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  1. Have you tried the Retroarch core for Genesis (genesis_plux_gx)? Does it act the same way?
  2. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @Starbuck Sorry, I don't know how I missed this. Do you still want/need these?
  3. dragon57

    House of the Dead 3 (Windows)

    Here is a download from the RocketLauncher forums I grabbed a few months ago. If you run the exe in the archive instead of the HOTD launcher, it should work for you. HotD_3_AutoStart.zip
  4. 8.9 working fine here with Emumovies.
  5. dragon57

    3d cartridge templates

    Here are the ones I have art for: Atari 5200 Atari Jaguar GCE Vectrex Mattel Intellivision NEC Supergrafx Nintendo 64 Nintendo Entertainment System Sega 32X Sega Genesis Sega Master System Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  6. dragon57

    3d cartridge templates

    Yeah, I have the ones you listed as existing, but I also have a few for systems you list as not available. If you can, post a picture of what 3D view you prefer for your carts and I'll see what I have. I also have a few cart templates from my searching over the years. I might have something for you there as well.
  7. dragon57

    3d cartridge templates

    For what systems? Many systems already have some nice 3D cart pics, so may not have to duplicate effort if there are sets you haven't seen as of yet.
  8. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Looks great. These should be a nice complement to the existing sets.
  9. dragon57


    Yes, you can go crazy twiddling with all the settings in MAME. Here is a YouTube video where the person really goes all out with different settings. Here it is just to give you an idea. If you are in the old MAME vector games, you can also tweak MAME to give a pretty convincing scanning vector effect. Here is an example.
  10. dragon57

    Two Graphic requests

    You can find the official Big Box logo here: Not sure if you would like this one, but here is a magazines related logo I made some time ago.
  11. dragon57


    I know this isn't a solution to games looking worse on modern displays, but some people use shaders to try and recreate the 'look' from old CRTs. If done correctly, your brain will be tricked into filling in some gaps created by the shaders. Just a thought, and of course you need to use emulators that support these shaders. Retroarch is a good one to try if you decide to go down this road. MAME standalone also supports a number of shader effects.
  12. dragon57

    Uploading restored retro box art

    You could add them to the Game Art section of the website: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/18-game-box-art/ You could also upload them to the LaunchBox database (see the Games DB link above).
  13. dragon57

    Necessary to start M.A.M.E. first?

    Sound like you are good to go then. If you haven't already, import a few MAME roms into LaunchBox and see if you can start games from there.
  14. dragon57

    Necessary to start M.A.M.E. first?

    Just having a directory called ini isn't necessarily enough. Read what I wrote again and double check the items.
  15. Are you aware LaunchBox is already bundled and set to go with the latest eXoDos packs?