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  1. The option is not a part of LB or BB, it's in the emulators but if you use Retroarch you can set up all the options and settings you like and change them as necessary using the built in Quick Menu which functions much like how Retrobat would. LB / BB does not control or setup emulators, it just uses them to launch your games, you have to set up your emulators outside of LB / BB. Not sure how many more times I need to say it.
  2. LB / BB has nothing to do with your emulator settings, you set all of those settings in the emulator itself.
  3. For Mame it's best to have a full set that you know the version of it and match the Mame emulator version to it. Up to date Mame sets are easier than ever to get now too. Not exactly sure what you mean here, Launchbox is free and easy to see if it meets your needs. You set everything up in Launchbox, Bigbox is just the fancy controller driven UI meant for use on the couch with your TV or in a cabinet.
  4. This is easily done in LB, just edit the game and change the emulator for it. Well yeah, Retrobat is based off EmulationStation which is built off of Libretro and it's limited to the systems it emulates. You have far more emulator flexibility with emulator choices in LB. Also, LB now has an option to download and install Retroarch and all of its cores for you. Just import the file types you want to import, you don't want to just scan your folder, especially if you have all that extra crap in them instead of roms. As I said above, import the files you need to import, the emulators only run 1 file. For example if you import a CD based system game such as Sega CD or Playstation chances are your games are in cue + bin format (often multiple bin files) all you want to import is the cue file. This is why your Dreamcast games are trying to launch the incorrect file and failing.
  5. Check your spam inbox and send an email to support@unbrokensoftware.com.
  6. It was probably an edit to the license if you made one or something weird happened somewhere. Typically these errors are from pirated license but if people edit their license it breaks the license as well. Good you got it sorted though.
  7. It also might be that you altered the license file.
  8. This appears to be a pirated license. If you feel this is an error email support@unbrokensoftware.com and they will get it sorted for you.
  9. I wish I could be of more help to you but now by the sounds of it for whatever reason when loading via command line RA is not picking up the selected sound device even with a core config.
  10. The only thing that comes to make that makes any sense at all is that there is something going on with the sound device settings in RA. Like maybe a core or game over ride with a different audio device setting. The first thing I would try is a fresh clean install to a new folder of RA. I would then load up RA, download core for testing, load the core, then load a rom. If the sound works there then I would change my RA entry in LB to the new RA setup and then try and load that same game through LB using the same core. This is certainly a crazy one to try and troubleshoot based on your description of your setup.
  11. Have you tried setting up a fresh clean install of RA and pointing LB at it ? You don't need to remove or overwrite your current setup. Usually something like this would be caused by a core override using an incorrect audio device or a custom command line in LB calling a custom config calling and incorrect audio device. If the sound works through RA on its own but not through LB then it most likely is a custom config being called somewhere in the chain because LB only uses what RA has or what you tell it to through a custom config call. Edit: Oh damn, I just read your original posts and yeah you got some crazy setup going on there so it is most likely a sound routing issue because of it.
  12. Please don't make multiple posts asking the same question.
  13. Good catch on the extract roms, that is probably causing the issue.
  14. Try removing the -f from the extra command line parameters in the associated platforms window. Also, make sure there are no accented characters in any of the folders in the rom path. That has messed with stuff for people who are running Windows with another language.
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