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  1. Changing your Licensed to name

    Send an email to support@unbrokensoftware.com that will get seen and addressed much faster than personal message, or use the License Support under the Help & Support at the top of the website. It is a different form of DRM, one that does not interfere with the end users ability to use it on as many systems as they like but at the same time protecting from mass license sharing as much as it can. We have had instances in the past where people have shared their license and it was then blacklisted and blocked from updating.
  2. Changing your Licensed to name

    You can ask for a refund with an email to support@unbrokensoftware.com and like @neil9000 said there have been exceptions in the past where name changes have been allowed for streaming and youtube. But I think you saying it makes it difficult to recommend the software or bad common sense because it shows the persons name is more than a bit hyperbolic. It's there for a reason, it makes it easier to prevent license sharing and to verify a license is legitimate.
  3. Changing your Licensed to name

    Feel free to contact support about license issues.
  4. Pcsx2 and shaders

    ReShade does work but if someone is expecting Retroarch like results then they should expect to put in a lot of work manually tweaking things to get a desired effect. And you certainly won't be replicating a decent CRT effect like the Retroarch CRT shaders.
  5. BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    @syntax_X Performance was a problem with extremely large libraries and since then @Jason Carr has worked on and improved the performance by quite a large amount. I have taken some time to look over your post history and listened to complaints from other users and decided that you are no longer welcomed here. You can take your smug arrogance elsewhere and perhaps you can program a front end that does everything that Launchbox does and runs on a toaster as well.
  6. DEMUL No fullscreen

    Demul is a pain in the ass for everyone but unfortunately it is the best overall Dreamcast emulator we got for now, hopefully Redream can replace it soon.
  7. DEMUL No fullscreen

    I guess that could be possible but I really don't know, I wouldn't think that would cause that issue though.
  8. BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    @syntax_X If you are only going to shitpost like this I will ban you. You have been handed 2 warnings before for abusive behaviour and this latest post from you is just more of the same old from you. Perhaps you missed the part where I said that library size is no longer a factor, we have users now with in excess of 50,000 games in their library and no issues. @Boomerps2 If you don't think that Launchbox is for you then feel free to email and ask for a refund. Many of us around here use Launchbox daily on more than 1 computer with no performance issues on relatively modern systems. I personally have it installed on 2 systems with the specs listed in the very first post of this thread and it works great. Admittedly my 2nd HTPC system is quite old and I do have to make tweaks as well as keep my library streamlined to get LB running well on it. But on my main gaming PC which is not high end at all by todays standards it runs flawlessly with over 11,000 games. Your issues may just be an image caching issue which can take a little bit of time or you can force it in the Options of BigBox.
  9. BigBox Performance and How to Make it Better

    What version of Launchbox and Windows are you using ? Launchbox does run into performance problems with larger libraries and it used to be that it was around 11,000 games it started to encounter problems. However that number has gone up significantly in recent versions because of optimizations. RocketLauncher should have zero impact on performance but I also don't use it at all so I cannot say that for certain. You should not be having any performance problems with this setup but what generation i5 CPU are you using ? Have you looked into any of the performance tips on the first page of this thread ?
  10. DEMUL No fullscreen

    A fix for what ? Launching Demul in Fullscreen mode ? Simply turn it on in the video settings.
  11. Ajuda!

    I just used the default which I think is XAudio.
  12. Ajuda!

    Just lets you use cheats in games which lets you do some cool stuff like widescreen hacks.
  13. Ajuda!

    Not really, unfortunately. But you can try these 2 tabs and settings to see if any of it helps.
  14. Ajuda!

    That just depends on your system and how fast it is and the game itself. Although the Dolphin emulator is quite good it isn't perfect and certain games will have some problems.
  15. Ajuda!

    Seems like you have MSAA forced on in your video card settings, try disabling it in your video card control panel.