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  1. dragon57


    East Tennessee, USA!
  2. dragon57

    The Bezel Project Download Issues

    Looks like you are trying to write to Program Files, which is often not allowed unless the app has admin rights. Either try running the app as administrator, or change your output directory to another area, then copy the files back.
  3. dragon57

    Nebula Banners

    Wow, what a great set of images. I have replaced all my banners with these. Fantastic job.
  4. dragon57


    All, my audit utility is ready for beta test. I have one tester now, but more would be better. Contact me via PM is interested in guiding the future of this build.
  5. dragon57

    Can't change settings on Coleco vision (colem4.6)

    Nope, shouldn't matter where your roms are. Mine are totally separate. I just tried numerous versions of Colem, and all let me cancel that initial requester. Have you tried a new, test install in a different directory to try and see what is going wrong?
  6. dragon57

    Can't change settings on Coleco vision (colem4.6)

    I'm a bit confused. I use that emulator and all I do to get back to the Input menu is hit the ESC key when it prompts to select a file. Does that not work on your end?
  7. dragon57


    @Styphelus, @Chris Kant, @Kondorito, thanks for the interest in my utility. I will see what I can do to get it release ready. It currently serves my needs well, but it does have a couple of bugs that need addressed. I initially planned on asking for testers in the appropriate forum here, but real life intervened and required me to step back from this community a bit. Now that I know there is interest, I will continue with my effort. If any of you are interested in being a tester, please contact me via PM. I don't want to hijack this section any more than necessary. Thanks again for your interest.
  8. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    I just remembered I do happen to have the a number of templates for many other systems, including Gamecube, Nintendo 64, Wii, WiiU, and WiiWare. I have updated the zip file and contact sheets above.
  9. dragon57


    I ended up writing my own audit tool which breaks down all the images into their own category. I have never liked the way they are grouped together according to the rules setup in the LaunchBox Option panel. It also audits manuals, music, etc.
  10. dragon57


    I doubt you will get an answer. The original author hasn't been around for nearly two years. Have you tried using the now native audit too?
  11. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    I have had to step away from the scene for a while because of family commitments, so nothing from me for a while. I only posted my zip because I already had the files ready to go and wanted to help out. I use a combination of one off processing in Paintshop Pro, Autokustom, and some custom written ImageMagick scripts to create my logos.
  12. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    I have a number of blank templates posted in the download section, but not all in one place. Attached are what I have used in my own collection. Note: Many of these from from Viking's original archive, other user's archives, places around the 'net, plus my own creations. I gathered them here for ease of use only. Silver_Ring_Templates.zip
  13. dragon57


    The setup/update does overwrite files. If you are having issues doing an update, I would suspect an anti-virus app may be interfering/locking files. I have had this same issue on one of my systems in the past and at least for me, temporarily disabling my AV app before trying to update solved the issue.
  14. The links in the GameEx post still work, you just have to be logged in to the forum first before you can download.
  15. dragon57

    Making .bat file to copy and rename an image

    If you run my command without any edits from the Images directory, it should work fine. I have tested it here repeatedly.