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  1. Lordmonkus

    (Solved)Problem with forever-upgrades lisense

    Good to hear you got it worked out.
  2. Lordmonkus

    (Solved)Problem with forever-upgrades lisense

    You can email support@unbrokensoftware.com if you have questions regarding your license.
  3. Lordmonkus

    Sega 32x loading wrong core

    No problem, that was a weird issue you were having, i've never seen that one before at all.
  4. Lordmonkus

    Sega 32x loading wrong core

    Try removing the Jaguar entry from the Associated Platforms window, see if that fixes it.
  5. Lordmonkus

    Sega 32x loading wrong core

    If you have the Pico core downloaded and in your Retroarch\cores folder then it should be available in the drop down menu.
  6. Lordmonkus

    Mixing favorite games from various platform in one list?

    Create an auto populated playlist and select favourites and the platforms you want in the fields.
  7. Lordmonkus

    Some nooby questions

    Nope. Some extra cosmetic features mainly and some extra scripting that makes some of the more difficult emulators a little easier to setup but that is the rarity. There is no trial but if you find it's not working the way you expect it to you can ask for a refund, Jason is very good about providing them to people. Extremely active, Jason works on it full time as his job, this isn't a hobby for him. Well I guess it's is hobby cause he loves but he gets paid to do it, It's not a side project for him at all. This is the short list of the current things being worked on right now, once these are done Jason will put out a poll which will have all sorts of new features for people to vote on for the next year or so.
  8. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    Ok, that makes more sense and I would suggest submitting a feature request for it here: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/new
  9. Lordmonkus

    Brand Newbie

    PS2 is still easy to find, XBox is about the same as it always was but PS3 is and always was difficult because technically speaking they are still "new" games so sites are not so inclined to have them. They are out there though.
  10. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    This is already doable unless either I am completely misunderstanding what you are asking for or you aren't explaining it properly. I did a test here where selected a bunch of games and started up the bulk edit tool. I then typed in a custom genre simply called "Generic Game" just as an example. From there I could then select multiple genres from the drop down menu to go along with it, I tagged Action just as an example.I finished out the bulk edit wizard and checked a game and sure enough it had both genres associated to it. Like I said, maybe i'm misunderstanding what you are asking for or you aren't explaining this correctly but based on what you are saying this is already very much doable.
  11. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    Feel free to submit a feature request. Feel free to make your own custom genres in LB and edit your games to suit your needs.
  12. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    Yeah, how would you propose you bulk edit games and each one have different genres ?
  13. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    You can select multiple genres in the bulk edit wizard.
  14. Lordmonkus

    Better genres

    Your guess is as good as anyones, this is just how the naming of gaming genres is going to be with so many different genres and cross over of genres. To go along with this if anyone tried to come up with some sort of "Official Genres" you would have a massive debate over what games fit into what genre. Fortunately in Launchbox you can edit each game and it's genre tags to suit your opinions and you can even type in your own custom genre if you like.
  15. Lordmonkus


    Enabling HLSL is just a simple matter of setting hlsl_enable to 1 in the mame.ini file. I would suggest trying out an official Mame build rather than your own compiled one just to atleast see if that works.