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  1. In the video settings set the aspect ratio to 16:9 and turn off integer scaling, this will display your games fullscreen and stretched.
  2. Do you have any other PCE CD games imported or is it just those 2 ? If the others work then those 2 should work if they work in RA on its own unless you have something checked or unchecked that shouldn't be or something else is wrong for those 2 games in LB.
  3. In the case of Godzilla it sounds like you don't have the game set to use any emulator so it's just opening the cue file like any normal windows file. As for Rondo of Blood the only thing I can think of is something else is out of whack or you cue file is weird cause both of those games work fine for me and many others.
  4. We occasionally do a prune to remove inactive members to help prevent any potentially malicious bots in the channel.
  5. A Linux version has been looked into and right now it just isn't feasible for Jason to put time into it, maybe at some point in the future he will.
  6. You can add any missing platform and cores you need or want to.
  7. You can download all the cores you need using the Online Updater in Retroarch itself.
  8. Lordmonkus

    NeoGeo and SNES

    Maybe a shader is being loaded that is incompatibe with the video driver being used with those cores. That is a common cause of black screens.
  9. Version 10.0 - Released September 9, 2019 - New Feature: A new Export to Android wizard is now available under the tools menu, and with it a brand new Android app is available in beta form from the Google Play Store! Just search for LaunchBox on the Google Play Store. - Fixed: The PrioritizedPathSelector control that is used in a number of Big Box themes has been fixed to ignore characters in titles that are invalid in the file system - Fixed: The LEDBlinky implementation was throwing errors if you happen to have invalid characters in game file paths - Fixed: When scanning for added ROMs, LaunchBox was not properly using the default emulator on the added games (was using the first emulator found for that platform instead) - Fixed: Potential errors when loading up empty platforms in Big Box - Fixed: Platforms with mismatched capitalization (Nintendo Entertainment System vs. Nintendo entertainment system) were sometimes causing games to not show up in Big Box - Fixed: Big Box was erroring in some situations for games without any platform set (and possibly no games found situations)
  10. Just like with Mame the sets don't have to match but if they don't you may run into certain games not working.
  11. LB imports what you tell it to, for example if you just want all the .cue files which is typical for CD based systems then you only import those by putting : *.cue in the search box in your file manager.
  12. You only want to import the files that the emulator needs to load, you don't import every file.
  13. It's is probably re-caching the images which does happen when you resize the spacing and size in LB.
  14. Rapid Reload is the European name, do you have the PAL version of the game ? I imported the Japanese version and it was found and scraped as Gunner's Heaven. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapid_Reload
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