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  1. The pause screen background image is not filling whole screen when Forceful Pause is activated, even if the image is set to "Fill" or "UniformtoFill" It's always centered. At least I can't figure it out, I may be overlooking something though, but it does work for other emulators that don't need forceful pause.
  2. I'd like to second built in iso support for PC games as well.
  3. Since the last update (at least this is the first I've noticed it) some unrelated games are sharing media. For instance Dune (1992) and Frank Herbert's Dune (2001) for PC are sharing media (logos and screenshots). Additionally, I ran into problems with NecroVision and it's expansion, Outcast and it's remake and Superfrog and Superfrog HD for instance. These all have different Launchbox database ID's and different titles, but they are still sharing media suddenly. I went so far as to rename Dune and Frank Herbert's Dune to be completely different things and they were still somehow sharing media, even after deleting both of them and restoring each link. Even more odd is that Alone in the Dark (1993) and Alone in the Dark (2008) are not having the issue at all, even though in my collection they are both called "Alone in the Dark." I've been dealing with trying to solve this issue all day and the closest I've come to a solution is to rename the exe files, then delete both from my collection and start over, but it still doesn't work in every case. Anyone else having this problem or know how to solve it?
  4. I'm new to XAML and have no idea how to find or change a few things. I edited my start up screen how I wanted it, but my big box mode has a few issues that I can't figure out how to change. First, I wanted to put a box behind the game details screen, like the default game details screen, I've highlighted what I want in the first screen. The second issue I'm having is I have no idea how change the selection outline color and edit the release date to display only the release year. I've shown that on the second screenshot. I'm just using the default theme. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. I'm on 9.5 and this happens every time I launch a game through the "Launch with..." sub-menu. Launchbox begins to play the soundtrack once the Startup splash screen comes up, then it doesn't stop playing the music at all until I quit the game and manually pause it. It does not happen nearly as often when I hit "Play" but it does happen every once in a while.
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