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  1. I am a member of The Bezel Project, and have bezels working for all Retroarch cores. If you are having issues getting bezels to show in Retroarch, you must have something not configured correctly. There are two areas you might want to look at in your Retroarch installation. 1. Your rom names must match the bezel cfg file names. 2. The directory in the config directory containing the cfg files for the bezels must match the core name exactly.
  2. This is what I do now. I get the combined box, box 3d, snaps, title, wheel packs from EmuMovies, then manually check for missing art. I have numerous scripts to do compares and setup for art downloads. Using the EmuSync tool from the EmuMovies site also seems to be faster than LaunchBox in some cases in downloading art, but everyone's use case will/may be different. You just have to find what works best for you with the tools and assets available to you. You also need to revisit all alternatives when new versions come out. The LaunchBox devs are doing their best for us I feel. As to
  3. @64ozgames, I'm a member of The Bezel Project, so I'll try to assist. If you aren't using Retroarch for MAME games, it isn't needed in any way. Having cfg files will not affect how MAME implements/shows its bezels. What version of MAME are you using? I assume when you install the MAME bezels, you are selecting native MAME in the options (see pic below)?
  4. MAME artwork files can be downloaded from https://www.progettosnaps.net/artworks/ You can also download a complete artwork set of files via torrent from pleasure dome.
  5. I can't see starting over being required. Where is your mame.ini file located? Is it in the ini directory under the mame install directory?
  6. How were the bezels installed originally? Did you select Rocketlauncher in the bezel installer? If so, you will have to reinstall the bezels and select native MAME in the selection section of the installer.
  7. The most common issue when the bezels don't show up after installation is the rom set names don't match the bezel names. The bezel sets use No-Intro naming, when available.
  8. I can confirm this as well. I hate Comcast, but I have no other alternative.
  9. There are a few here. Vikings 'Colorful' videos he is working on would be a good one to investigate. He has a number of templates and resources to read about what would be required to help. Another Viking related thread are the Silver Ring logos. Users request new additions to his original release all the time. @sundogak has picked up creating new art for this, and I'm sure he would appreciate some help. @seaview59 also is the go to person for clear logo creation requests and LaunchBox art submissions to the database. He also might appreciate some help. Just search for those threads here
  10. Welcome! Maintaining and collecting original console hardware, games, carts, optical media can be great fun. I used to do it myself, but as time marched on, hardware dies, plus my wife & I have downsized which made keeping all the hardware I had impossible. Now, many have the space and disposable cash so they can keep their collection for their entire lives, and that is great. Some will have to make a decision very similar to your topic, sooner, or later. I sold nearly my entire collection (keeping only a couple of consoles which are on display only positions on my shelves). I ha
  11. Sorry, can't answer your question, but I am curious why you still need to use AAE to run vector games? The latest MAME runs them wonderfully, and you can configure the vector parameters easily to get the look you want.
  12. Have you tried: >python "F:\Video Snaps\script.py"
  13. That is going to be tough for renaming utilities since the long name and the MAME rom names are so different. Your best bet is to find a clear logo pack that already uses the rom name format for the files. EmuMovies and/or the Hyperspin site are good places to start your search.
  14. You may have to use the keyboard to start some games. Reference a game manual for specific usage instructions.
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