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  1. dragon57

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    I have attached my 8ball.zip file which has the lay and bezel file in it. 8ball.zip
  2. dragon57


    Did you follow the installation instructions to unblock the dll files?
  3. dragon57

    Noob Question: Resizing Box Art

    Irfanview and XnView are other good free programs. https://www.irfanview.com/ https://www.xnview.com/en/
  4. dragon57

    Unified Redux

    You should be able to download it from within LaunchBox. A Unified platform theme video shows up in the list.
  5. dragon57

    Questions About Windows 10 For LaunchBox Performance

    Honestly, the vast majority of those utilities that claim to 'tune' your OS installation just cause more trouble than they are worth. When others come to me about Windows 10 tuning, I only reference two things. I carefully use the O&O Windows 10 Shutup app and Black Vipers service listings for the OS you are tuning. Even then, you must be careful what you disable. Read up on each thing you turn off/disable before you do it.
  6. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    All, I have updated the archive with the past and most recent requests. You can get it here:
  7. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @sundogak Good catch. I'll add these to my work load queue. This may take a few days. I have other commitments ahead of these.
  8. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @GamerHere you go.
  9. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Here is mine.
  10. dragon57

    Bezel Project! A custom bezel for every ROM!

    FYI, the TurboGrafx 16 bezel set does not exist yet. It is next on the agenda.
  11. dragon57

    Some games not loading from mapped network drive

    It is going to be quite difficult to get help without some type of error message. You would just be shooting in the dark. A couple of things I can think of to test are: 1. make sure the permissions to the network location are correct. 2. Try starting a game from the network share via the command line using the emulator setup in LaunchBox. You may see a message that is hidden otherwise.
  12. dragon57

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Here are mine.
  13. I play my games on very large screens, so I generally use bezels to take up some of that space. It is hard enough to get large display output to look half way decent in old games anyway, so I am not a fan of stretching the output. I used to use Rocket Launcher for everything. I even wrote my own modules. I made that guy sing and dance! Having said that, I ripped it out of my cab not too long ago because the effort to keep things working was just too much. I now use MAME and Retroarch for the majority of my systems with the built in bezel functions. I am much happier now. I also use the built in support for CHD file format in Retroarch when available, so I don't have to wait on large extraction times. There is work to support the latest CHD format (V5 at the time of this post) in more and more cores, so needing to use an old version of chdman will hopefully go away soon. For those systems that don't support bezels, I wrote my own simple bezel code that works well for me. The only feature I miss from Rocket Launcher is pause support. I would like the ability to display controller button assignments either from a database, or just static jpb/png files. I could probably extend my bezel code for this, but since I knew work would eventually be considered for LB/BB, I have held off.
  14. dragon57


    NIB files aren't supported in any emulators as far as I know. See this for further info:
  15. dragon57

    Video Pinball FX2

    There are three different platform type videos available for PinBall FX2 from the LaunchBox "Download Platform/Playlisst Theme Videos" choice in Options.