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  1. it was the driver. Windows was using the wrong driver for the board. I changed it and it started working. No issue now! I appreciate all the help! Finally seems to be all working!
  2. It could be the driver. I'm running a windows update now. When I found the device, it had an event log saying further installation required. I'll let you know.
  3. So I tried it on my other PC and it said "setting up Linkfly mouse" and it works! My issue now is, why isn't my other PC detecting it?
  4. I don't think Windows tried to configure it. I didn't notice it at least. I did try just connecting the usb directly without the hub and that didn't work. I'll try again tomorrow and see. If I recall, I was just in Launchbox when I tried. I'll see if it works in Windows this time around. Heading to be soon so I'll post tomorrow. thx
  5. sorry. I wasn't paying attention to the command window. I thought you meant it would show in Mame.
  6. Hi, It's the adapter I was told to purchase from a couple different sources. Yes the trackball is lit up. The red light on the adapter is on as well. On a side note, the usb cable from the adapter goes into a usb hub because the Tron joystick is also plugged in.
  7. I don't. I have a mini usb keyboard with a touchpad. I'm not sure if the 12 in 1 is in there. What would it show up as?
  8. Ok. I'm in Mame now. I didn't see it add any input device like you typed.
  9. sorry, how do I launch that in Command prompt? What do I type?
  10. Hi, Yes, I went in and they were both "keyboard". I changed them both to "mouse"
  11. Hi, I built an arcade stick with a Tron joystick, spinner and trackball. The Tron joystick works. The LED trackball lights up. However, the trackball and spinner do not work. I've tried configuring in Mame, and neither is even detected. From my understanding, the trackball should at least work in Windows, but it doesn't. I have both trackball and spinner connected to a 12-1 interface board. please help. I'm so close!
  12. Thank you so much! I find it scrolls and refreshes better now too. I suspect that is also why I've been experiencing the odd crash when scrolling too quickly.
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