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  1. yes it would be a different name, basically a container, with games inside it, so for the play it again same series they had 4 separates tapes for each game. I thought this would be an issue for other platforms as well, but guess more recent ones would just have all the games for the compilation on one device hence one rom or equivalent and related artwork. I'm fine with the separate games, thanks anyway
  2. I have a set of games that were released separately but also as part of a compilation. It was called play it again Sam for the bbc micro. Is it possible to have a game belong to both and sort by both on the games view ? Otherwise wondering if I could add a custom filter along with the genre and select by that perhaps when I want to look just at compilations
  3. I'm trying to find a theme which displays at a game level, the box art, gameplay video and cart images(tapes/discs etc) for computer systems. My favourite so far is Criticalzone 2, but that doesn't display cart images. I noticed that for the consoles it includes the cart in the gameplay videos. What are my best options for this please? Is there an option in bigbox to display them/switch views? (the images are there in launchbox folder but don't show on the theme) - btw the flip box art switch is awesome. Find another theme (is there a search option by content type or just searching through the themes until I find the right one Create a custom theme, can I base it off criticalzone and add cart images ? Thanks James
  4. my license ran out a couple of months ago, upgraded to forever license today. Thanks so much for the regular updates, awesome product, and great support from all the mods and members of the forum
  5. Hi i know this isnt an issue with launchbox as the 2nd controller navigates the menu fine, but can anyone help with getting a 2nd controller working, trying retroarch at present and i have two xbox 360 wireless controllers with the dongle, they get picked up correctly as device 1 and 2 and have the buttons all mapped but for the life of me i cant get 2 player working in games like sonic and knuckes driving me mad! what is strange that super nintendo retroarch works fine multiplayer, but sega genesis doesnt under retroarch nevermind fixed it, toggling retroarch menu in game found out 2nd controller wasnt set to same device and wasnt analog mode like first either, changed it and works strange as config before game matched if i reload game it goes back to the same problem, it was a config remap file i had to save the changes to working great now !
  6. Hi, i’m not an expert in DIY so was tempted to go with an arcade1up cabinet and mod it to use bigbox, lots of videos and help out there. But they are a bit on the small size, both in height, though can get a riser and the width for the controls for 2 players, though, at that price it is a bargain. I’m based in Uk and found this site, https://www.libertygames.co.uk/store/video_arcade_machines/retro_multiplay_arcade_machines/legends-ultimate/ its twice the price of an arcade1up over here but less than the premium cabinets that go into thousands.. it has bigger dimensions than arcade1up, 24” screen, looks like i can just plug a pc in with bigbox, 6 buttons, Im not great at judging quality, would appreciate any feedback or recommendations of other sites that are in UK or ship out to UK, under £1000 or wife wont be happy ! thanks james
  7. Thanks for the quick reply the video i watched was here i just want something to run games at 1080p, the g3220 wont even run xenia as it doesnt have avc instructions, hence thinking of the cpu upgrade. But watching the vid again he mentions xbox at the beginning but doesnt include any footage. Im happy with just mame, and the old computers, mame and older consoles, would have been nice to have xbox and 360 but can live without it if a cpu upgrade wont help on that. Sounds like i just need a new case and in the future will think about upgrading to beefier system. Hopefully didnt waste money on gtx1050 as i cant imagine onboard graphics would have let me play the wii/wii u
  8. I have a machine i built back in 2013 with the socket 1150 chipset and have launchbox running on it. Spec is pentium g3220 gigabye h87m-g43 motherboard onboard graphics 400w psu 8gb ddr3 ram 1TB hdd i saw a couple of great vids on youtube by eta prime and simply austin, so added a gtx 1050 ti card to replace the onboard graphics only issue is the card height is bigger than my current case so thinking of replacing it with a thermaltake v21 case and also replacing the cpu with a i5 4690, do you think that will be good enough to cover emulators up to ps3, xbox 360? Or would it be cheaper to buy an old dell optiplex and put the spare ram and gtx 1050 in it ? I dont want to play latest pc games just emulators up to xbox 360 era max. thanks in advance
  9. Thanks very much for our feedback that’s awesome yep initial thoughts are things like having multiple disks to swap with the computer systems going to be a bit more tricky
  10. Hi I saw some youtube videos about launchbox and it looks amazing. I really would like to get a system set up that can relive my childhood with emulation of BBC Micro, C64, Amiga, Megadrive to start out with then add on things a bit more taxing like Mame, Nintendo 64, Steam etc. 1) Currently my PC spec is a system from 2013 designed for a media centre HTPC, if I wanted a system that could do everything, bit like ColPipes1978 video on youtube, what kind of system would I need to get? Intel G3220 - 3Ghz Dual Core 8GB DDR3 Ram Onboard Graphics 3TB SATA HDD 400W PSU 2) It looks like the best way to set up launchbox is to use retroarch for majority of emulation, for those it can't do, for example BBC Micro emulation, should I configure that in a) Launchbox, b) via RetroArch or c) other options such a RocketLauncher? 3) The in-game videos I have seen on youtube of launchbox, is that with standard launchbox and a premium emumovies account? Or does that require Bigbox, very happy to upgrade to BigBox anyway, just for testing wondering where to start. 4) Can you recommend any youtube/articles to get up to speed quickly Many thanks
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