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  1. It's been a while since I last used my computer for emulation. but getting back in to it now. I was looking forward to playing some rounds of Primal Rage, but was surprised to find it wasn't there. I decided to start again with arcade ROMs and chose to import a new full set (0.219). When doing so, I noticed that Primal Rage wasn't shown in the list of games to be imported. I confirmed the ROMs were there. Any ideas here? I have the latest MAME binary and running the latest official release of Launchbox. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. EDIT: Figured it out. I didn't realize Primal Rage was still not marked as 'playable' in MAME.
  2. Removed question, because I'm an idiot I didn't copy the unified video to the correct directory.
  3. I'm considering purchasing LaunchBox Premium, but there's something I'd like to know first. There are other emulator front-ends I've purchased over the years, which are a significant pain to pick up and move a configuration from one system to another. I'm wondering what the experience would be like with LaunchBox and Big Box. For example, let's say I get everything set up the way I like it on my desktop. Can I easily copy all my settings to my GPD Win2, so I have the exact same config for home and on the road?
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