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  1. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    Do your other cores work for their platforms ? Do your Sega Genesis games work ? What about Playstation ?
  2. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    I just updated my tester install of LB and imported a Sega CD game (didn't have any imported before) and it works perfectly fine.
  3. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    The problem in that thread was the person was telling LB to move / copy his imported files. This will move / copy the cue files but not the bin files. Are you telling Launchbox to move / copy your files on import by any chance ?
  4. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    Yeah, ill let you know in a minute.
  5. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    I haven't imported them recently but I have the latest LB and RA and Sega CD works perfectly for me, I don't have 3DO stuff anymore to test it.
  6. Sega CD and 3DO not opening in Lauchbox

    If they are working in RA they work in LB as well. Your settings look right so there has to be something weird going on.
  7. The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Most of the stuff should be ported over to Slang anyways though some hasn't because there is no good way to convert them since they rely on certain specific to CG code. CG is being phased out and has been for a while, the shift is on to Slang now because it will be much more cross platform compatible.
  8. The Big Ol' Retroarch Shader Thread

    Nope they don't. The new Direct 11 and 12 drivers use the Slang shaders. The older DX drivers may work, I haven't tried them since they are for older hardware and operating systems.
  9. Retroarch Startup Guide w/ Pictures

    Did you check the core controller options and make sure the 2nd player controller is enabled and set to the correct controller ?
  10. Games Wont "Play", But Will "Launch With"

    Oh yeah, welcome to the forums and feel free to ask for help with anything you need help with either here on the forums or our discord channel if you use that.
  11. Games Wont "Play", But Will "Launch With"

    @pyronerd94 you get get a thanks for asking for help with actual helpful screenshots and description of the problem.
  12. 7zipped Saturn bin/cue

    lol yup, that'll do it, glad you sorted it out
  13. Poll Results

    https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-V9D22LCH8/ I believe @Jason Carr said everything down to and including the Nested Folders but maybe some of the other stuff may sneak in if it's not much trouble, just don't expect it. The other stuff will hopefully carry over to the next poll as well. I'm hoping for the Merged and Goodsets support as well, not for myself but I know it's something a lot of people would really like and I think it's a good feature to have.
  14. 7zipped Saturn bin/cue

    Something else I thought about that you may want to look into and that is to convert your disks to the .chd format, not quite as small as a 7zip file but no waiting to decompress first.
  15. 7zipped Saturn bin/cue

    Did you try loading the game through LB extracted first ?