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  1. If you are adept at writing Windows batch files, you could create one that you call from Launchbox instead of the emulator directly. From within the batch file, parse the command line to know which rom you need, then use copy or xcopy to copy the file from the locally reference cloud location to some local directory. After the copy is done, call the emulator from the batch file and point it to the newly copied file(s).
  2. Funny, I had the same question because I want to upgrade my existing controller's joysticks to Happ, possibly. Hopefully someone with experience will jump in.
  3. You can start with this Vector list from the downloads section:
  4. MAME expects a certain format for the files it reads, so using ColEM format probably won't work. You need to find and try a different set of games which are usually called 'Software List' format.
  5. If you really want to find these, all I will say is Google is your friend!
  6. Have you searched the LaunchBox games DB? There should be one there.
  7. Have you checked permissions on the userid used to mount the share?
  8. If you read page one of this thread, there are step by step instructions by myself and ateb, using two similar approaches of manually integrating the files into a Windows based RetroArch installation.
  9. Most impressive work. I can't wait to see the new theme. Thanks for your contributions to the community. It is very appreciated.
  10. Looks like you are trying to write to Program Files, which is often not allowed unless the app has admin rights. Either try running the app as administrator, or change your output directory to another area, then copy the files back.
    Wow, what a great set of images. I have replaced all my banners with these. Fantastic job.
  11. All, my audit utility is ready for beta test. I have one tester now, but more would be better. Contact me via PM is interested in guiding the future of this build.
  12. Nope, shouldn't matter where your roms are. Mine are totally separate. I just tried numerous versions of Colem, and all let me cancel that initial requester. Have you tried a new, test install in a different directory to try and see what is going wrong?
  13. I'm a bit confused. I use that emulator and all I do to get back to the Input menu is hit the ESC key when it prompts to select a file. Does that not work on your end?
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