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  1. Has this been noted and will this be fixed!? There are more problems with the (Dutch) Gui of Launchbox as I see of now. Really a shame I hope they fix this issue.
  2. I hope that the awesome launchbox development team can fix these issues. Thank you! 1ste bigger problem: When you want to add an emulator and want to fill in the emulator name you that there is a problem with the GUI of Launchbox. When you make your screen titels smaller or go all the way to the right you can see the names where you can choose from. Also you see threre's a a problem with more of those boxes that you can fill in. 2nd (small) problem Grammical Error. It say's "soorteren" instead of "sorteren". It's small but still a shame. I hope the Launchbox development team will fix these issues! Cheers from the Netherlands.
  3. So much respect for these people that make these emulators. I will stick for now with 2x Demuls and wait for better emulators or improvement.
  4. Thanks for the reply but I've read an article (recent) that Demul still has the best compatibility when it comes to DC and Naomi games. They all run great only have problems just with Metal Slug 6 so far... The workaround works but that means setting up 2x Demuls
  5. Metal Slug 6 is given me problems. When I select FULL SCREEN and V-SYNC on in the video options it won't boot... I get a black screen. When I deselect V-sync it runs but the games aren't very smooth and you also can see sometimes screentearing (so really want to play with V-sync on!) Also the Game runs when I select V-sync ON and turn OFF Full screen... And when I change the GPU plug-in to GPUXDX11 old (instead of the new one) the game boots up fine with V-Sync AND full screen on!! But than I got the problem that some Naomi games won't run... Is there a way to let Metal Slug 6 Run on other settings than the other games or some other solution? I Use Windows 10 64 bits with i5 7th Generation and Nvidia 1060 GTX Thanks for the help! UPDATE: I have made a workaround to copy the Demul folder and change there the settings and link the game in Launchbox to that Demul Exe file. Greetz, A. Potters
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