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  1. Lordmonkus

    Atomiswave emulator: which is the best emulator?

    Demul gets updates even though they aren't as regular as Reicast or Redream. Last update on EmuCR was in April of last year.
  2. In my console / computer setup for Mame I just throw all my bios in the \roms folder of the Mame install, that way I don't have to do any rompath editing all.
  3. That is very odd indeed if you are 100% certain that your rompath and bios are correct. The only reason I have 197 is just because it was the last version I bothered to setup and have not bothered upgrading it.
  4. I have Colecovision working using stand alone Mame, I have a separate install of Mame 197 setup specifically for console and computer emulation and I just tested War Games from the No Intro rom set with the .col file extension and it works perfectly fine using the coleco -cart command line parameter. Also tested with the RA MSX core and it works there too.
  5. Lordmonkus

    Categorizing consoles

    Platform Categories already do this for you obviously along with Platforms in general but yes you can go even further with sub categories using playlists.
  6. Lordmonkus

    strange problem

    PJ64 will run better on lower end hardware but M64p is the better emulator and easier to get working. As for your plugin not initialized error message you will have see what you can find on their forums or on the internet for a solution.
  7. Lordmonkus

    strange problem

    This sounds like an incompatibility with a PJ64 plugin and your PC. I would like to suggest you try out M64p as an N64 emulator, it is much more user friendly out of the box. https://m64p.github.io/
  8. Lordmonkus

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    My recommendation is to use the latest full romset you have and get the version of Mame for that rom set from the Mame website.
  9. Lordmonkus

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    The same way you find a needle in a haystack unfortunately.
  10. Lordmonkus

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    Ok. You have 2 different rom sets, this is where the problem is then. You really should have 1 set only and work with it and you should use the version of Mame that matches your rom set. If you have different versions you will start to run into rom incompatibility.
  11. Lordmonkus

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    If a few games aren't working then it is most likely the rom is not compatible with the emulator version. I am also a little confused here, are you using the Mame core in RA or stand alone Mame ?
  12. Lordmonkus

    Creating a custom tab

    When you say "tab" do you mean platform or playlist ? If you mean platform, did you make an associated platform for the emulator/s you want to use ? Also if you did mean platform you should be using playlists for this, this is precisely what playlists were made for, so you could have "tabs" of games from different platforms without having to configure an emulator for it other than the platform those game were imported for in the first place.
  13. Lordmonkus

    MAMEs working but not in LB

    Is your mame.ini file located in your Mame folder at the same place as your Mame executable ? If it is not look in in the \ini folder of your Mame install and move it out to the main folder.
  14. Lordmonkus

    Favorite/Best Shmups Discussion

    Yeah it's cutesy but it's the best cutesy shmup I have played, the gameplay is 100% solid. Yeah MUSHA isn't a super rare game but it's also no super common either. It ain't Super Mario World or Sonic common, it's more like a medium rare game and the reason you see them for sale is the price, people want to make that money. Like I said, I have been tempted to sell my copy because of that price tag, if it were only a 50-100$ game that thought wouldn't even enter my mind.
  15. Lordmonkus

    Favorite/Best Shmups Discussion

    Yeah Deathsmiles is great though it's a tad on the easy side until you get to the last stage. One game I forgot on my list is Harmful Park for the Playstation, that game is so good. It is expensive but if people didn't pay those prices then they wouldn't be sold at those prices and it's one of those games that get those prices because it is just that good. Now I am not saying it is worth the price of admission but it is worth quite a bit. I keep thinking of selling my copy but then I always decide against it, I have had my copy since it came out so there will be no selling it now.