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  1. The Launchbox installer has never included a license.xml file, the file is emailed to a user after the purchase the lifetime upgrade and the user puts it in the Launchbox install folder.
  2. There is a free version, just remove the license.xml file from your LB folder if there is one there. These types of error messages are ones we know are caused by pirated licenses or "crack files" distributed around the net. If you think there is some sort of error here then please email support@unbrokensoftware.com, we here on the forums cannot help you with this issue beyond what I have told you.
  3. This means you are using a pirated license. If you feel this is an error then you can contact support@unbrokensoftware.com and they can sort you out. Otherwise you can purchase a legitimate license through the website and just drop it into your LB folder and everything will work as it should.
  4. You can add any emulator you want to LB, you don't need to follow any of the drop downs. The post i'm linking to directly here shows exactly how to add a new emulator.
  5. Also, you are confusing 2 things here, adding emulators and the core selection in the associated platforms section for Retroarch, these are 2 separate things.
  6. The emulator does not show in the dropdown list until you add it. Duckstation is the stand alone emulator and Swanstation is what RA calls their core due to a dispute with the developer. If you want to add the core, close Launchbox, start up RA, download the core and then restart LB. Now when you go to the associated platforms section of your RA emulator entry in Launchbox it will show in the drop down.
  7. This post shows exactly how to add an emulator to LB.
  8. Literally the 2nd post, my first response shows with screenshots how to do it. My video tutorial I linked shows and it's easy to add them using the manage emulators and many of the online tutorials show how so yeah please don't act like it's so difficult and we can't be bothered to tell people.
  9. You can not do this, you need to import your roms to have LB load them because without importing LB wouldn't know what to load, it passes the appropriate command line to the emulator.
  10. The default keybinds for it would be F1 on the keyboard or the "guide" button on an Xbox controller.
  11. I would just advise you find a complete Mame rom set, check the internet archive. It will contain the complete NeoGeo rom set and you can use the playlist generator in Launchbox in the Mame full set importer to make a NeoGeo playlist. Most NeoGeo rom sets out there are old and outdated and may not work in newer emulators.
  12. Yeah it sounds like you got some mixed rom set from somewhere so that's not good. This should only be used with a proper full rom set, otherwise you will have games imported that you don't actually have. A proper full Mame set has A LOT of files in it but you will never get all those into Launchbox depending on your import settings. Many of the rom files in a complete set are fruit machine and video poker type games and then on top of that you have all of the regional roms (aka: clones). Launchbox by default will not import the fruit machine and gambling games and for the clone
  13. If you have a full Mame rom set (not Software list set) then all the NeoGeo games are included in that set and will work perfectly fine. If you are using Mame for consoles I would really advise against it in 99% of the cases.
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