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  1. Je les peint, tout simplement ! I simply paint them. Brush tool> opacity 25%> Soft brush> Black Color.
  2. Ahah merci @PaDeMoNiuM !! La vitesse est une impression. En faite, j'ai créé presque tous les montages Photoshop avant de lancer le projet ici. Du coup, ça va assai vite maintenant. Mais c'est une impression ! Les centaines d'heures passées avant, sur les montages, sont invisibles pour vous... 😅 Pour les sources, tout est basé sur des photomontages. Photos trouvées sur Google Image et Vanamo Online Game Museum. Sauf les bornes d'arcade que j'ai créées moi même en 3D (c'est mon métier depuis 18 ans) Je les ai créés de façon à ce qu'on puisse les custom sous Photoshop. Je posterai toutes mes sources à la fin de cette 1re série ! Same text, in English: Speed is an impression. In fact, I created almost all Photoshop montage before starting the project here. Suddenly, it goes quickly now. But it's an impression! The hundreds of hours spent before, on all montage, are invisible to you ... 😅 For sources, everything is based on photomontages. Photos found on Google Image and Vanamo Online Game Museum. Except all arcade cabinet, that I created myself in 3D (this is my job for 18 years) I created them so that we can customize them in Photoshop. I will post all my sources at the end of this 1st series!
  3. Thx @Jason Carr, it works! And it's done. So the latest batch of 7 videos is now available on the LaunchBox Download Platform Video Tool! As always : on Dowload page + LaunchBox Download Tool + EmuMovies FTP Next batch : SNK system 😉
  4. Hi everybody ! Little update for the summer. End of the basic set for SEGA! Videos available on the forum & EmuMovies FTP. I have connecting problems for integration on the LaunchBox download tools. I upload them as soon as possible. ( @Jason Carr a FTP problem ??) UPDATE = +7 PLATFORM VIDEO ! TOTAL = 49 platform video Sega Master System Sega MegaDrive (EU) Sega Classics (Model 1 ?) Sega Model 2 Sega Model 3 Sega Saturn EU Sega SG-1000 Have a good holiday !!! =D
  5. Nope, but I keep this idea in mind for the Colorful version !
  6. If you want, but I want to learn !I I'll try first by myself 😉 Edit : and it must have a default color. If Platform syntaxe have a problem.
  7. @eatkinola Man ! that's an answer! !! Thx 😍 OK, I will try to play and adapt all that. But ... I am totally noob in code, for the converter plugin itself. It's OK for XAML part, but I don't have any clue for the plugin. Basically, I work in die and retry style ! Do you have a link to a tutorial "step-by-step" on creating a plugin? I dont find anything online. (Source file format? Code format? How to export to DLL? ...)
  8. Hi everybody ! Me again with a question 😋 Is it possible to create a separate XAML file, placed at the root of the theme folder, which contains different hex color codes for each platform? For example : In the separated XAML, call (for exemple) "Colorful.xaml" , something like : if platform is "Nintendo Game Boy" > custom color="#ffffff" if platform is "Nintendo Game Boy Advence" > custom color="#454fd2" if platform is "Nintendo Game Boy Color" > custom color="#754d8s" ... and so on In main Game or Plarform view, used this color , like : <TextBlock Text="My Text here" Foreground="{Binding Hex Color Code, depending active platform}" /> I want the XAML code to be separated into an external file, because that makes only one list of platform/color to maintain! Ideas ? Tracks ? @Jason Carr and all code guru ? 🥰 Edit : and a default color ! If no Platform specified.
  9. Thx @Indyj ! Yes, I will release all sources. For all platform I make. Photoshop and AfterEffect files. (CS6 and sup) I'll put all this online on a dedicated page. The game rules will be simple: All participants will post their work in progress on this dedicated forum thread. Objective: Overall quality and respect of the guidelines. All participants will post on the thread the final video & sources. It is me who will upload here the final result. Objective : Centralize and avoid the multiple download page.
  10. @Jason Carr One last thing on my Christmas list 🎅 A satellite app to run LaunchBox on the TV, without need a full pc in the living room! Example: the computer in the cave > Play on the TV. (on local network) Yes, I know that there is Steam Link, but for me it's still a trick. I think of my children: I need something very simple. Power on > auto launch BigBox > play! I dont know how, of course, but it would be super cool! I pay for that! A custom distribution for Raspberry Pi ? A app for Android TV ? A app for iOS (Apple TV) ? A app for Windows 10 (Windows Store), with a cheap small chinese PC ? And what about custom controller (like Wii bar) ?? A lot of questions, but it's one less computer to pay and keep up to date! 😇
  11. Damn, I missed the live !! I know it's too late, but just in case, here are my requests : BIGBOX STARTUP VIDEO : Have the choice between: waiting for the video finish to launch BigBox (or) to cut the video as soon as BigBox is loaded. Add a "Startup Video" folder in themes folder, to be able to have a different video by theme. FOR THEME CREATOR : Add the ability to load XAML into the BigBox Wheel. To not only have a single media, but a layout. 1 file for the Select-Item + 1 file for the Unselect-Item. Exemple : CoverBox + GameTitle + Custom BackGround. The possibilities are endless! Possibility of mixing major layout family. For example, in the same screen, have on the left the platform list AND the games grid on the right. With a smooth navigation: navigate left, choose your platform, then navigate to the right and choose your game. All this in the same screen. Un-link Platform/GameListView and Platform/Game Detail screen ! For custom design. 😘 Thx @Jason Carr
  12. Thx @CutTheRug ! Yes, sure, why not ! I realese soon all source file. Photoshop and AfterEffect. So theme creator can used them !
  13. Thx guys !! 🥰 @MetalRaven Yes, there will be more. You will see the list of the first batch at the bottom of the download page (Spoiler form) The ultimate goal is to cover ALL gaming systems. I'll let you read the details in the download page about it.
  14. For patreon section, I talking about detail for number of platform covered on the first batch and why I make this choice. I whant to finish this list first. It's not a "commercial" message!
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