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  1. There is a Turbografx CD video in the Nostalgia set. It once was available in the downloader. That is where I got my copy. There is an Xbox video in the Nostalgia set too. If you can't find them in the downloader, you can download them directly from the Downloads area:
  2. If you read the details in the "About This File" at the top of this post, it says the artwork isn't included. You have to obtain the files from The Bezel Project.
  3. Your work continues to impress, as always. I very much look forward to using these. Hopefully I can help add to the set when time permits.
  4. First, learn to search the forum. This has been reported a lot, and the reply is always the same answer. Reference:
  5. Controller mappings are separate and can be saved outside of normal configs, so I see no reason why you can't do what you want and have bezels for each game too. Below is directly from the Libretro forum: Remaps Remaps are configuration files that store the parameters from the controls menu under Quick Menu. This is the recommended method to change core inputs without affecting GUI control or controls for other cores. We’ve been working hard to make this menu support all input remapping use cases and as of now it can do: Mapping keyboard keys from more than one gamepad (works with dosbox) Mapping more than one button to the same action Unmapping buttons Unmapping analogs Mapping a button to trigger an analog response (tested with mupen, can run on SM64 with the d-pad now, triggers a full analog tilt) Mapping an analog to another analog (having more than one analog mapped to the same output causes issues) Mapping an analog to produce a button response Remaps can be saved in the same exact levels as overrides, core, content, dir. Remaps can save dpad analogue mode, libretro device. Remaps are loaded on content load.
  6. Also, please provide what type of settings you are trying to save so I try the same things as you. OK, after doing some reading, and testing, I THINK I know why some people have issues saving Retroarch options and some others don't. Please understand I am no Retroarch expert, by any means, but since I could never replicate the save issues, I knew I must be doing something different. According to official Libretro docs and postings by the devs and mods on the libretro forums, there is a lot of confusion concerning how Retroarch config files are used, and how they are/can be saved. Retroarch uses a layered approach to reading config files. It first reads the main cfg file called retroarch.cfg. It then looks for a core specific cfg under the config directory, example: nestopia_libretro.cfg. Lastly, it looks for a game specific cfg file that would be saved in a subdirectory under config using the same name as the core, in this case, Nestopia. Here is the part that gets people in trouble. As long as a game override DOES NOT exist, you can save a new nestopia_libretro.cfg file from the Retroarch gui. If a game override does exist, you can't directly save to a new nestopia_libretro.cfg file. You must save a to a new output file which will start with -1 and increment from there if you don't clean up these new cfg files, example nestopia_libretro-1.cfg (Save New Configuration). I have always saved to a new configuration when using bezels, exited Retroarch, then I overwrite the old cfg with the new one (usually by deleting the original, then renaming the new to the old, original name). Since I use the -c command line option for my Retroarch emulator mappings in Launchbox to load and use a custom config, this process keeps things working. @cleverest, please try this process to see if it gets you where you want to be.
  7. Sure, put the zips here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UtN6WzOH2YQ5ghr42H2DPugVlNa6DATK?usp=sharing Let me know when I can download. Feel free to PM me.
  8. All, I just posted the results of our latest bezel pack to Github, Super Famicom. It isn't totally exhaustive, but along with the other SNES bezels, the total number is getting up there. The bezels are available using the original RetroPie Bezel Pack script and my beta app for Windows.
  9. If you are willing to do a couple more things, I'll see what I can figure out. Do you have your original Retroarch backup that works? If so, can you zip it up and host it somewhere so I can download it? I would like a zip of the non-working Retroarch install as well. I can install them both here and debug.
  10. Hmm, running out of ideas. Does overlays/Nintendo-Entertainment-System.cfg only have the original lines in it? See below: overlays = 1 overlay0_overlay = Nintendo-Entertainment-System.png overlay0_full_screen = true overlay0_descs = 0
  11. Yes, the NES bezel pack should install a Netopia directory and a FCEUmm directory under config with the game specific cfg files. I was talking about any cfg files with nestopia in the name. Do you only have the one in config? Any others lurking in some other subdirectory?
  12. It sounds like you have some game overrides saved, or a core override. I would search for all cfg files under your Retroarch directory and see what comes up nestopia related.
  13. Thanks. The only Retroarch option I see that might cause this is the config_save_on_exit option is set to false in the new cfg whereas it was set to true in the original nestopia_libretro.cfg file. My app doesn't change this variable, so I have no clue why it was changed. All I can recommend at this time is exit Retroarch, manually edit the new cfg and change the value for config_save_on_exit to true, save/exit, then see if this helps. Please let me know how you make out.
  14. Can you zip up your nestopia_libretro.cfg, retroarch.cfg and your original nestopia_libretro.cfg (you did backup like I said, right?) and attach it here so I can analyze things? I have never been able to replicate this problem here.
  15. Can you screen shot the option you are talking about? "Save configuration when exiting" doesn't ring a bell. I'm not at my dev machine at the moment.
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