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  1. @dragon57 Thank you! I also found this one:
  2. Is there a SoulCalibur Collections ring available?
  3. @dragon57 Perfect! Thank you very much. Amazing work.
  4. @dragon57 Could you please also do a version that is more zoomed in on a just few of the faces in the background? When I load it into my theme, it's too small to see what the background is? Thanks again, really appredciate it! Sorry for the double post.
  5. @dragon57 that is perfect! thank you so much 😎
  6. Any chance you could make one that said "Game Collections" or just "Collections" with a cool background? I'm using a sub directory that conatains all my collections like Namco Classics, Street Fighter Collection, etc. Thanks to everyone who is making these awesome rings!
  7. Is there a "collections" ring available? This is the only one I found, but looking for something a bit different. Thank you!
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