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  1. Very nice! I have been meaning to document this, so you saved me a lot of time and work. What you have created is a bezel/overlay similar to what I create for my arcade cab. Here is a couple of samples.
  2. There are so many versions of no-intro sets, and rom sets in general, that it is impossible for a bezel pack to match everyone's rom set. That is why we recommend using one of the more popular renaming utilties like Fatmatch, Don's renamer in his Hypertools set, etc. Are you using my V1.0 Windows utility, or the older Web installer V1.4 or V1.5?
  3. Strange. I can save new ones here with no issue.
  4. According to the Libretro team, that isn't a bug. It is as designed. You must save your config to a new one, then replace the old with the new. Having said that, I agree that it seems like a bug, but there isn't anything to do at the moment. Arguing with their team will just get you banned from the forum.
  5. I recommend you use the Final Burn Neo core versus the old FB Alpha core, however both should work. You should be able to load a MAME game after your step 6 above. If everything installed correctly, no further config is required. You are using my most recent V1.0 of the Windows installer, right? The older web installer V1.4 and V1.5 is no longer used or supported.
  6. You shouldn't be specifying the rom cfg, e.g. sonicwi3.cfg. You should point to the cfg the installer created for the core in the config directory. If you have separate settings like shaders, etc., you should create a core override. If you don't want to use core overrides, but modify the cfg the installer created, Retroarch will not allow you to modify it. You must save out a new cfg for the core after first loading the cfg the installer created, exit Retroarch, then delete the original and rename the new cfg to the old name. It is a pain, but it is the Retroarch works if you have a game overrride, which is basically what all the rom cfg files are.
  7. It is possible. Honestly, the best way to debug an install is to create a fresh Retroarch installation with one core to start with, then install one matching bezel set, then run the new retroarch and do a basic run to see if the bezels show. The only thing that can keep bezels showing up are the name of the roms must match the name of the cfg files, and the name of the directory created under Retroarch\config must match the name of the core.
  8. Thanks for your contribution. Also, all those, and more, are in this thread a few pages back which are contained in a zip file.
  9. As long as you have installed the bezels using the Windows based installer, everything should just be automatic if the MAME rom names match the cfg files in the Retroarch\config folder.
  10. Retroarch is the piece of the chain that will display the bezels you have installed, so make sure you can get them work by starting Retroarch without using LaunchBox first. Once you get native Retroarch starting your MAME roms and the bezels are being displayed, just configure LaunchBox by importing your MAME roms regularly and point to Retroarch as the emulator. You don't have to do anything in LaunchBox to get the bezels to display. Note: your MAME rom names must match exactly with the bezel cfg files.
  11. I have uploaded a new archive that contains Wii and Wii U.
  12. Sure, this is possible. I am doing it now between 3 systems. It just depends on what you want to sync over. I use FreeFileSync to pick and choose what files/directories to sync. Syncing is easy: there are so many apps that do this. The semi-difficult part is understanding what needs to be copied. Get a handle on what is contained in the LaunchBox\Data directory. That is where everything is stored related to settings of LB/BB.
  13. You are a master! Thanks so much.
  14. Uploaded a new archive with the requested changes/additions.
  15. I just uploaded a new archive that should cover all the latest requests. Please keep your requests and feedback coming.
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