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  1. Thx @C-Beats It will help me a lot! By following your lead (see code below) I can do the opposite at best. (all strip full white, except selected item with 0.5 opacity) It drives me crazy !!! ^^ <ControlTemplate.Triggers> <MultiTrigger> <MultiTrigger.Conditions> <Condition Property="IsMouseOver" Value="True" /> </MultiTrigger.Conditions> <Setter Property="Opacity" Value="1.0" />
  2. But "Bd" is for the border. For the blue colored text background. Not for the font ! If you have 5 min, can you integrate your idea into the piece of code I posted? Just the area to modify, that I understand your idea!
  3. No I don't think it's a CoverFactory. It's the quick acces alphabetical line. The code I posted is almost the original one, from Default theme. I just did a few modification. Basically, @Jason Carr's code uses a blue background to highlight the selected item. I would like to remove this (easy) with an opacity game (hard) Any ideas ?
  4. Hi guys ! Back again with my theme crafts! Today I am blocking on HorizontalListBoxStyle. (in games view, the alphabetical fast access strip) This is what I want to achieve : I managed to do everything, but I get stuck on the opacity effect to highlight the selected item. Basically: item not selected: opacity = "0.5" item selected: opacity = "1.0" It seems simple to me, but I can't do anything! Ideas ? @Jason Carr @Grila @eatkinola Here is my my piece of code : <UserControl.Resources> <Style x:Key="HorizontalListBoxItemSty
  5. Yes I try, of course. By the way, the camera Z position must be higher that the selected item. I must missing something =/
  6. A BIG thank you to everyone for your feedback. I will therefore go on v4.2 for the moment. We will see what I can do on code side. Yes, this view is well planned. BUT I have a big doubt about its feasibility on the code side. I will try, with no guarantee of succeeding. The difficulty will be to set up an animation structure that works regardless of the height/width ratio of the images. And it's not nothing. There is so much variety that it gets complicated! I have already started working the HorizontalWheel1GamesView view. But stupid thing ... I can not h
  7. Hi guys ! I'm slowly starting to work on updating my theme and I already have a problem with Visual Studio. No preview and it tells me "invalid markup". If I do "Show the code" it highlights the point of the arrow for me. (see picture) I had this problem before, but always with a real error. Here, no XAML error, even with default theme views, and it's work fine in BigBox. Any ideas how to fix this? I dont have the level to work only with notePad ++
  8. OK. I hear that v4 is the most "classic" of the 3. But what if I add more "Colorful Background"? It remains classic in its design, but it seems consistent to me!
  9. On this subject: a little reminder. TextGamesView is a bit special in BigBox. This is not theme dependent, but the way of BigBox structure itself was buid. A single "TextGamesView.xaml" file, a single design, for 2 uses ====> SelectGames by text list /AND/ Game Detail View That's why I'm so bothered by this sight. - With version 1 and 3: nobody will be able to use it as a Game Selection by text list. Only for Game Detail. - With version 4 : it's not perfect, but functional for a Game Selection by text list. Last layer of thought: I'd like to use the design stru
  10. Yep, opacity isn't a problem and I thinks it's buidin in new wheel. It's about the saturation ...
  11. OK, last makup pass before testing all this in code! (in the next few weeks, I have to get back to work!) All about TextGamesView. Exit the v2. Here come a new challenger : v4 ! Just kidding. It's a big modification of v3, integrating your feedback. TextGameView v1 : The same as yesterday. Just micro adjustments on the list. The BIG problem with this view is going to be getting the video left aligned ... I never got there until now! If anyone has an idea, I'm interested! TextGameView v3 : The same as yesterday, except the video breathe. Work
  12. You are right about v2. It does not work well and I prefer the previous one. In all cases, the choice will be made between v1 and v2. What a feedback! Merci à toi !! Yes, this theme is designed for large TV screens. A more modern interface, far from the 80's cab. It remains the main design axis, blocked in 16:9. But if someone else uses it on a monitor, that's fine too! TGV1 is more ventilated, lighter, and allows to keep part of the option list. TGV2 has a sharper and more spectacular design. I like it a lot too. But on a 4K TV, with an old crapy BoxArt jpg ... I don't k
  13. Thanks ! For the others, there is an update on the previous page Please check ! I add that the chosen TextGamesView will be the basis of the start and pause theme!
  14. OK OK OK. I think I will reach the goal. ^^ (Attention, big post) But since it's a mess, I have prepared a summary image for you. A storyboard of colorful navigation. By the way, I updated the "old views". (font, style, fit ...) The grids are side by side, because of similar design. Just the background color. Light/Dark or Colorful version. All will be develop. For me there is enough view for this v2. That covers quite a bit of possibility. There remains the GameDetailView to validate because there can only be ONE by theme! And so here is the compl
  15. Thx all ! I must have explained badly about the grids: The choice is not on the background color. Not even on the title. Just on the grid itself. Its style, its density, its feeling.
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