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  1. Nice !!!! Sure, you can use it and share ! Yes, it's planned, but I can't tell you when ...
  2. !! UPDATE !! + 3 Platform Video, by @tiualex !! Big Thx to him - Microsoft MSX - Microsoft MSX2 - Nintendo Pokemon Mini
  3. Sorry for the late reply ... a lot of work this month! Strange bug. - Do you have any other plugin installed? (LB or BB) - If you right click on all the files in: "LaunchBox \ Themes \ Colorful - xxx \ Plugins" Do you have the "unlock" option? If so, unlock and validate. - Have you tried deleting the theme folder and reinstalling it through the BigBox interface? Sorry to hear you're in trouble. This part of my theme is a plugin developed by @eatkinola. I don't really have my hands on it. Niiiiiiice !!!! Please post on the correct topic and follow the guideline ! The goal is to avoid mistakes made with the Nostalgia set and its contributor multipse posts. It is inconvenient for users. Send me the videos, I will add them my self to the main branch with your credits!
  4. Realy nice !!!! About AE export setting, I don't know. I use a old adobe version (CS6) without "Adobe Media Encoder". Just export as MP4 H.264. No "real 4K" export option on my old version.
  5. Nice !!!!!!! For the blue background color, you're right. But hey, not too much choice if you remain consistent with the hardware. It remains to hope for a shade of blue! You can try the pipette on the logo, then adjust it a bit. That does not flash eyes! No need to stay exactly on the original color! Your modification on the deformation are perfect! (To make it easier for you, you can detach the screen) But don't touch anything anymore: it's perfect! One last remark (no obligation) Drop shadow does not work very well behind screen and floppy drive. There should be some at ground level, but not behind. Again : realy niiiiiice work !
  6. Nope, no idea ... I don't use Category Video myself. @Jason Carr Is there a method to specify a Category Video by theme?
  7. Wow !!! Niiiiiiice @el Fredo !!!!! Really good work! (sorry for the late reply: vacation with children ^^) I don't have much to add. That's realy great ! Maybe just the background color which is a bit dark? Trie to pic one of this color : And last note, the verticals which give a little big deformation. Maybe try to straighten the whole in Photoshop? + focal deformation correction in "Filter > Lens Correction"
  8. Nice !!! Again, this theme deserves a total rewrite form scratch! I hope I have time to do it one day. But if someone wants to take control, we can see with @Jason Carr to transfer the theme to a volunteer!
  9. You mean: 1 video set (=) 1 theme? If that's it, it's possible. When you download a video set, it goes in: LaunchBox\Videos\Platforms You can cut/paste in the theme of your choice. For exemple : LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - Light\Videos\Platforms You can restart a download of another set and paste it in another theme. Yes, I integrated the scanline effect in the code, but I did not activate it. Why ? Because I can't limit the effect to video. It covers the area. So with high video (NDS, some arcade ...) the effect overflows and is not very aesthetic. The choice is yours! I did not think about that ! I add it to my ToDo =) So from memory, you need: Platform : Clear logo Platform : Video set Game : Gameplay Screenshot. Game : Gameplay video snap. Game : Clear Logo Game : FrontBox
  10. Ah! I thought you were talking about interface, not hardware! =) So I have no idea ... sorry =/ Wow thank you man! It is heartwarming !
  11. No, I can't. The video animation setup makes a "block" move. He can't understand the difference between this video set or another. If you want to use Nostalgia here, I must you to use 4:3 version. The effect will be less bad! Basically, I decentered the Nostalgia set because I didn't know how to do it in code. Yes, I was stupid! =)
  12. Strange. I just checked and it is the correct video for the Nintendo 64 folder. No error on my side. =/ I don't know where the problem come from !
  13. Honestly, I don't know. Are you using a slow drive to store LaunchBox and its media? A network drive? I remind you that the design of my theme, with its large fullscreen animation, pushes XAML to its limits. (acording Microsoft's doc) For the gameplay videos, I use the EmuMovie video as much as possible. Because I don't have the knowledge to make a custom for each platform and because it will take too long. (I'm already sooooo slow ... ^^) PC Engine (+CD) are planned. But I'm not sure I understand your "interface" story. Do you have a link to explain to me?
  14. First of all, sorry for my inactivity at the moment. Lots of work and sick children. So : Me too! I must find a good idea =) Thx a lot Yes, the "Sammy" platform will be made, but not right now. I've already spent a lot of time on the 1st arcade video part. I would like to redo a series of classic platforms in the meantime, so that everyone is happy. Nice idea! Add to my ToDo =) OK, Thank you for your well documented question! The "key =" must be identical between the 2 files. There should be NO spaces. About Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config : This is where you add your platform name. I tried to put the most common, but I can't guess what each user will name their platform. In your case, try this : <add key="Platform.NINTENDO_NES" value="Nintendo_NES|Nintendo_Entertainment_System|NES|Nintendo_-_NES" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_I" value="Capcom_Play_System_I|CPS1|Capcom_-_CPS1" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_II" value="Capcom_Play_System_II|CPS2|Capcom_-_CPS2" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_III" value="Capcom_Play_System_III|CPS3|Capcom_-_CPS3" /> You must replace each "space" by "_" (without quot) You must separate each platform name with a "|" About Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config The Capcom CPS color are in PLAYLIST section. Further down the page. Try with the correction of the other file. If that doesn't work, try adding this: <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM" value="#edcf4d" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_I" value="#edcf4d" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_II" value="#edcf4d" /> <add key="Platform.CAPCOM_PLAY_SYSTEM_III" value="#edcf4d" /> Finally, about the Text Wrap, you're right. Here is the GENRE of the games. Strange that this one is so long!
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