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  1. It looks like this is possible by selecting the titles wanted and using the media download tool. I'm not sure exactly how it effects things though since it doesn't have the popup or output results window as the deduplication tool. I also don't know if it only scans things that were selected.
  2. The delete finished and I see that I did misunderstand "Selected" In this case "Selected" really meant "Checkmarked to be handled" rather than the current selection size from multi-selecting. Strange that the quantity of files deleted wasn't quite the same as those selected though.
  3. It looks like the totals at the bottom of the image deduplication window might not be right. I have a relatively small portion of items selected but it seems to think I have the majority of them selected. Also it looks like it found about an average of 1 item per game in the collection. For the majority of items I have only the downloads from Launchbox and emumovies, so is that average about right? I might be misunderstanding the meaning of "Items Found" and "Items Selected" in the above as well. (Putting the new deduplication through its paces on my overly large collection )
  4. After waiting 2 full days for my images to be scanned for duplicates (60k+ games in Launchbox) I find out there appears to be no way to change the checkmark status on a multiselected group of items in the list. Is that right or am I missing something? I can select multiple rows with the classic shift-click, so I'm hoping I'm just missing a keystroke or something that will let me uncheck the set I know wasn't pulled from the automated sources. And while I'm here, it would be really nice if I could change the checkbox state by just clicking instead of doubleclicking (it seems the row has to be selected with a click before the box can be toggled with another click) Also one last thing: it would be nice if I could select only some items to be deduplicated instead of the entire collection at once (2 days). This might already be possible and just user error on my part as well though.
  5. Excellent, thanks. I mean excellent to get solid info and a quick reply that is. Naturally, such is the life of MAME
  6. I've been working on tidying up some things and after finding that Primal Rage didn't import I found that it was due to the Launchbox importer locking to an earlier MAME version (I think) So my 2 questions are 1) Is there some way to tell within Launchbox which version of MAME it imports against? 2) With 0.220 having just come out, is there any chance that's the version the brand new Launchbox 11 looks for? (I'm guessing not, but gotta ask )
  7. Interesting, I wonder how I got it in there.
  8. I imported a non-merged MAME .217 within the last few weeks and Star Wars arcade shows up and works great. (Didn't realize it was there and tested just now) Given that you got the exact same number of games, my uneducated guess is that the import ran off of the .213 list rather than the .217 list. You might try removing the MAME emulator entries you have now and just adding a new one for .217. If that works and you want to keep the .213, you should be able to just re-add that as an additional emulator after the new import works out.
  9. I've been reorganizing and re-importing my collection lately and seeing this a lot. While I don't want the wikipedia, it would be really nice if there was an option to put into the Notes section the links (and summary) from, say, the first 3 google results from the title being searched. I keep having to do that step myself as the first thing on items missing data. Frequently the problem is just that the name didn't line up the right way with the Launchbox expectations and a change there can fix it. Secondly it would be nice if within Launchbox there was a "search deeper" option that would catch things that were out of order, had slightly different spelling, etc. I've run into a few things that I can't find in the Launchbox game database, but given how unlikely it is that I have something that unique, I just assume that I've searched poorly.
  10. The default for "Close Game" in the controller mapping appears to be doing the same thing on Windows 10 as alt-F4. It took me a long time to figure out why my "go to menu" preset in Retroarch was killing Retroarch instead of just going to the menu. I couldn't find much info about it, except that apparently some Steam defaults do the same thing. I don't know when this mapping entered Launchbox, I've been away from things for a bit and Retroarch is the only place I have Start+Select mapped to anything on purpose. While I was troubleshooting, I noticed that Start+Select was closing windows and acting just like alt-F4 but it took a long time to figure out that it was Launchbox doing it. Mostly I'm posting this in the hopes that if other people run into the same issue they'll have some chance of finding the answer faster than I did Ultimately it would be nice if the Launchbox controller configs could be set up in a way that wasn't causing changes in other apps, but I don't know if that's really possible. For now I've just disabled controller mapping entirely, since leaving even navigation on was causing double hit or ghosting problems in some games.
  11. Thanks, I see it now. Sadly it doesn't restore the old view, but makes an overlay over the images. Is there a way to get it to look like the old way? To be clear, I appreciate the new look, and the new overlay, for viewing images very large where the extra text space is better used slightly covering the image. However when using a small image view the old way was better (for me anyway)
  12. I just updated to 10.8 and noticed that in LB there is no longer text for the names under the box images. Is there a way to get that text name under the image back? While I really like the option to have a covers-only display, a lot of the covers (or screenshots when without a cover) aren't very readable when the images are small. This is especially true when using covers that aren't in English to start with.
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