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  1. Thx ! More customization seems difficult to me. Can I do some examples on the first page perhaps? But I will not be able to make 1 custom version per person! About VideoSnap ratio, it is an impossible equation. If I put the VideoSnap in 16:9 ... it will fill the whole screen and I lose my left column. If I put the videoSnap in true 4:3, but the design balance is no longer good. I find that the current cut is the best compromise. And no, smaller VideoSnap is not a solution for me. From a design point of view, it's ugly and unbalanced. But feel free to make a fok! Dont hesitate to share it here, I would put it in first page. 😃 It is planned, but not now. To be honest I didn't start it. On another priority: Finish v.1.0 theme and "Arcade Playlist Set" video.
  2. Hi EMH, 1. At a minimum, for a display like in my screenshots, you need: PLATFORM >> ClearLogo (Someone already integrated into the theme) + Data (no media) + Colorful Video Set (you can try the HD version) GAMES >> ClearLogo + FrontBoxArt + Data (no media) + GamePlay Video (From EmuMovies) 2. For the video, I have to watch. Normally, it is possible. By the way, I have in mind new Platfrom view, based on a Banner system (without video) to have more freedom in design. It will therefore be lighter, because without video! Release ... some day ^^
  3. I would first like to pass the theme to v.1.0 I only have a few details to finalize these views. The next BIG part, will be all these playlist/variants video around arcade cabinet. (Standard automatic playlist + common cabinet) It will take time, but it's a very important big piece!
  4. Your BigBox is up to date ? Use custom platform name?
  5. @Deam THX!! Yes, this question has already been asked. It's a good idea, but I can't put it in the code. If anyone has an idea I am interested!
  6. (Little) UPDATE = +1 video With the SEGA GENESIS video (so requested!) I hope that you will like. 😃 SEGA GENESIS (v.1) The sources are available on the dedicated page. The color code will be added to the theme in the next update. If you want to add it right now manually, here it is: #c23b2c
  7. Ah that's great, thank you! But for the moment, I have too much to do with the new videos to think of remaking the one already put online But really, thank you very much, it's a great step !!! You have less known hardware, I'm interested! Yes, I took the EmuMovies video snaps. I put all of my sources online. You can modify them with AfterEffect for example.
  8. Thx 😃 1) The thread is on the download page, button "Get Support". Here is a direct link. The idea is to centralize everything related to COLORFUL video set creation. 2) For arcade cabinet, difficult (impossible?) to find the right photo to do the editing. So I recreated them completely in 3D. So I created a PSD file that we can customize to multiply any basic Arcade visual. For graphics/design sources to set up, I have no better lead than Google Image or any DIY Arcade Cabinet forums.
  9. I don't think it's possible. In any case, I don't know how to do it. If anyone has a solution, it would indeed be cool! Thx !!! 😃
  10. Damn ! Thx Y2guru @eatkinola Are your super plugin from the Swiss army able to do that? 😅 😚
  11. Hi everyone ! Quick question: In GamesViews, to call the game "Genre", here is the piece of code given by @Jason Carr : <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.GenresString}" Foreground="White" /> It works very well, but when a game has multiple genres, they are separated by a semicolon. Is there a way in the XAML to replace the semicolon? I would like to move from : Action; Adventure To : Action / Adventure Yes, with the space to 😃 Thx guys !
  12. @Pixelpiper @Darklight It is not so simple to make responsive for BigBox. I mean design side. On the code side, it's simple. You can simply test my theme by deactivating the lock 16:9 In theme folder, open ThemeSettings.xml with a simple text editor. Find this line : <Force16X9AspectRatio>true</Force16X9AspectRatio> And change to : <Force16X9AspectRatio>false</Force16X9AspectRatio> No guarantee! But I will be curious about the result. Post screens!
  13. Thank you ! Yes, Arcade playlists are planned. But as I realize all arcade cabinet in 3D (CGI), it's a BIG job! Please be patient 😃 I would like finish the v.1.0 theme before. Then I resume creating video. Yes, it is planned. Based on Windows video. This is why I worked on the boot of Windows 10 video. 😃
  14. Hmm. There may be a conflict between the Windows "Category" and the Windows "Platform". @eatkinola What do you think ? You can do some tests: Open this file with a test editor : \LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - xxx\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a\AssemblyConfig\ Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config Respect the form well. Change only "Value", not "Key". Line 57, You will find the Windows Platform. But you need a category. Can you try adding a new line in the category section? Tell me if it works. At the end, probably. I too have a little Bartop 4:3. But it will be more than an adaptation. My whole concept is based on the image ratio. In 4:3, I will need a new layout.
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