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  1. Thank you buddy, I did end up doing a fresh Install last night. Another crazy thing that happened, and I have no idea how, all of my roms had a - 1 (dash 1) added to the names of them before the file extension and it was causing issues with metadata and media files associated with the games because its based on names. No idea how that happened, thankfully I have my roms stashed away and didn't need to rename 2000 files individually I just replaced them. Lol
  2. Any luck my dude? I guess I could back up the stuff that matters like my games and videos and all that and try a complete reinstall of everything including emu.
  3. Yeah man 100% I am because I can go into literally every other system game list but this one,
  4. Hey Guys, Im pretty stumped.. If I click on my NES header in BigBox for any reason I crash and get an error. I get a Value cannot be null. Parameter name: key since updating to 9.10. Works fine in Launch box tho? Posted a couple screenshots and put them on imgur as well in case quality is not good enough here. https://imgur.com/a/AgamNX7
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