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    Thanks so much for spending the time to package up your work. Much appreciated. This will save me a ton of time.
  1. Sure, I'll add these to my growing list! Not quite sure when I'll get them finished though. I'm juggling 4 different projects at the moment, but keep the requests flowing.
  2. These days, just about all of them! My hands aren't as responsive as they used to be. šŸ˜
  3. All, my Windows port of the Bezel Project RetroPie script has finally made it to release status. It can be downloaded from the project's Windows repository release page: https://github.com/thebezelprā€¦/BezelProject-Windows/releases It supports native MAME, Retroarch, RocketLauncher, and following external systems: Android, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, Playstation Vita.
  4. Hey, I just watched the same review on YouTube. I am VERY curious to hear about any real world thoughts by others. The customization software 8bitdo offers with the Pro+ looks like a good 1st generation attempt. I hope they change things in their next generation to be able to store more than one custom config in the controller. If I missed this feature, please let me know.
  5. Wow! What an effort and result. I plan on getting all this installed and running and running as my ISP data cap allows. Thanks doesn't start to communicate my l appreciation for your willingness to share all these resources.
  6. If you have an android phone, use Google translate to look at the Chinese text in real time via your phones camera. This works surprisingly well for me.
  7. This isn't specific to your hardware, but I'm curious if you have tried changing/choosing the settings in the Control Panel/Color Management area? You should also have the option to calibrate your display from there.
  8. Hold tight. I'm working on an official release. Should be ready in a few days.
  9. That's a great idea! I have one of their cabs as well. Shoot them an email with the suggestion. You never know. I'll do the same.
  10. No release date yet. We are in the process of going back and using default media for those games that have missing art, so we get better coverage. As you can imagine, it is time consuming. We aren't wasting time however. The project members want these available for our own marquee monitors as well, so the project is very active.
  11. I am on a project team that is currently in process of making marquee packs for many different systems. We don't have anything released as of yet, but below is a sample of the work so far.
  12. I have uploaded a new archive covering a total of 93 systems, including 8 new Commodore related assets.
  13. Thank you so much for this. I have tried getting FP installed and working in the past, but failed miserably. Your archive along with the URL of the pinsimdb site, which I didn't have in the past, should allow me more luck this time.
  14. Making some progress on the Commodore systems.
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