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  1. Are you using the beta version by @faeran? If so, he no longer uses the same data as me for these fields. Try to update your games metadata.
  2. Please read the fist text part here. Faeran is totally rewriting the theme. Try the beta version (see link above). Yes, missing for now, but planned
  3. Update +2 platform video ! Community update Daphne -by- @modjoo ScummVM -by- @modjoo @faeran : Here is new color code : <SolidColorBrush x:Key="Daphne" Color="#ffbd1f"/> <SolidColorBrush x:Key="ScummVM" Color="#f09514"/>
  4. Hi @Platinum and thx for your feedback. =) About your feedback: 1 - Normally, this is not an empty area. You must have the platform name in text. But yes, I have in mind to modify this "wheel" screen. I will soon release a "Banner Set" based on my videos to help me 2 - This empty space aims to leave room for the very long game title and allow breathing. But anyway, this "GamesTextList" view is going to be totally change. You will find a preview of the future view here. And on the theme, @faeran kindly took over the lead on development. It will totally rewrite the code.
  5. Yes, I'll add them today (French time zone) =) EDIT: @Mapsen ok done
  6. I don't have control over the new color management plugin, but it looks like a problem between: - ARCADE (platform) - purple - ARCADE (category) - blue Here too, the theme is being rewritten by @faeran. Normally, this is not on code side that we regulate this. Try here, in LaunchBox settings : Raise the "screenshot - Gameplay" to the top
  7. Thx @soqueroeu =) My last video drop is only made by me. Otherwise, I would specified the credits. About detail level : It's very platform dependent. For example smartphones: no cartridge, no iconic gaming accessory. The same goes for very old computers that have little or no specific gaming accessories. I have other constraint to always keep in mind. For example, everything must stay in a central square to be used in 4:3 or as a banner set. So no pixel other than flat color on the sides. etc ... I also try to keep a fake sort of scale. At least by category. That's why some platform seems small and lost in space. All these videos are to be placed in a theme context. They are rarely used alone in fullscreen. But if I forgot an iconic accessory, please tell me which one. I can update my videos =) (the goal remains to cover ALL the platforms, not to keep repeating the same ones)
  8. UPDATE !!! +7 Platform Video ! ? And here the updated theme color file : COLORFUL_Styles.xaml (place here : LaunchBox\Themes\Colorful - Light\Views\Styles ) Android Apple II Apple Macintosh Apple iOS NEC PC-Engine NEC PC-Engine CD SHARP X1
  9. @DebugFlo yes, send it, I'll post on download page !
  10. @modjoo Nice !!! You can send me scummVM and Daphne to me. In archive like my ressource one, with sources. I'll put all this on right place with your credit ! =)
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