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  1. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    I actually bought a Saturn on release day and it was fine but sadly not supported very well here, it was very well supported in Japan and that's where the bulk of the best games are. As for derailing this thread, that's fine, this is the most interesting discussion in any release log thread to date lol.
  2. Retroacheivments coming soon, questions and stuff

    Oh yeah, I forgot it's not only emulator dependent but also game.
  3. I don't think it auto backups every time you load Launchbox, I think it makes a backup when you make changes. Anyways, this is a question for @Jason Carr
  4. Your best bet is to simply make an occasional back up of your \Data folder or if you don't mind the drive space your entire LB folder.
  5. Retroacheivments coming soon, questions and stuff

    Genesis is a known issue right now due to a problem on the API side, the devs over on Retroachievements are working on it. I am not aware of any issue with the PC Engine though, are you using a supported emulator for it such as Retroarch or the one on their website ? Downloads for supported emulators if not using Retroarch http://retroachievements.org/download.php
  6. \Launchbox\Data and \Launchbox\Backups \Data is where the currently used files are located and backups are stored in the \Backups folder. If you want to restore from a backup simply copy over the backup you want to use and change the name to emulators.xml. Remove the date part of the name because that is there so you know which is the most recent backup.
  7. Look in your Data folder for an emulators.xml file, that contains all the relevant info for that and there are backups for it in the Backups folder.
  8. If you are talking about config files for Retroarch itself, no, not at all. The only "config files" Launchbox has or touches are Launchboxes own platform .xml files.
  9. Launchbox doesn't touch your emulators install folders or files at all beyond loading them. It doesn't modify or move them or anything like that at all.
  10. Sound problem

    Glad you got it sorted.
  11. All your configs should still be there if Retroarch was never uninstalled or re-installed, those are all within the RA folder. I don't know, it's never happened to me and your post about such an issue is the first I have seen. Could be a bug in Launchbox or it's possible you did something or maybe Windows did something screwy.
  12. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    Looking back with hindsight and emulation since that is why we are all here who cares about arcade ports ? we got, for all intents and purposes perfect arcade emulation. Outside of that there is a small selection of great console exclusives but it's a small selection. I don't think the Saturn is any better or any worse than what people think of it now as it sits, the Saturn got a lot more hate back in the day but now it gets plenty of love but still has serious flaws. I don't think the system is under rated or over rated at all.
  13. You can simply re-add Retroarch to your emulators in the Manage Emulators window and then go to the systems you want to use RA with and use the bulk edit tool to change the emulator. Select all the games, right click and edit, this will open the bulk edit tool, choose emulator and the emulator you want to use for those games.
  14. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    I don't agree that it's under rated, in fact I agree that it gets the hate it deserves. Sega dropped the ball with it big time and it was a suck ass system here in North America, it had awful game support and it was a difficult system to program for. Looking back at it now and the fact we can emulate it rather than deal with it and trying to track down the small handful of "good" games it has makes it look much better in hindsight.
  15. Launchbox 7.15 Released - Change Log

    I definitely have a love / hate relationship with the 32X and Saturn. I love to hate the 32X cause it was a real turd (yes I owned one) and the Saturn could have been good if it had been supported here in North America.