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  1. We can't give you direct links or specific names of sites but we can tell you what to type into Google. "organization of archives" has a huge selection of stuff including No-Intro and Redump sets which we highly recommend. "paradise of emus" is fairly good though they did just get hit by Nintendo to take down their first party licensed titles. Their forums are well worth registering for though, many good and obscure goodies on there. "dome of pleasure" is the best place to get up to date Mame sets. They have a lot of other stuff too but you have to maintain a share ratio using their torrent system to gain access. The Mame sets do not have a share ratio requirement, they let you have that so you can share and gain ratio.
  2. I know it feels like a lot of time and effort doing things the "more difficult" way but trust me when I say that doing it yourself is a very good learning experience. It teaches very useful computer skills that can come in handy daily such as file management, command line skills and how to troubleshoot basic and common issues. Also if you buy something all ready done and it messes up in some way (it will) you wouldn't know how to fix it, learning to do it yourself will save you a lot of time and aggravation in the future.
  3. No, anyone selling roms, emulators and bios files would be illegal.
  4. Noob sort of need help..yes!

    Just because some roms work with Mame 173 and others don't does not mean your rom set is 173. Roms from older romsets can often work with newer Mame builds. Why so many wont work though is because over the years rom dumps have changed due to older ones being bad dumps and getting replaced with proper dumps. Or in some cases like recently with the Capcom CPS2 they finally emulated the encryption chip which is now included in the newer roms.
  5. SOC Boards (x86) What's out there for higherend Emulation

    https://ark.intel.com/products/97539/Intel-Core-i5-7260U-Processor-4M-Cache-up-to-3_40-GHz Looking at the CPU specs the base speed of the CPU Is pretty low for what I would call the more higher end emulation like PS2 and Gamecube / Wii but everything else should be fine. With the turbo speeds if it can maintain them consistently then it should be fine for the most part outside of PCSX2s funky behaviour which is there for any system as it is.
  6. Noob sort of need help..yes!

    If you know what version your rom set is you can get the corresponding version of Mame, all the old versions are available on the Mame website. If your rom set and Mame works outside of Launchbox it all likely hood will work in Launchbox as well. Do you know which version you have ?
  7. SOC Boards (x86) What's out there for higherend Emulation

    The most important thing in emulation performance will be single thread performance and clock speed. Also keep in mind that more than enough power to run an emulator is not necessarily going to waste when using an emulator that has a "frame delay" feature such as Retroarch. What this does is it allows you you raise the frame delay which in turn reduces input latency and this is something that the more powerful the CPU is the higher you can bump that frame delay.
  8. We need something against database trolls

    I started up a new thread with a link to your post here in hopes of addressing complaints like yours and others, both here on the forums and on the discord channel.
  9. Database Small Things

  10. Database Small Things

    As most of you may or may not have noticed I generally keep my nose out of database related stuff, it is outside of my area of skills and knowledge. However I have not been blind to the regular complaints from people about how it is being moderated and people contributing to it. So keeping in line with my "Small Things" thread idea that was a relative success I figured I would do the same thing here for you database people. What I would like is for those of you who contribute to and moderate the database to post your issues and complaints in this thread. This way we can have all the issues in one place instead of spread out across separate forum posts and on discord. After enough feedback has been given I will hand this thread over to @Jason Carr to figure what can be done to address any issues.
  11. Noob sort of need help..yes!

    Ok just to address the first big thing here. You should never ever buy Mame and most importantly roms. Buying Mame and roms outside of legally licensed products is illegal and we will neither tell you where to do such things and in fact we highly suggest you never do this. We suggest this for a couple of reasons, reason one is it is illegal. Reason two, you have no idea what version of it is. Reason 3, you have no guarantees of it working and you have no idea what kind of shitware they have bundled with it. Reason 4, something will go wrong and you won't know how to fix it, building your own is not too difficult and you will learn how to fix things when they do go wrong. There are some complete rom sets on the internet and while I cannot (for legal reasons) provide direct links to where to get them I will give you search terms that you can Google and you should find what you are looking for quickly. "organization of archives" "paradise of emus" "dome of pleasure" The first too will have somewhat older sets but will still have most likely 99.9% of everything you would ever want to play. The last one will have the most up to date sets but you will have to register and be ok with using torrent. If you are new to Mame I would suggest taking a look at my guide I wrote for beginners to it.
  12. SOC Boards (x86) What's out there for higherend Emulation

    To start out PS1 is by no means higher end emulation nowadays I would say it is more middle of the road at the most, even a Pi 3 can handle it just fine. Gamecube / Wii is probably next in terms of power needed to run the emulator (Dolphin) mainly because of the quality of the emulator itself and its optimization, those devs did an amazing job. I don't know where the bottom line needed to enjoy it would sit but I would say something in the 3 GHz neighborhood is safe. You could probably do lower end running the Ishiruuka builds which have a few extra speed hacks. Again I do say 3 GHz to be safe only because I do not know where the lower limits of the emulator are. Dreamcast is in weird state because none of the emulators for it are what I personally would consider "good". That isn't to say that Demul and NullDC are bad emulators, they just aren't polished and still need a lot of work to get on par with the likes of Dolphin, PPSSPP and everything else of its generation and prior. Demul requires fairly beefy CPU power but is the better emulator while NullDC runs better on lower end hardware just with more emulation issues. PS2 however is whole other beast. While it does the job and admirably well it is an absolute mess in terms of its design and as such requires a fairly good CPU to do it enjoyably. At the end of the day you can call me cynical or whatever but SOCs just aren't powerful enough for "enjoyable emulation" of anything beyond PS1 or N64. I put enjoyable emulation in quotes because that can be subjective depending on the person playing and exactly what games they want to play.
  13. Old platform category?

    As far as I know right now no you cannot do that.
  14. Full name removed?

    I guess if you want to be real technical about it sure but nothing is preventing you from installing and using Launchbox on as many systems you want. You just cannot widely share the license with your friends.
  15. Full name removed?

    Jason has to do something to dissuade rampant license sharing and piracy and he found a great balance. You get to put Launchbox on as many machines as you like and you don't need to have an internet connection for it to work. Yes, the license can be deactivated but that is only done when a license has been found to be shared widely. I call that a fair way of doing it.