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  1. You could have just attached it to a post in bbweiners thread if you wanted it there.
  2. Lordmonkus

    MAME Roms not Loading

    Whatever happened it's a simple fix at least and not a big deal.
  3. Lordmonkus

    MAME Roms not Loading

    Yeah, this is a weird one because it's something that changed in MameUI at some point but not sure when. I have used an older version (154 i think it was) and it was perfectly fine without moving the mame.ini file. I have long since switched to the command line version and manually generate my mame.ini file in the main folder where the executable is located.
  4. Lordmonkus

    Illegal boolean value for sound; reverting to 0

    They don't unfortunately.
  5. Lordmonkus

    Illegal boolean value for sound; reverting to 0

    My advice would be to just get a new and updated rom set and Mame build to go along with it, that would be the simplest.
  6. Lordmonkus

    Illegal boolean value for sound; reverting to 0

    I have never seen that error and a quick Google search turns up nothing. My first and only guess at this point in time would be something with the version of Mame you are using not liking the idea of launching a rom via command line. That is purely a guess though.
  7. Lordmonkus

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    Double check your Associated Platforms window of your Retroarch emulator, I just checked mine and the Sega Dreamcast platform was missing though I am not sure if it was there or not. I have been messing around with a fresh and clean install so it is quite possible I didn't have it setup to use RA. It could be a bug though that removed the Sega Dreamcast Associated Platform for Retroarch, it would be strange if it was but I have seen weirder.
  8. Lordmonkus

    8.4-beta-1 Released

    This is your analog stick on the controller not being centered. Works perfectly fine for me. Check your settings in LB, make sure your associated platform is correct and you have the proper core selected.
  9. Lordmonkus

    SNES MSU-1 CD Case & Disc Icons

    Hiya PittStone and welcome to the forums, I saw the name and remembered you did some PCM tracks for some games.
  10. Lordmonkus

    Retroarch in Launchbox

    Not at the moment.
  11. Lordmonkus

    SNES MSU-1 Cover Art

    Captain Commando MSU has been released and Sunset Riders is coming so here is some covers for them. https://www.zeldix.net/t1749-captain-commando
  12. Lordmonkus

    None of my ROMS are launching

    In the edit emulator window for an emulator check the Associated Platforms tab and make sure your platform names match there. Honestly, you used a 3rd party program that makes changes to the xml files, any number of things could have been changed or broken.
  13. Lordmonkus

    None of my ROMS are launching

    Without knowing what sort of errors you are getting or if you are getting any at all check your rom paths, emulators, platform names and all the other usuals.
  14. Lordmonkus

    No intro video

    Yeah the old way of doing it was the way you described it but it has since been changed so you can have multiple videos and if you have more than 1 video in the folder it will pick a random one at startup.
  15. Lordmonkus

    No intro video

    Make a folder in your /launchbox/videos folder called Startup and put your video in there, it can be called whatever you want.