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  1. I would highly advise you not to use Mame for those systems. NES and SNES emulation on Mame is horrible, Mesen (NES) and Snes9x or Bsnes (SNES) are much better emulators by a large margin. Genesis though is pretty good in Mame but I would still suggest the GenesisGX core in Retroarch. As for your actual question though, your games should import perfectly fine unless you are using some sort of weird rom set. We recommend the use of No-Intro sets for cart based systems.
  2. Edit the game and change it's front facing rom, I believe it's under the additional apps section but I could be wrong since I don't have games setup that in my LB to check.
  3. This was an issue a couple of days ago with LB version 11.14 but was resolved quickly with a quick update to 11.15. It is a false positive, you can read more from Jason and get a manual update download here:
  4. You could setup a playlist for those games but they would still need to be setup in their proper platforms with their required emulators first.
  5. Their reasoning was always because of bandwidth issues. If there was an easy update button in RA itself then people would have the tendency to just do it all the time whether they needed to or not and that would use up a lot more server bandwidth which costs money.
  6. "Would love to see Laser Disc Games added as a platform category. As I am trying to build it myself but it requires multiple emulators, Winuae, retroarch, mame, Daphne, Singe2 etc. would be great not to mess with associated platforms and things to get them all put together" Not exactly sure what you mean here. First, Laser Disc isn't a platform, it wasn't a single system. It was just a tech and typically used in arcades. Though with the CD tech coming to home computers and consoles it become feasible to make those games for home hardware and then those ports would belong to their res
  7. This question pops up every so often and the answer is no, this is not something that Jason is interested in. See Jasons post responding to a similar question here:
  8. Then add your feedback about tabs and not fill up the thread with all your other baggage posts. As it stands right now your tabs suggestion is being drowned out with excessive complaining about something not even done yet, not to mention the off topic whining about the previous poll.
  9. But we have no idea what Jason has in mind for implementation. No need to assume it's going to be in the game details panel yet at all.
  10. You can toggle what is showing and not showing.
  11. This is likely due to the false positive virus issue that happened with 11.14 and a recent Windows Defender virus definition update. Download 11.15 and install that over top of your current installation taking care not to install in your current LB folder. Get 11.15 from the post from Jason in the below link.
  12. Just drag the exe for the game (or shortcut) into LB in the platform you want the game (typically Windows) and pick the "None of the Above" option at the first screen.
  13. Does the game install or does it just run from the disk ?
  14. You would most likely have to mount the disk image with a virtual cd drive program such as virtual clone drive or the built in one windows 10 has and then install from there.
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