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  1. Really cool to see people from all over but brought together because of the love for games. Yeah bbweiners youre not too far away globally speaking but not close enough for having beers, playing games or in the garage building arcades machines and pinball machines.
    Great work guys!!!! Went through a few before I found this one and stopped looking after that!!!
  2. Hopefully there isn't a members map but I was curious where users are located. No need to be real specific just town or even state. I myself live in Blair, Nebraska. I'm always looking for other builders locally to brainstorm ideas with.
  3. make sure you get the right size T-slot bit to match your tmolding barb size. Go to T-molding.com and look at the barb thickness as well as the tmolding and the tslot bit they sell both. The standard size to use is the 1/16" slot cutter. This is the 4 player I just completed for a client. It's based off the TMNT/Simpson's style cab.
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