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  1. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the proper way to update romsets in launchbox. For example if I download a full set and don't know exactly what has been updated/added...is there a way to update the set in Launchbox without manually looking at each file? Or, would it be better if I learn how to use the other 3rd party tools to compare romsets. I know launchbox won't install duplicates, but if that duplicate has been updated, then i would want it copied over. Keep in mind, I have never used the mame dat files in the past, I have always just imported in a full set. I am hoping that launchbox can do this so i can avoid this step.
  2. My playlists are a mess. Is there an easy way to delete them all and start over from scratch? With the new update, I want to start using the nested lists.
  3. Thanks! Excellent theme.
  4. Can someone identify the theme at 0:50? I would like to check it out and try it.
  5. Fairly new to Launchbox, can someone tell me what files are essential to backup? or should i just backup everything? Wanting to try out the beta.
  6. Thanks for the info, sounds like No-Intro and Redump are good starting points.
  7. When last i looked into emulation there were no sets. It was just game dumps and that was it (showing my age, I know). What I am wondering is about the different sets that are out there. I have seen different ones like tosec, nointro and nongood(I think). I have seen different descriptions on each so i think I understand them. But I am having trouble deciding which to get. What i am looking for is all US based games. But then there are alot of games that aren't released in US that I would also like to try...final fantasy series for example. Is there a set that covers this as complete as possible?
  8. you have to figure out what your monitor is...but I did this just by trial and error. for a triple monitor set up, monitor numbers start with 0 (primary), 1 (secondary), 2 (third). below is what I did to make it work for me.
  9. is it added here on this screen? if so, can you tell me what the command would be? maybe just add "-screen \\DISPLAY1"? thanks
  10. There are so many options in this program, I keep stumbling across things just as I think i have it figured out. Glad I didn't have to start over. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and for the tip about the media.
  11. Could I also uncheck the highlighted option? I assume that will keep the "playlist" but remove it from the "platform" list
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