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  1. Also if possible, if you could post it in English you might get more people able to help with the issue you are having. I ran your post through Google Translate and I have no idea what is happening so I can't help you with it, but I also my Amiga experience is pretty limited beyond a very simple setup using FS-UAE.
  2. Moved the thread to a more appropriate section.
  3. Nope, it's all still pretty much relevant to the current versions. This guide was meant to be a fairly basic beginners guide to get up and running quickly and easily. I ignored the vast majority of the more advanced features because that would just turn the guide into an unwieldy mess and if people need to know more about that there is a great documentation section over on the Libretro website. https://docs.libretro.com/
  4. I don't use the Content Directory Overrides myself but @Zombeaver and he says they work great for him.
  5. It's exactly how it looked, the difference is the display it was seen on which changes how it looks but the actual rendering of the game by the system was exactly how it looks in the screenshot. I agree, I don't like playing my games this way either but for the DB it should be the pure pixel image. This is purely subjective but like I said, for the purposes of the DB it should be the pure pixel image and not your subjective opinion. Play the games how you want but submit screenshots in their pure pixel state. Continuing this argument is pointless.
  6. Yup, i'm 46 years old, been playing games since Pong and I don't play my games without shaders as well but for the database they need to be shown as they are. Rarely are screenshots seen in full screen in LB/BB and these unaltered screenshots look fine. So at this point you can either submit unaltered screenshots or not but posting altered shots will get them rejected. Unaltered shots is the uniform standard for the database and that is how it is going to stay.
  7. Are you just ignoring my posts here at this point ?
  8. Take your screenshots scaled up 4,5 or 6 times, whatever they are without a shader and upload them. Here's one of mine and I play on a 1440p monitor.
  9. Turn off the filters / shaders and take the screen shot, then turn your filters / shaders back on to play. No filters / shaders is the rule for the database.
  10. I have a section in this guide that covers where to get roms. We do wish we could provide links for people because that would make everyones lives much easier but the reality is that would be putting Jasons website here at risk of being shut down.
  11. Yes but I would recommend having a keyboard and mouse handy for those times when something happens, it is Windows after all. A simple wireless keyboard and touchpad combo from Logitech is all you need.
  12. Probably because you already have it as Streets of Rage 3.
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