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  1. Yeah, it does, including the Capcom Classic etc. playlists! Thanks!
  2. Just a heads up, I reimported my MAME full set and clicked the option to have the playlists auto generated (the ones it would allow) but it appears that LB didn't make any playlists. The Playlist folder is still empty. @Jason Carr
  3. Awesome, I'm excited for 9.0 (8.95?) I'll make sure to come back here and let you know of any other restrictions if I find them. But as it is, it's pretty damn great. In the meantime, has anyone uploaded the .xml files of those playlists? It would be an easy quick fix for now.
  4. For anyone wondering if they should reimport their MAME fullset with the free launchbox version in order to take advantage of the auto-generated playlists: It now has the functionality to make playlists for 2 & 4 players and Genres, however specific playlists like "Capcom Classics" are still only for premium users (though you can always make them yourself after importing). Thank you to the Launchbox team for adding playlists for free users!
  5. Awesome Thanks @Jason Carr! but how do I force an update? Or will I have to reinstall? (Don't want to do that because I have a lot of games in different folders and that would mean a lot of work adding them back) EDIT: oh, nevermind. I misunderstood at first, I get it now. Thanks!
  6. Great news, but I'm having one issue. " All playlist features are now available for free users instead of only for premium users " Doesn't appear to be true. Whenever I try to create a playlist, is still says its only available for premium users. I love Launchbox and it has more than enough features for free users, so I certainly don't mind playlists and other features being behind the paywall. But I was excited when I saw the change log saying playlists were being added for us broke-ass users. Maybe the "playlist features" is referring to something other than adding playlists? In any case, I have attached a Gif of me trying and failing to add a game to a playlist. Sorry for the small image, was trying to reduce the file size, but as you are familiar with Launchbox, it should suffice. It is the same dialog box that was in the last version. Regardless, with or without playlists, I'd like to take this time in my first post to thank the developers for a great application!
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