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  1. Not right now but this has been asked for and I believe (but not 100% certain) that there is a bitbucket request for it. Feel free to submit one if there isn't with the Issues/Requests link at the top of the site.
  2. Curved is a gimmick anyways, so that I wouldn't even care about. I would still say the real benefit of a G-Sync (or Freesync) is the low input latency and variable refresh rate in Mame. The ability to turn off V-Sync and still have butter smooth scrolling with the games running at their proper speed is very big. With a 1080p display you can still use integer scaling, you will just have some noticeable black bars at the top and bottom of the screen that are 60 pixels each. Input lag is going to come down to your personal tolerance for it. Some people are very sensitive to it and others not so much but a TV does have more input latency than a monitor so a 1440 60 Hz would be better than a TV. If you are going to abandon the G-Sync idea then look into the BenQ gaming monitors, they are known for their low input lag.
  3. There are a couple of ways to create a platform and import windows programs to it but the simplest way to start is in desktop Launchbox mode simply go to Game at the top and then Add. This will bring up this window.In title type in the name you want the app to be called in Launchbox such as Web Browser. In the platform box type in the name of the browser type in what you want the platform to be called such as Windows Apps and the in the Application Path browse to the executable file or shortcut file for your web browser. Now you will see that you have a platform on the left called Windows Apps (or whatever you want to call it) and a shortcut to your browser. As for the rest of what you are asking that is outside the scope of Launchbox on it it's own since it is meant to be a game launcher and not a UI replacement for Windows but with some extra stuff like Controller Companion which I linked above you can massage it into that if you really wanted to.
  4. Uncheck "Hide Taskbar" in Bigbox > Options > General Another option if you want to do it is to create a platform and put shortcuts to programs such as your web browser and other programs you may want to use. If you need further functional control over your computer with your controller you may want to look into something like the software "Controller Companion" available on Steam for a couple of bucks http://store.steampowered.com/app/367670/Controller_Companion/
  5. I can't find it now but there was a post a while back where someone got it looking very close to Steam and in the current beta builds the beginnings of a "grid" or "wall" view is implemented for BigBox mode.
  6. Locking this thread right now.
  7. Ok, but it's still not a Launchbox flaw or bug. No matter how much you think it is or want to be, it just isn't.
  8. Well I am glad you got it sorted but the ini file isn't even looked at by Launchbox so that has nothing to do with Launchbox.
  9. I had the North American SNES and I can say the Euro / Japan one looks better No nostalgic emotions attached at all.
  10. Yeah the Euro / Japan design is much better looking.
  11. Yeah, here in Canada I see them on the buy and sell sites for 200-300% mark up. Fuck that.
  12. No problem, glad you got it sorted out.
  13. Does your controller show up in the Gamepad section of Launchbox ?I don't have any experience with an XBox One controller but I have had zero issues with my 360 controller or my Hori Fight Commander and wireless Logitech controllers. Hopefully someone with an XBox One controller can provide some insight.
  14. Yeah, I hope it's more available other than lining up at 6am for the one day a store gets like 6 in stock and scooped up instantly. I really wanted an NES Classic but not enough to line up at 6am or pay scalper prices and I won't be doing that for the SNES Classic if the same thing happens. I have my emulators and I am fine with them.