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  1. The theme display controler numbers and battery level, yes.
  2. Ahah. For Arcade playlists, in addition to the "default" list, I planned to make an "Arcade Classics" for old games. (like PacMan, Space Invaders ...) Because I use it myself. Why not make a "modern arcade" on a Viewlix base? It would be easy. But I won't make morePLAYLIST video. Because it's endless. If someone has the courage, I give all my sources in the dedicated topic. About CGI, I did all the arcades like this because it was impossible to find good photo sources for all variants. It's also my job (CGI Artist freelance), so a logical move for me. I used 3dsmax and vRay. They are no masterpiece here, far from it, but it will be even slower!
  3. I dont forget 😉 I'm alone and this take tiiiiiiime 😅
  4. Thx ! Last one for today 😃 Taito Classics :
  5. So yes, I'm working on the Default Arcade Playlist. 🤩 But be patient, this is a HUUUUGE and LONNNNG job !! Especially since everything here is in CGI and I try to reproduce the most iconic cabs. Start with "Classics" series. Here is a preview of first 11 done. Hope you like ! Atari Classics :Capcom Classics : Capcom Play System I : Capcom Play System II : Capcom Play System III : Data East Classics : Irem Classics : Konami Classics : Midway Classics : Namco Classics : Nintendo Classics :
  6. Work in progress 🤫 I'll post preview later today. SNES MSU-1 as a different hardware ?? I can't find anything about this. No, there will be no other version of Colorful videos. Are you talking about BigCouch theme? This one deserves a total rewrite from scratch. Maybe I'll do a version for Nostalgia and for Colorful.
  7. Hi @Jason Carr. A quick question on the "Default Arcade Playlist" I'm talking about those generated when creating the ARCADE platform. For the system, are these PLAYLIST or PLATFORM? It's for integrate colors code in right place! Thx !!
  8. Thx @Hifihedgehog ! You can find your answer here : This would be fixed in next update
  9. Thx @Thornback ! I understand very well. I'm trying to create an interface that matches the maximum of GameplayVideo. I have to mix old games (4:3), newer (16:9) and extravagant systems (NDS, ...) What blocks me is that I want to keep my left column for the info. So I can't have a 16: 9 aspect ratio in full height without distortion. (and the media distortion, nobody deserves this) I understand your frustration and yes, 1080p VideoSnaps will be just perfect today. In the meantime, you can try to tweak the theme. Sorry !
  10. NICE Modjoo !! Already answered by MP, but I also started working on the videos for: "Vanilla Arcade Playlist". Of course, you can continue the work on your own, that will leave the choice to the community! 👍 I'm just starting with 4 videos of 40. Here is an overview: Yes, that's a lot of yellow! But that's normal : - Yellow for the Capcom logo. - Yellow, tribute to the PONG cabinet for Atari. There will be many other colors on the others
  11. Hi Pofo14, I do not know enough about its software to guide the details. Yes, the green background should work, but I prefer to use "masks", more reliable because whatever their color. Distorting GamePlay video is easy with After Effect. But yes, the easiest are the platforms with an LCD screen. (Flat, without deformation, without CRT effect) Noted, I will detail more the process in the tutorial.
  12. For me, it's not a theme issu, but a Windows setup issue. If you right clic on BigBox.exe and go option, no strange compatibility setup ? Or in your graphic card driver, no special setup for bigbox.exe ? Look like Windows force a wrong ratio.
  13. Strange problem. I fixe the aspect ratio to 16:9. Could you take a screenshots and post here?
  14. Thx ! 1: It's something long and/or complex. Each placement of Gameplay Video would be different. Other tried with my previous video set. The result is very cool, but it is not universal and here I have considered something simpler, more elegant. Maybe someone will get started? 2: This space is reserved for the long game name which grows upwards + the status icons. The ClearLogo is already on the Wheel + on the BoxArt. It is these empty spaces, these breaths, which make this theme a little elegant. 😃 So no, sorry ! Thx !! Not a bad idea 😃 ... If I have any free views left, why not! Thx !!! 1: The problem is the theme architecture in BigBox. The GamesListView is the same file as the selected game view. (where you click on PLAY) So I had to make a choice and this view is thought to display the "Selected Game". Because everyone ends up on this view. 2 : The problem is, the timing of the animation is like a waterfall. If you change the start value, you have to adjust all the other values. And there are soooooo many! Making a new "quick animation" view is a good idea, but the total number of views is limited. I'll see if I have room left and do my best. 3: Yes, very good idea. I will add it to my ToDO. Maybe for v.1.0 😉 Indeed, I had not considered this situation !!!! You can try this : Go here : LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - Light\Plugins\Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a\AssemblyConfig #01 - Open "Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a.dll.config" with a text editor. This is where you will add the name of your playlist. The goal here is to standardize the names. Add your Playlist Name to the curent platform name: (Respect the writing standard!) Form: <add key="Platform.NINTENDO_64" value="Nintendo_64" /> To: <add key="Platform.NINTENDO_64" value="Nintendo_64|Nintendo_64_Playlist" /> (Add the exact name of your playlist) If that doesn't work: Add your Playlist name to the Playlist Category: (line 131) <!-- PLAYLISTS --> <add key="Playlist.NINTENDO_64_Playlist" value="Nintendo_64_Playlist" /> #02 - Open "Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_9_7a-Colors.dll.config" with a text editor. Here you add the color HEX code. If the previous method 1 works, you don't have to do anything. The theme will use the color of the platform. If you had to use method 2, you must add here the playlist created just before. Line 128, add the playlist <!-- PLAYLISTS --> <add key="Playlist.NINTENDO_64_PLAYLIST" value="#1bb861" /> And copy/past the color code from the same platform. If method 1 worked, give me the list of the names of your playlist, I will add them directly to the theme!
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