155f1e.jpg For some weird reason, It would not let me upload images earlier...disabed my add-blocker on the forum, and it works...
  12. Can we get a logo for this game that includes the secondary title. Current logo only has the primary game title It's for the C64, Apple II, and MS-DOS. This DOS and Apple versions were sold in the same box (most likely for cost saving measures) But they all use the same logo.
  13. I know it's not a logo technically, but can someone add transparency to this? There is a larger disc already in the datbase, but it has very blurry text. I've also added the one that's already in the db to show exactly what I mean
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