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  1. To be 100% honest with you here, these drive sellers sell games they are not legally allowed to sell, they sell emulators they are not allowed to sell, they sell peoples art work which they are not allowed to sell and quite often these drive sellers sell frontends and Launchbox licenses they are not allowed to sell. Anyone willing to help you out with your problem here is going to be getting themselves into A LOT of work trying to unravel the mess that is one of these drives because they are always setup in a very complicated and convoluted way. For someone to sit and help unravel and fix the problems for each and every system is going to require a lot of time which if you are willing to pay for is going to cost you a lot of money. We have a great many tutorial videos on the Launchbox YouTube channel to get people up and running, we also have many written guides here on the forums and on top of that we have the discord channel where we help people but we will not help people sort out of a pre loaded drive, I am sorry but we are not tech support for these thieves. This is a tinkerers hobby, we can help simplify it but you will need to get your hands dirty. There is no short cut to fixing a pre loaded drive from one of these shady dealers. Sadly you are just another person to fall for their promise of an "easy turn key solution", they lied.
  2. Glad you got it figured out. They both need to match up, it's easier to change the name in the Associated Platforms list than the actual platform name.
  3. Make sure your platform name matches the one in the associated platforms in the edit emulator window in Retroarch, also make sure that the correct core is selected in the associated platforms.
  4. Remove the command line parameters it definitely is breaking things. Another thing that could be breaking things as well is I notice you are French, check that your rom and emulator paths do not contain any accented characters, this will break things as well.
  5. If you bought a forever license it is good forever. If you bought a 1 year license it is good forever up to the latest version that it was valid for, if you downloaded a version of LB that is newer than the last version it was valid for it wouldn't work and you will need to email support@unbrokensoftware and they will get you an installer for the version your license is good for.
  6. Yes. You want to be in Platform Category mode using the drop down menu on the left hand side of Launchbox. From here you can right click and make a New Category, then you can right click playlists and platforms and edit them, go to the Parents tab and there you set which categories each platform and playlist shows under, you can set them to appear under multiple.
  7. Wow, you said a lot of stuff here so i'll pick out a couple of things that stuck out to me. A full set is not 233GB unless you get into the CHDs as well or use the Non Merged set which is pointless if you are using the full set. That all depends on what you want but there is some newer stuff in the later versions that is extremely good. Newer versions are more accurate and have more games, it's up to the end user if that matters or not. The RA cores are very good but I find stand alone Mame better. You don't have to keep updating if you don't want to, Nothing is preventing you from just freezing your rom set and Mame version. Don't update the core if you don't want to. I like the 2003 Plus core, it has some very good game backported and supports Netplay. At the end of the say it's down to personal preference and end users needs and there is way too much to unpack here to make a side by side comparison of games, features and improvements.
  8. The platform you have set in the Associated Platforms tab of the Edit Emulator menu needs to match the name of the platform your games are imported under.
  9. In your 2nd screenshot you don't have the mame 2003 plus core selected, you have the mame core which is based off the latest version of mame.Also, I see in your Associated Platforms you have the platform name as mame, is this the same name as you have imported your games to ? If you look at the screenshot I just posted you will see I have the mame2003_plus core selected using the dropdown menu and the platform name is MameNetplay which is where those games are imported to, those names need to match.
  10. Do your games work in Retroarch on its own ? If no then your roms are not compatible with the Mame core you are using. If yes then you have something setup incorrectly in Launchbox and we would need some screenshots to help find the issue. We would need screenshots of your Edit Emulator screen for the Retroarch emulator entry and the Associated Platforms tab of the same window.
  11. No but we have a lot of video tutorials, this here forum board and discord to help in any way we can. There are constant changes being made so making a manual would be extremely difficult and time consuming.
  12. It may just be emulation quality of those games, 3DS emulation is still very much a work in progress and many games are hit and miss on how well they work, the emulator also requires a fairly good CPU to run smoothly.
  13. Lordmonkus

    Price Region

    Locking this thread here, we don't need 2 threads about price.
  14. Personally, zero. If this thread gets to the point of telling people that "they are poor and can't afford it" or other stupid crap then I will lock it down. For what it's worth I also believe that Jasons new price is way too much money and we all know I am a supporter of Jason and Launchbox or else I wouldn't have been here for as long as I have and helping out. But Jason needs to charge what makes sense to him to support his family, run the business and make a wage that makes sense for him. If he doesn't then he may as well go work for someone else. If people don't buy the license because of the price then Jason will either have to lower his price or quit doing it. Either buy the license or use another front end, it's as simple as that. Complaining about the price is silly and being condescending to someone because they think the price is too high is equally silly.
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