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  1. Yes, but it is not a priority. Ultimately, it's a good idea!
  2. Thx ! The small arrows are there to signify the direction of the Platforms or the Games Wheel scroll. Some themes are horizontal, others vertical. There may be some different direction in Colorful. The simplest solution, yes! 👍
  3. A HUGE thank you to you for the support! 😘 Difficult for me to move forward with strict quarantine in France, but I do my best! There is a dark version for all GamesView, except the TextGamesView. Because there can only be one per theme. And yes, the TextGamesView and also the GamePlayOption view. Same file. The next step is to divide the theme into 2 separate versions: Light and Dark.
  4. This is not a bug. Problem addressed, some post/page back. In LaunchBox, Genesis and MegaDrive are two separate platforms. For the moment, I have only done the MegaDrive video. So there is only this platform which has a color in the theme. As soon as I make the Genesis video, there will be a color in the theme. In the meantime, you can manually add the color "MegaDrive" to the "Genesis" platform, in the theme. (In fact, it will probably be the same in the end) Unzip and put this file : Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.zip Here : \LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a\AssemblyConfig The only difference: I put the color of the MegaDrive video, for the Platform Genesis. It should work well.
  5. Hi all ! Some news from France : We are all in quarantine here, at home, with children. I could organize myself to work from home. But yes, work at home with children around : "Nightmare! Playing Mode" 😏 So it'll be difficult for me to work on Colorful updates, with all that to manage. As usual, I'll do my best to send you all of this as soon as possible! Take care of yourself 😘
  6. You forgot the # before color HEX code 😉
  7. Maybe it's easier to add a new color to my theme + manually add my video to your platform? To add (or custom) a color in may theme : Everything happens here, with a simple text editor. Just respect the logic. In your LauncgBox directory > Theme > Colorful > Plugins > Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a > AssemblyConfig in Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config Add your platfrom name. KEY=add a generic name, VALUE=add your exact platform name. in Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config Add your color. KEY= exact same name as previous one. VALUE= add the color. In this case : #82cdea Make a backup. My future updates will overwrite this file by a new one.
  8. Ahah I suggest you leave this topic open, until I create the other. You can migrate everything to the new one and close that one at this time. Let everyone benefit from your work! For the tutorial, it will not be a step by step for beginners. It would take too long. But I will explain all my steps and my workflow. (with screenshot) Especially for the guidelines, that we keep a consistency between all our creations.
  9. Guys, this is great. Really ! But I would like to avoid multiple sources (tread) to download the videos. It becomes a mess and it is not clear for new users. For this purpose, I'm preparing a upload of all my sources + a tutorial on the guidlines. The idea is to have only 2 topics on the forum: The current video topic : We will find all mine, but also all yours. With your credit. 1 single place to download everything. Futur sources topic : There will be all my sources, and yours. I'll do a quick tutorial on guidline and my workflow. You will post your work in progress there and I could come and give advice and tips. The choice of color is very important, because for my theme, it should not change for the same platform. There may be several versions of the same video. I really do my best to put it all in place quickly !! I promise! Be patient and all possible help is welcome! 👍 😘
  10. What do you mean by addons? Hardware or Software? Some examples?
  11. HUUUUUUUUGE thank you @eatkinola for your work! I integrate this update asap in the next theme release !! 👍 It depends on which view you want to modify. In LaunchBox> Themes> Colorful> View: choose the view to modify. And look for this piece of code, and just change the HEX color code : <!-- ================================================================= --> <!-- ================================================================= --> <!-- PLATFORM NAME TO COLOR CONVERTER ================================ --> <!-- ================================================================= --> <!-- ================================================================= --> <aox:FilterSelectionColorConverter x:Key="FilterSelectionColorConverter" /> <SolidColorBrush x:Key="DefaultPlatformColor" Color="#5abc3c"/> Your proposal is very nice. But this is not quite the style I want to give to this theme. I want less information, breaths aera, and big media. But why not ! I would like to finish all views I have in mind and if there is a lot of demand for more data loaded version, why not! I take this opportunity to apologize again for my lack of post at this time. Lots of "real life" work these days. I do my best! I come back with the updated theme (Generalized optimization + new Eatkinola plugin) and some new video !!!
  12. Cool !! Good news ! 👍😀 Thx @eatkinola !!!!!
  13. OK. Here, I think it's time to make a point. johnsanc, what do you call "Nostalgia"? My old theme "BigCouch"? Or mt old video set "Nostalgia"? Now, I'm trying to develop a complete HQ media set, which I called COLORFUL. For now, you have the "Colorful theme" and "Colorful Platform Video Set". For me, your problem comes from network assembly and/or virtualization. In any case, if it comes from the theme, let's try to fix it! For me, the slowdowns encountered by @wallmachine are known. I have the same at home! (They pass after a first pass on platforms) I dont think that it comes from a videos adress issu. The problem comes from the fact that I ask too much of the XAML .NET display under windows, with fullscreen right slide platform video animation. (According to the Microsoft doc, which does not recommend large fullscreen animation. Worse with a video...) This is why there is no problem with GamesView: The gameplay video is not animated! But the video you posted, @johnsanc, shows loading times well beyond normal! And I dont know WHY ! 🤔 - You tried removing the platform video slide animation: no change. - I trie to change platform video call piece of code : no changes. - I trie remove all call to "Color by Platform" : It fixe the problem! I'm lost and don't know what to do! Johnsanc, have you tested my last platform view, in last update online? PlatformWheel3FiltersView.xaml This one : Same problem ???
  14. @wallmachine I'm not sure I understand your video capture. Do you show me the fluidity of the animation? Or the fact that you don't have platform videos? If it is platform videos, it's setup in the BigBox options. If it's about fluidity, please, can you try the test view I post on my quote message? The only difference with the Vanilla version, is the call video piece of code. I would like to know if that has any impact on the fluidity of the slide video animation. Better? Unchanged? Worst? Thx ! @eatkinola Thank you! 🙏 For the moment and from my side, I have operated by elimination: - Change platform video call piece of code : no changes. - Remove all call to "Color by Platform" : It fixes Johnsanc's problem. This is the weird part for me... - It works for the Colorful platform view: Cool - No problem for Colorful games view: Strange! Why? There is the same "color by platform" code as platform view. - Nostalgia theme? You mean BigCouch? What the hell!? This theme is old and deserves a complete overhaul. OK. But he has no plugin here. Everything is vanilla, according to @Jason Carr's doc. I'm completely lost !😅 PS: I will not be there next week: on vacation with kid's.
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