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  1. Like I said earlier in the thread, it's not about the i5 vs i7, it's the generation and the 4th gen was a big leap in processing power.
  2. My opinion is that AMD is the best bang for buck period, you get great performance and you really don't need to overclock them because there is very little overclocking headroom in the chips to begin with. That card is plenty for Wii U and PS3 emulation, those emulators still rely on good CPUs over GPUs as long as you have some sort of dedicated GPU and not some integrated graphics.
  3. Responded in the other thread.
  4. In regards to that quote of mine at that time Intel was vastly superior but that has changed and now AMD CPUs are just as good as Intel. AMD really stepped up their game with their Ryzen chips.
  5. Your CPU is a first gen Intel as you stated, while it's clock speed is reasonable it is lacking the modern instruction sets that more recent gen CPUs have. I believe it was around gen 4 Intel really made a big leap and in recent years AMD has really picked its pace. Not really, for the reasons I mentioned above. Yes, both emulators are very early in progress, are glitchy and require a modern CPU to get any kind of speed out of them.
  6. 1 &2: There are Android devices that hook up to the TV and use a normal controller. 3: There is now a Linux based Launchbox solution.
  7. meh, i dont see an issue with it here, context is key and in this context it's funny and in good fun
  8. There is no good answer for it, it's personal preference but my preference is the stand alone Mame.
  9. Well I can't comment on what settings you would need for that specific game, i'm just saying that the Parallel core for now is redundant and pointless. You would be better off asking about the specific game and settings over on the Retroarch forums.
  10. There is no need for this core anymore at the moment. Use the Mupen core with either the GLideN64 plugin or the AngryLion plugin. The AngryLion plugin is what gave the Parallel core it's accuracy.
  11. World Heroes sounds right, Rasputin had the "golden hands"
  12. The texture pack stuff can be hit and miss but there are some amazing ones out there.
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