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  1. @MadK9, great catch. I forgot I used a different name at the end. The old info was from long ago. Thanks!
  2. I have just posted a 'System Art' bezel set for SNK Neo Geo CD on Github. Available for Windows only for now. Full RetroPi support is coming.
  3. I'm referring to my Bezel Project app for Windows.
  4. You just need to use the Android export feature of my Windows app. The path is setup for android and does work for most. Have you tried that?
  5. Pretty much. You may need to point Retroarch to the config and overlay directory.
  6. Thanks so much for the update. This continues to be my go-to theme. Really appreciate your work on this series of art.
  7. Ateb is correct. As stated in the installers help text, you may encounter a core name in later versions of Retroarch that is different than what existing when the bezel packs were made which require renaming the core directory name under the config directory. Some people also use more than one core for different games, so you may need multiple directories like some of the installers create. Having said that, I use Windows junctions to create a true copy of a config directory. Feel free to do the same thing in real life.
  8. You have used the highlighted function like in the pic below?
  9. What version of Retroarch are you using? The stuff in the upper right corner is probably the frames per second being displayed. Lower left is where Retroarch displays normal messages. The newer Retroarch editions just changed the method of exit to pressing ESC twice. This can be configured though. The same as the frames per second can be turned off. Now, why the alien text? Not sure, but I've seen it here as well. My text seemed to clear up when I updated the graphics driver.
  10. This page lists the core versions->MAME version required. https://docs.libretro.com/guides/arcade-getting-started/
  11. The default 'save on exit' in the default Retroarch seems to cause a lot of issues, including using the bezel packs. In the Facebook group, I always recommend turning that off, then editing the retroarch.cfg file to remove any reference to a default overlay. I wish that setting was set to false as it would save a lot of effort.
  12. Great catch! I have updated the files on Github.
  13. As far as I know, only if you use a MAME related core in Retroarch can you apply a shader akin to CRT-GEOM.
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