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  1. The Windows app tries to edit any existing core cfg files under ...\retroarch\config to do exactly what you asked. If for some reason that isn't working, you can manually use the Retroarch gui to set this. Start Retroarch with a game running for the console you want to affect. Hit F1 to return to the gui, then make sure you are in "Quick Settings", scroll down to "Onscreen Overlay" and select it, scroll down to "Overlay Preset" and select it. You can then navigate to the overlays directory under the Retroarch installation directory. You should have cfg files there you can select to set a default bezel.
  2. I use WinSize2 to handle automatic resizing and placement of windows, pop-ups, etc. It works great for the 'Manage Emulators', and other LB windows. http://winsize2.sourceforge.net/en/index.html
  3. Each directory requestor that pops up when you are selecting a directory displays what you should select. Example for Retroarch below. You should always select the install/parent directory unless directed otherwise.
  4. Totally agree. Features are great, but the boring stuff behind the scenes that allow more 3rd party support, expansion, features, etc. Appreciate your efforts, as always.
  5. Sorry, I was referring to the Attract Mode front-end. It is similar to BigBox, http://attractmode.org/
  6. I use it for LaunchBox, my Attract Mode and Emulation Station installs. Generally I feel it works better than the built in LB scraper, but your mileage may vary. No database will probably ever be totally complete. Be aware the free account is limited in the amount per day you can scrape, but unless you plan on scraping 24x7, you will probably never hit the limit.
  7. Those paths look fine. Not sure what is going on. Like you said, it should just work. Hmm, have you verified the core directory names under d:\console\launchbox\emulators\retroarch\config match the core you are actually using for each console? That is the second naming convention that must match in addition to the cfg/rom names combo.
  8. A few questions. What version of Retroarch are you running? What is the exact path where your retroarch.exe is located? In the Bezel Project installer, is the Retroarch directory under Preferences the same as the exact path where retroarch.exe is located?
  9. Holy moly! I've been waiting on something like this. I did a private proof on concept very similar to this long ago, but never went as far as you have (because LIFE!). Can't wait to see this, and how it can be extended to other platforms/emus. Thanks so much for the excitement.
  10. Is your BenQ monitor aspect ration 4:3? If so, that is your issue. The bezels are made for a 16:9 ratio on wide screen monitors only.
  11. Yes, you will still display the bezels. The bezels are built for 16:9 landscape mode, so I would disable/remove them if you plan on using portrait mode.
  12. I'm running 2004 here with no issues, but 2004 does have issues on certain hardware combos. Having said that, if you update and notice any problems, just roll back to the previous release of Windows. Make a backup first!
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