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  1. thx @Klopjero !! I've been looking for the X68000 for a while! Nice upscale! Which soft did you use?
  2. First 2022 UPDATE ! +10 platform video by @OdinsPlayground on 🔥🔥 Already available on the usual channels! Include resources on the dedicated page =) Namco System 22 Sammy Atomiswave Sega Chihiro Sega Hikaru Sega Lindbergh Sega Model 1 Sega Naomi Sega Naomi 2 Sega ST-V Sega System 32 @faeran I added the color codes in our Google Sheets;) EDIT : 2e UPDATE TODAY | a set of 60 (!) COLLECTION video by @kobaturtle For this one, too massive, only with the LaunchBox Platform Download Tool.
  3. I use Moonlight stream, but you need a NVIDIA GPU. Work well on Apple TV 4K (1Gig network) but not on HD (100Meg network). Work well at home with a Windows 10 virtual machine on my home server. Work well outside home to, over internet 😉
  4. @kobaturtle : Peux-tu m'envoyer tout ton pack en 1 envoi Wetransfert et poster le lien ici ? Tout dans un ZIP. Ce sera plus simple que 1 par 1 !! ^^ Merci. Can you send me your whole pack in one Wetransfert and post the link here? Everything in a ZIP. It will be easier than 1 by 1 !! ^^ Thank you.
  5. UPDATE +8 Platform Video Bally Astrocade Casio Loopy Commodore CDTV Microsoft MSX Microsoft MSX2 Microsoft MSX2+ Microsoft MSX LaserDisc Super Nintendo Entertainment System MSU-1 @tiualex have already created videos for two MSX devices. I am adding my stone to the community effort. You have the choice ! @faeran I updated our Google Sheets with the colors! @all : The videos are already available through the usual channels!
  6. Have you placed the plugin itself in the theme files? To be honest, I don't know ... sorry!
  7. UPDATE + 7 new Platform Video Already available on the usual channels! Atari ST Epoch Super Cassette Vision GCE Vectrex Sega Mega Drive (JAP) [Store in "Sega Genesis" or "Sega Mega Drive" platform. Same bg color] Sega Pico Sony PSP Minis Windows 3.1 [Store in "Windows" platform. All major Windows version planned] @faeran, I already update our Google Sheets I also did the Nintendo MSU-1 Photoshop, but I'm missing the gameplay videos. Someone to send it to me? EDIT : OK, done for next release ! Here a preview, with "Playstation" color background ^^
  8. Hi @Carpetshark, There are several things here: The theme does not come in all in one. It would be too heavy. You have to download the platform videos separately. Look at the videos download page, everything is explained in main text. in LaunchBox > Tools > Download theme videos tools > Select "Colorful 4K" or "Colorful HD" At the top of each Colorful download page, I put a list of each piece of the puzzle with the direct links. It's up to you to make your choice! We haven't released the "games wallview" for Colorful yet. It's currently work in progress with Faeran for theme v2! Please be patient.
  9. Yes, I work with @faeran on a v2. And some new platform video =)
  10. Are you using the beta version by @faeran? If so, he no longer uses the same data as me for these fields. Try to update your games metadata.
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