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  1. Hum, strange ! Your LaunchBox is up to date ? Did you used custom personal platform name? Or stock ?
  2. UPDATE! + 4 Category Video 🥳 Thank you for your patience ! Here are the Category Video. Still missing the "Playlist" that will be coming soon! I need more time in 3D. Discussed with @Jason Carr , I added the videos in HD (1080p) to the LaunchBox video download tool. It will be possible to download them at the next LaunchBox release! Arcade Category Computer Category Consoles Category Handhelds Category
  3. @ItchyRobot Thx for your feedback ! I found the problem and fixed it. Online at the next release!
  4. @y2guru Thx ! Drop shadow was a good idea. No, I don't need a exemple. I had hoped to have a direct control, but I will do some tests with drop shadows. Excellent idea ! 😃
  5. Hum ... it deserves a test! How did you make this change? Or maybe change the font color?
  6. OK ! It's UPDATE time !! 🥳 Again, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience! Version 0.5 (beta) - Released December 10, 2019 - New Feature: Text and interface element now show in platform color. A BIG thx to eatkinola for his hard work on his plugin! - Improvement: The pulse animation of the play button is no longer a gif, but code. To integrate the platform color. - Improvement: Rebuild of the star rating, to integrate the platform color. - Improvement: Rebuild all design on "option view". - Improvement: New code for video integration. Big Tx to Grila for his help! - Improvement: Rebuild of TextGamesView, now fully responsive, with correct font size and animation. - Improvement: GamesViews: Better use of the white band to increase the visible video area. (a little) - Improvement: GamesViews: Small BoxArt reduction for a better video view. (a little more) - Improvement: Minors graphic element update. (Logo, background ...) - Improvement: General code cleanup and better annotation. - Improvement: A lot of minor adjustment on child views. - Fixed: On platform view, games count now work with Playlist. - Fixed: Redesign option page, with dark grey backgound. All text must be readable now. - Fixed: Uniformate fonts between views. A VERY BIIIIIIIG thank you to @eatkinola for his help and his work on his plugin! All the new features of this version are to his credit! 🥰 So! The new feature is about color(ful). Now, each platform has its color, pick to the video, and used in the texts, interface and rating stars. Colors are populated in .config files that will be updated following the video release. There is also a lot of little correction. I let you read the ChangeLog. I will let you test this version some time to make up the bug. Once we are on a solid foundation, I will decline new views. I hope you enjoy this theme. And again a HUGE thank you to all Patreon !!!!! 😍 EDIT : Update submitted to @Jason Carr for the theme manager. And some screen :
  7. Hi guys ! Quick question: Is it possible to work on fonts for ClearLogoWheels? Where? When there is no ClearLogo, the platform/game name is displayed as text. I would like to add a black outline to this white font. Possible ? Thx !!!
  8. @Retro808 : Yes, It'll be fix in next release 😃 @Stefano74 : Thx ! I'll post next update as soon as it's ready !
  9. You're right. But rather than working on background, I think it would be better to add an outline to the text. But I'm not sure it's possible here. I'll look !
  10. Thx @Qbertzelious ! I have not planned yet, but I designed the "Windows" platform video so that we can customize it by service. (Steam, GOG, Ubi ...) For example: Windows Boot> Open service window> Gameplay video. I am very busy right now. As soon as I have time, I do it in order: All arcade by LB automatic playlist, and I create a download page with all sources! It's done with Photoshop and AfterEffect CS6. Old version, so very compatible. No plugin, to facilitate the help of the community.
  11. Thx @Tulac ! I know I'm very quiet right now. Sorry about that. I have a lot of work these days. I think I could send you updates within 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience !! I work with @eatkinola on new cool feature. As soon as the 2 main view are finished, I will make new ones. Dark version is programmed. You will find the list of videos supported on the dedicated page. Next update: category video.
  12. @nadonate I saw 🥰 A BIIIIIIIIIG thanks to you for the support !!! I know I have not posted anything for a while now. I have a lot of work right now and for a few more weeks. But I dont forget Colorful! In parallel, I work hard on category video and with @eatkinola on the theme. I hope release soon. I thought of finishing them all before delivering the complete set. But that will make you wait too much. If you want, I can upload the 3 already finished without waiting for more. OK for you? A preview here The missing category video will be made in full CGI. So longer to produce.
  13. @Wanderer189 Thanks for your feedback. For Game players numbers, I used the Data Conversion function. It's based on my own Game DataBase, to trie to have all the automatic formulation. I may have forgotten some and I may not be able to cover all the custom conventions made by users. Currently, here are the converter that I have written in the code. On the left, the dataBase entries. On the right, what is visible in the theme. 2-Player Alternating = 2 2-Player Simultaneous = 2 3-Player Simultaneous = 3 4-Player Alternating = 4 4-Player Alternating / 2-Player Simultaneous = 2/4 4-Player Simultaneous = 4 6-Player Simultaneous = 6 8-Player Alternating / 2-Player Simultaneous = 2/8 8-Player Simultaneous = 8 Cooperative = 2+ Coopération = 2+ Multijoueur = 2+ Single Player = 1 Un joueur = 1 If you have any other formulation, give it to me precisely. I can add them to the code. Preferably auto-generated entries. If I have to cover all the custom data of each user, it's endless! 😆 EDIT : About the stars. They display the community's rating. If you have a personal rating, it's the one that will display instead. Everything works well at home. I am not aware of a cache file to be dumped at this level. @Jason Carr An idea of why there is no connection between LB and BB?
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