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  1. Thanks, I see it now. Sadly it doesn't restore the old view, but makes an overlay over the images. Is there a way to get it to look like the old way? To be clear, I appreciate the new look, and the new overlay, for viewing images very large where the extra text space is better used slightly covering the image. However when using a small image view the old way was better (for me anyway)
  2. I just updated to 10.8 and noticed that in LB there is no longer text for the names under the box images. Is there a way to get that text name under the image back? While I really like the option to have a covers-only display, a lot of the covers (or screenshots when without a cover) aren't very readable when the images are small. This is especially true when using covers that aren't in English to start with.
  3. Is there a way to set it up that when I select a title, say Cannon Fodder, that LaunchBox can indicate that the same title exists in multiple platforms? Sometimes it would be wrong of course going by just name (Shadowrun is very different on different platforms), but anything that indicated the same title existed in multiple places would be nice.
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