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  1. Lordmonkus

    Before I drop money on BigBox...

    I turned all the bells and whistles off but I think the performance bottleneck there was the lack of system ram (only 2 gigs). If you are thinking about a new system I suggest taking a look at a video ETA Prime did on the Ryzen 2200G / 2400G, it's pretty darn cheap for a new system and rocks for emulation and even some modern PC Gaming. You don't need a graphics card in it but you can throw one into it later on if you wanted.
  2. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    That's why I asked for an explanation, simply making a statement without backing it up with details is pointless. Can't make improvements without details on what is wrong in the first place. Is Steam Big Picture customizable with themes ? You can use a mouse in BigBox Yeah for a relatively small library of games, come back and say that when you have thousands of games separated by platform. And yet people still want to use a frontend like LB, HS or AM over Steam for launching their roms when they have more than a small handful of roms. I have read the nightmare stories that people have using ICE. No, you just want to make a blanket statement with nothing to back it up. Anyways i'm done here.
  3. Lordmonkus

    Before I drop money on BigBox...

    Any dedicated GPU is fine, as I show in my low end system specs above I am using a very old now Radeon card with only 1 gig of ddr5 vram.
  4. Lordmonkus

    Loading screen?

    It's next on Jasons to-do list.
  5. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    Perhaps you would like to explain this is detail because it makes no sense. BigBox without Launchbox itself is useless, Launchbox is where you do all the management and that is where the ease of use comes in while other frontends require you use complicated back end software such as RocketLauncher (HyperSpin) or have your rom set set in stone (AttractMode). So explain to me how BigBox "falls short in terms of ease of use" because at the end of the day you navigate your games and load your games the same way in BigBox, HyperSpin and AttractMode. It's the backend where Launchbox shines and the ease of use comes in, not navigating the frontend.
  6. Lordmonkus

    Before I drop money on BigBox...

    I will tell you straight up that system won't run BigBox with all the bells and whistles of a heavy theme without issues, it will be laggy and slow. It won't impact the load time of the roms themselves but navigating it would be a chore. You could run it with a more streamlined theme without all the eye candy like transition effects and videos and clear logos but judging by what you are describing as what you want. BigBox does benefit greatly from a dedicated graphics card and that laptop doesn't have one so that will hurt it as well. For reference I have an old system with BigBox on it will a simple theme (Fundamental Dark) and it runs BigBox fine, not as well as my other higher end PCs of course but it isn't a bad experience at all. Here are the specs on it: Windows 7 AMD Athlon 3800+ @ 2.4 GHz 2 gigs ram Radeon 7850 (1 gig DDR5 vram)
  7. Lordmonkus

    MAME Lag Reduction

    I play on a G-Sync display and I don't use any runahead and I don't have any issues with input lag at all and I have a CRT with real consoles to compare to.
  8. Lordmonkus

    MAME Lag Reduction

    There's two 2003 cores now, the normal and the plus, plus is the one you want. It's new and has the save state and run ahead stuff in it. G-Sync and Freesync you will need a display that supports either and that will depend on your video card. G-Sync is Nvidia and Freesync is AMD.
  9. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    I know things felt slow to people and in previous months and years it does appear to have slowed on the surface but that is because there was a bunch of time spent on the LB Next rewrite and the recent bug fix / optimization pass. Also the nested folders took some time to implement and there were some pretty big problems with that which had to be addressed. The good news now though is that is all behind now. I know things like the LB Next and bug fix / optimization stuff isn't sexy or up in your face like new graphical features but they are required for things to work and work smoothly.
  10. Lordmonkus

    Neo geo not working in launchbox

    Where are you getting the lr version of the core ? Those are generally a part of the Raspberry Pi version of RA not the Windows version. If you setup your emulator entry in LB to be called Retroarch you can use the dropdown menu to select the core you want.
  11. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    No one is taking it as such, i'm just offering up some explanations and reasons why it isn't top priority and other things have to be higher on the priority list. Both Grila and Critical Cid need some more development on the wall view to implement their visions of a wall view theme and it is something that will be looked at when time allows it. There's lots of stuff on the poll I don't care about at all and there was stuff I really wanted to see implemented but got very few votes, oh well.
  12. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    Nested folders was a often requested feature and was high on the last poll so it got done, wall view improvements is not something often asked for so it is prioritized as such. Lots of stuff I would like to see aren't put in but it's not a big deal. Now that isn't say that it isn't on the "to-do" list, it's just that Jason has to take the poll and bitbucket requests with the most votes and prioritize, he only has so many hours in a day to work on things. Things take time to do and the Launchbox Next rework had to be done to allow for future development to be made easier. There were actually a bunch of BigBox related features on the last poll and they are coming, you can see the main poll items and what is done and still to come here:
  13. Lordmonkus

    Neo geo not working in launchbox

    Can you post a screenshot of your associated platforms window for the emulator you setup for NeoGeo ?
  14. Lordmonkus

    Bounty: BigBox full console-like theme

    It's the next thing Jason said he was tackling in the latest video. You're entitled to your opinion but one theme doesn't make another frontend catch up to Launchbox. No other front end has the features and update schedule that Launchbox has, perhaps you missed all the stuff on the last update and the previous major release with nested folders which was a much requested feature. Reworked how and why ?
  15. Lordmonkus

    Your List of Small Things

    It's all good.