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  1. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    There is a grid view already, theme makers just need to theme that view to make it better.
  2. Lordmonkus

    Best Graphics Card ?

    Nvidia all the way, AMD cards have garbage OpenGL drivers which potentially causes bugs and performance problems and a lot of emulators use OpenGL.
  3. Lordmonkus

    Default HyperSpin Sound Pack

    That's what the BitBucket page is for, submit feature requests and look for ones that have been suggested already and vote for the ones they like. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues?status=new&status=open&page=1
  4. Lordmonkus

    Importing links /shortcuts

    Dragging and dropping works fine for me using the latest beta and has never been a problem with any build for me.
  5. Lordmonkus

    Mame HLSL ver 2

    Yeah try an official build and see if that works for you, your system should be compatible with it. I thought maybe you were using some sort of onboard graphics chip or something that might have issues.
  6. Lordmonkus

    Mame HLSL ver 2

    If it's crashing then it's most likely a video driver issue, possibly your video card or chipset doesn't support it.
  7. Lordmonkus

    My new cabinet

    Your money and you can do whatever you want with it but no one should be paying money for roms from anyone. These can all be gotten for free online, all you are doing putting money in the hands of pirates and contributing to a detrimental scummy side of the emulation scene.
  8. Lordmonkus

    Save game in LaunchBox

    This is all done in the emulator. Normally what happens is the emulator creates an sram save file when you save the game using the in game save like on real hardware. There are also save states and the way you do this is dependent upon how the emulator does it. Retroarch does allow for mapping a save state button combo or you can use the Quick Menu to manage your save states. Retroarch has the best save state management, other emulators are hit and miss.
  9. Lordmonkus

    New MAME importer

    It uses the latest Mame database and will update every month so yeah if your rom set is older you will get games that are not in your set. With an older rom set you are better off using the old import method.
  10. Lordmonkus

    Mame HLSL ver 2

    Have you run Mame to generate files ? Run the Mame executable with the command line parameter -cc mame64.exe -cc
  11. Lordmonkus

    Launchbox.Next left column sizing

    It's hard coded, I tried to change it when I made my LBN theme Bad Old Monkey. I'll tag @Jason Carr so he might answer it for you with a better answer than I am able to provide, I just remember there was a problem before of it breaking and causing a major issue so it had to have a locked minimum.
  12. Lordmonkus

    Launchbox.Next left column sizing

    That size has a hard coded minimum for a reason, I asked Jason about this before cause I wanted to make it smaller as well but it's set that way to prevent breakage.
  13. Lordmonkus

    Mame HLSL ver 2

    No idea, I have never seen a Mame install not have those folders. Are you using a newer build or an old one ?
  14. Lordmonkus

    PCSX2 Configurator Next

    Awesome job, so glad we have this here, makes life with PCSX2 so much easier.